Food dermatitis: how to eliminate the allergen and treat the disease?

Пищевой дерматит: как устранить аллерген и вылечить заболевание?Hello, our regular readers! Our conversation will focus on the common problem of all segments of the population, both children and adults.

Nutritional dermatitis is one of the most well-known pathologies, manifestations of which begins already in the first months of life and can you imagine crashing a serious problem in susceptible persons.


The main symptoms of food allergies manifest on the skin. It’s a rash, itching, especially at night.

Пищевой дерматит: как устранить аллерген и вылечить заболевание?The rash can be chronic, appearing and again recur. In children with severe on the skin and lots of scratching, sores which become infected.

Acute temporary rash characterized by secretion of a liquid which upon drying, forms a crust. Mostly it is observed in a child who had combed primary cells, we had a secondary infection of bacterial flora.

Subacute long rash appears dry skin, patches of redness, peeling. Itching is bothering the patient (see photo).

From constant scratching, the rash becomes rough, thicken the crust, lichenification occurs.

Other types of food allergies

Пищевой дерматит: как устранить аллерген и вылечить заболевание?Allergy can occur at any products: canned food, flavours, protein foods, dyes and so on. There is a rare form of the disease in children, triggered by the mother’s milk.

If food allergies are the most common two types of allergic reactions of four known:

  • The first type is due to the reaction of immediate type. Depends on the presence in blood of antibodies of class IgE. Predominantly seen in children, the frequency of at least 5%. Symptoms develop in a few minutes-2 hours after eating the allergen. Manifestations: urticaria, diarrhea, distended abdomen, cramping pain in the abdomen, heart and lungs, swelling and sometimes anaphylactic shock, low pressure drop, the tongue. Most prone to this type of reaction, children with atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma;
  • The third type of reaction depends on the presence in serum of the complex food allergen and immunoglobulin G. the disease is Called immune complexes. The most common manifestation of it is in food Allergy. The first signs begin 2 hours after receipt of the allergen, but on average it will take several days. Usually the parents of the child or adult patient may not associate the symptoms with any product. Clinical manifestations are very different: serum sickness, exogenous allergic alveolitis, renal failure. Reaction of this type can resemble a variety of diseases.
  • Therapy

    Пищевой дерматит: как устранить аллерген и вылечить заболевание?The first step is to eliminate the allergen. The patient has conducted a number of laboratory tests to identify the cause of urticaria and other acute manifestations of reactions of immediate type.

    Treatment of acute conditions by type of urticaria is using antihistamines second-generation, severe — first generation, and corticosteroids.

    Antihistamines second-generation: cetirizine, loratadine, ebastine, desloratadine.

    They have a high therapeutic activity, so their effect remains during the day, which frees the patient from frequent medication.

    Initial therapy for the relief of symptoms is the appointment blockers of H1 histamine receptors, and local cooling lotions and protivozudnam drugs: metallsoderjasimi based on water at a concentration of 1 and 2%.

    The second line of drugs — the corticosteroids.

    Severe hives require the use of intravenous corticosteroids at a dose of 30 to 100 mg. of prednisone, from 4 to 16 mg of dexamethasone.

    I suggest to watch one episode of the popular program «Live healthy», where in detail told about this disease:

    Approach to the treatment of atopic dermatitis

    Allergic dermatitis is treated with elimination of causative factors and purpose of an elimination diet. It is important to care of skin of the child.

  • Avoid drying out the skin. Bathe for 3-5 minutes in warm water without detergent. Regularly clean only folds, groin, legs. After bathing, apply moisturizer a special cosmetic companies for the care of atopic skin;
  • To avoid secondary irritants: dust mites, wool, synthetics, eggs, milk, soy products;
  • Do not allow your child to scratch the lesions of dermatitis.
  • To eliminate the rash and itching:

  • Local corticosteroids: fluticasone, betamethasone, hydrocortisone. They are used both for treatment and for prevention of the rash;
  • Calcineurin inhibitors. This immunosuppressive remedies that are applied topically;
  • Antihistamines are used to eliminate itching, especially at night. In pediatric patients is not recommended administration of drugs without consulting a doctor, since they don’t always give the effect;
  • For the treatment of infected foci use a combination of drugs with antibiotic, antifungal components.
  • When severe dermatitis, not amenable to standard treatment, is recommended:

  • Cover lesions with a bandage or dressing to avoid infection;
  • Ultraviolet rays together with drugs or without them. This phototherapy psoralen;
  • If the inflammation covers a significant area of skin prescribe oral corticosteroids Il potent local;
  • Interferon and cyclosporine. Applied in adults if standard therapy does not bring results.
  • We hope our article will help you deal with the disease and defeat it! Up to new meetings!

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