Folk remedies for warts on hands: effective recipes for the treatment of

Народные средства от бородавок на руках: эффективные рецепты для леченияHello, dear readers. Skin lesions in the form of warts are familiar to many people. Of course, this is not a fatal disease, but very unpleasant, as the growths have a very unaesthetic appearance.

Especially ugly when the nodules are striking in a prominent place, for example, hands. Moreover, while contact with others can cause the contamination. So if a person finds these warts, he begins treatment.

Nowadays there are many ways of removing the skin growths: conservative and operative. However, many prefer non-traditional methods of getting rid of the disease. It’s about these national tools we will cover in today’s article.

What is more effective pharmaceutical or traditional methods?

Народные средства от бородавок на руках: эффективные рецепты для леченияOur ancestors used folk remedies for warts on hands. Most of them, according to the testimonials of satisfied patients, is actually very effective.

The advantage of this treatment is gentle on the skin, unlike medicines, which are based on chemical elements. In addition, the treatment is at home, which also has a positive effect on the healing process.

Doctors say some treatments based on the Placebo effect. If a person believes that he is due to the applied tool will get rid of pesky warts, it will happen. Despite this, doctors do not recommend without consulting with specialists to start treatment.

The universal remedy does not exist. Each among a wide variety of folk methods just find one that fits him best.

Folk remedy for skin lesions

Treatment of warts on hands at home is based on the use of food products with content of medicinal properties of herbs and even magical charms.

The most famous plant in the fight against warts is the celandine, Kalanchoe, sagebrush-grass.

How to withdraw warts with celandine?

Народные средства от бородавок на руках: эффективные рецепты для леченияCelandine has a strong bactericidal capacity. If anyone knows, how does this plant, you can see in the photo.

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Since ancient times it is very popular among healers and medicine men. Science of our time has confirmed its therapeutic properties.

The composition of the SAP of this plant contains a component alkaloid, which has a detrimental effect on different microorganisms, including human papillomavirus, which causes warts.

If you have formed growths on the fingers and other parts of the body (except the mucous membranes), it is necessary twice a day to smear nodules juice of celandine.

When you do this, watch carefully so no liquid gets to the healthy tissue because it may cause burns. If you are going to treat neoplasms in children, it is better to choose another method of treatment.

Treatment with potatoes

Народные средства от бородавок на руках: эффективные рецепты для леченияAnother very effective method of combating the build-up is potatoes, and raw. It contains a substance such as solanine, which causes the death of cells of the warts.

For the treatment of potatoes, you must cut the tuber into two parts and each of them to lubricate the education. Then the two halves linked by thread, and buried in the ground.

According to legend, when the rot of the product, and then get away your warts. Some of them add such a therapeutic manipulation of the words conspiracy. It is also possible to dispense with burrowing roots and just spread it over the skin growths.

I recommend to read this article here, which you wrote in more detail about how to treat skin growths potatoes.

Acetic acid

Народные средства от бородавок на руках: эффективные рецепты для леченияHow to remove wart with vinegar? Remember, it is better to take a more concentrated vinegar, preferably without additives. It is added to flour it forms a dough.

So as not to burn the skin around the wart, take a patch, make a cut along the shape of the wart and stick it on the skin. On top of the patch, apply acetic the dough and wrap with a bandage.

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Repeat the procedure several days until the wart starts to otdihat. Note that after such manipulation may remain small scars.

Garlic to help you

Procedure treatment garlic is similar to the use of celandine. Just lubricate the wart with garlic paste or make compresses.

You can also mix the garlic with the vinegar for greater effect. In addition, the grated product add butter, lard and other ingredients.

A decoction of wormwood

Народные средства от бородавок на руках: эффективные рецепты для леченияThis plant can disrupt outside (preferably away from roads) or by dry grass at the pharmacy. From it is prepared broth in the proportions of 3 tablespoons in a glass of water. The drug is brought to a boil and boil a few minutes.

Then the resulting broth is left for several hours in a closed container to steep. To treat treat the affected area of the skin some dry in broth with a cotton swab. It is desirable to make compresses or fix the tool on the problem area.

Treatment using chalk

To remove the wart through regular chalk. He pounded into powder and kept over night in education. Keep the dressing with chalk will not get wet.

Red Rowan

Ripe berries are cut into two parts and applied to the overgrowth. You can also make rowanberry juice and constantly rubbed them warts or to make compresses.

Of course it’s not all traditional methods that can bring skin growths. For treatment, you can apply propolis, duckweed, dandelion, figs, cleft sprouts, marigold flowers, ammonia, honey, ash and other means.

How can you determine that the treatment is successful?

Народные средства от бородавок на руках: эффективные рецепты для леченияWe note immediately that often the removal of skin nodules on the hands of such methods is long enough.

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Need a lot of patience to deliver medicines to steam the affected area and make sure that some of them have not affected the healthy parts.

If you noticed that the lump began to blacken, it means that your efforts were not in vain. It started to dry the roots of the warts and soon it will disappear. It is not necessary to cut or remove the nodule, because it can appear again.

Can anyone use these methods?

Due to this diversity of features and options, everyone can find the perfect remedy for yourself. At the same time, pay attention to allergic reactions.

Before procedures to apply a little used product on the crook of the elbow or the back of your hand to see the reaction of the skin. If not, then start treatment.

Preferably before any treatment to consult your doctor, who will tell you which method is best for you to choose.

Also do not forget about the prevention of skin formations in order to prevent the appearance of these unpleasant growths. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)