Fungal dermatitis: how to choose the best treatment?

Грибковый дерматит: как грамотно подобрать лечение?Hello, our dear readers! It so happens that treat dermatitis, treat, lotion him, face creams, and no, he does not pass, and only increases in size and scratched with every day. In this case, the pathology is fungal in nature.

The causes of disease

Fungal dermatitis occurs due to the activity of the fungus on the skin. Usually this disease affects the upper layer of the epidermis. Also the exacerbation caused by the following factors:

  • nervous stress;
  • heredity;
  • a weak immune system;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • disruption in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • effects of taking antibiotics;
  • improper diet;
  • caries;
  • bad habits.

Грибковый дерматит: как грамотно подобрать лечение?To be infected by the fungus is very simple. Enough to have contact with the lesion of another person when you touch it, through shoes, clothes, personal hygiene items.

Most often when fungus hits the mucous membranes damaged by ulcers. As becomes clear, the children in kindergartens and children’s groups there is a high degree of risk to catch such a problem.

Sometimes nappy rash from a baby in poor condition and apparent predisposition, over time, develops into a fungi.

What differences have different fungal dermatitis?

The specificity of the classical picture of this disease depends on many factors. They are divided into ostroprotekayuschih and chronic.

Yet they are deeply penetrating and the surface. Which group of dermatitis most commonly encountered in our time:

  • Candidiasis. This is probably the most common fungus. It affects not only the layers of the epidermis and mucous membranes, including the gut. It can occur on the genitals (the most prominent thrush)
  • Keratomas. Inflammation exposes only the upper layers of the skin.
  • Sporotrichosis. Localization of this kind usually affects the limbs and groin, and the penetration depth is large enough. This subcutaneous tissue and deeper layers.
  • Ringworm of the. This is a disease in which the inflammation extends to the scalp.
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    External symptoms of fungal dermatitis may resemble atopic, and if his place of localization in the area of the anal – perianal.

    In order to understand clearly what distinguishes fungal dermatitis other forms of this disease, we have attached the photo below, which shows a classic manifestation of it.

    Грибковый дерматит: как грамотно подобрать лечение?


    Thus we come to how to choose the right therapy for fungal infections of the skin. Treatment includes antifungal external creams and pills.

    Sleep disturbances that are induced by brushing, one should also take sedatives.

    In severe cases, the doctor will prescribe hormone treatment, and to strengthen the immune system – the vitamins.

    When the picture of fungal weeping dermatitis, well suited to drying anti-fungal cream.

    In order to prevent recurrence, it is recommended to use a drug that contains zinc and has a high antibacterial action.

    Грибковый дерматит: как грамотно подобрать лечение?

    So, the most important points for the treatment of fungal dermatitis:

    • taking domestic antifungal drugs, which are prescribed for a period of approximately three weeks;
    • lubrication of affected areas with antifungal ointment two to three times a day, for several weeks;
    • observance of rules of personal hygiene, the washing of the sites of inflammation twice a day, before applying the ointment with tar soap;
    • the diet should be adjusted so as to minimize consumption of sweet, salty and spicy;
    • the menu should be filled with proteins and plant foods;
    • take antihistamines, they will relieve the redness and inflammation of the skin;
    • receiving sedative medication to relieve itching.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of this disease is also good to help get rid of mold:

    • as suitable compresses decoction of birch buds;
    • tea tree oil, diluted with water, relieves inflammation and destroys the fungus when wiping several times a day;
    • ten percent salt solution in the form of a half-hour baths every day for weeks – can cure dermatitis and strengthen the nail plate;
    • a decoction of oak bark is suitable for poultices, and rubbing.
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    Treatment with natural methods today are becoming increasingly popular because of its availability, cheapness and lack of harmful components.

    But in choosing this method, you need to be careful, as there is a risk of developing an Allergy to something or other medicinal plant.

    So I recommend to watch an interesting video about people’s methods:

    In General, a fundamental factor in the treatment of fungal dermatitis is the dryness and cleanliness. Observing simple rules of hygiene, under conditions well-chosen treatment, the disease will disappear within seven to ten days.

    To avoid reinfestation, continue to observe hygiene and wipe antibacterial agents where there were problems. Health to you!