From loceryl nail fungus: how to use it and how effective is it?

Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?Good day, dear visitors of the dermatological website! At the present time, pharmaceutical companies are willing to offer us lots of antifungal agents in the most convenient for the application forms. One such tool is from the Loceryl nail fungus.

It comes in the forms of 5-protsentnogo solution, which is called a varnish intended for outdoor use. I propose to study Loceryl read more and learn how to use it.

The principle of operation Loterie

The medicine is intended for the local fight against onychomycosis. Simply put, it should be applied directly to the affected area on the nail plate.

The main component of the drug acts amorolfine — fungicide that destroys most types of fungus. In addition amorolfine:

  • slows the spread of fungal infection;
  • prevents the accession of a bacterial infection;
  • destroys the colony of the fungus almost instantly;
  • stops the reproduction of the pathogen.

Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?The manufacturer claims that Loceryl in any form is absorbed in the nail tissue, penetrates deep into the nail plate and even into the substrate of the nail. After applying soak the tool continues to operate within the nail plate for at least a week.

Despite this, the current component Loceryl does not accumulate in the body, and rapidly excreted naturally.

To suit Loceryl?

To use such a drug without a specific reason is not worth it. Varnish Lotseril can be used for the prevention of fungal infection, but only if there was a threat of infection.

Often people begin to be interested in such drugs after learning about the presence of the fungus on the nail plates. Symptoms of onychomycosis are as follows:

  • the nail plate becomes yellow or grayish in color;
  • begins to delaminate;
  • can move away from your finger;
  • deformed;
  • crumbles;
  • the skin around the nail becomes inflamed;
  • itching and similar discomfort.
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Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?If the above symptoms, then I recommend to consult a mycologist or a dermatologist. Specialist refer to the analysis, the results of which you can make an accurate diagnosis.

If your diagnosis listed below are the names of fungal pathogens, Loceryl will suit you:

  • Trichophyton;
  • Candida;
  • Pityrosporum;
  • Epidermophyton;
  • Cladosporium;
  • Wangiella;
  • Hendersonula;
  • Histoplasma.

These fungal pathogens can defeat the above drug. And now for the method of its application in antifungal purposes.

Application Loceryl

Before applying the solution it is necessary to steam out feet or hands (the limb on which the present fungus). If possible, remove the affected nail areas, namely regrown nails, growths, layering.

Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?Then, the surface of the nail plate is disinfected is rubbed with a diluted 50/50 with water alcohol. Only after such preparatory work can start drawing the funds.

The manual says that they should handle absolutely all of the nail plate and not just infected.

Those that are close, too vulnerable to infection. The drug is applied in a thin layer on the whole nail by using a stick, spatula, which is offered in the kit. Then waits the drying time of the drug is 10-15 minutes.

During processing, you should try not to touch the tip to the edge of the bottle. Before completing the procedure, the vial wiped with alcohol, and then close tightly. The spatula is also worth it to wipe because it can be used reusable.

In Locurile convenient that to apply it daily is not necessary. Apply the varnish just 2-3 times a week. The duration of treatment is usually six months (for hands) and a year (for the legs).

It all depends on the rate of growth of nail plates. To continue application you need to Loceryl until nails completely grow back.

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Security Loceryl: how tall she was?

Solution for local application has practically no contraindications. Side effects during testing on volunteers was observed. So Loceryl is not prohibited to use even for pregnant women and children.

Price, where to buy and whether to replace analog?

Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?The cost of Loceryl antifungal medications may seem high. In drugstores of Moscow, this price is in the range of 1500-2500 rubles. If you order Loceryl through the Internet network, it will be much cheaper.

Knowing how much the medication, you probably want to ask: whether there are at it analogs? Fortunately, Loceryl there is a very similar analogue, with not such a high cost.

This drug is Flail, which also contains a powerful fungicide amorolfine. Its cost is equivalent to 600-800 RUB.


To say that the reviews about this medication is only positive, it is impossible. Like any other drug, this has both positive and negative. Many are unhappy with its price, which is understandable. But efficiency and quick effectiveness Loceryl noted by almost all.

For example, Natalia thinks so:

Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?Used Loceryl for a year two times a week. The promised result did not see. Spent a fortune on this medication, expected from it absolutely another. Perhaps I did something wrong or not they were treated.

Veronica writes:

Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?My mom had chronic fungus for over 10 years. First tried to treat folk remedies, but they did not help. Eventually acquired Loceryl for the advice of a doctor.


The drug is very easy to operate, it has no color and smell (the aroma is very unobtrusive). Mom got rid of the nail fungal infection for six months. She loved it.

Igor writes:

Лоцерил от грибка ногтей: как им пользоваться и насколько он эффективен?The problem faced in a very long time — even in his youth, when he played sports. Could not get rid of the hideous disease. Gathered the courage went to the hospital and passed the tests. The doctor quickly determined what kind of fungus settled on my nails, and was prescribed Loceryl.


The drug is convenient to use, it is non-toxic to humans, so I purchased it. Price, of course, he sky-high, but it is fully justified, as it turned out later. Got rid of the disease for the year. Now occasionally paint Loceryl for prevention.

That’s all the information about the popular anti-fungal. If you liked the article, please do tell about what you read to your friends on social networks, and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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