Fungus during pregnancy: how dangerous it is and how to cure it?

Hello, dear future moms. Once you are with us today, so you are worried that the fungus during pregnancy. Where did he come from? How to cure it? Not it will bring harm to future baby? The answers to these questions you will find in today’s article.

Why do I get fungus during pregnancy?

Fungal skin and nails are due to fungal pathogens, which are transmitted through touch, animals, personal belongings of the patient. Predisposing factors are:

  • Disturbances in the metabolism;
  • Irritation and stress;
  • Abrasions, skin injuries;
  • Poor immunity;
  • Errors in diet;
  • Antibiotics.

Грибок при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его вылечить?Also fungal growth may appear if you are prone to perspiration (particularly feet and hands) suffer from endocrine diseases.

Well, the most common cause of infection is contact with a pathogen in pools, saunas, baths, showers, beaches, fitness clubs. Especially quickly the infection sticks to those who are watching bad personal hygiene.

Some types of fungus hurt our Pets (zooanthroponosis), which can be infected households.

In addition, now becoming more popular cosmetic and anti-microbial detergents, which change the normal and natural condition of the skin, which can also cause the contamination.

Symptoms of fungus in expectant mothers

Грибок при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его вылечить?In fact, the disease during pregnancy runs with the same symptoms as that of the ordinary patients. However, the longer the period, the brighter the signs of disease.

The clinical manifestation of the disease depends on what part of the body struck the fungus, how old is the expectant mother what her emotional state.

Very often doctors say that relapse of the disease, especially those who are prone to chronic mycosis.

Very dangerous is vaginal fungus. It is accompanied by:

  • Discomfort during urination and sex;
  • Thick white discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • Irritation, burning, itching in the intimate area.

If the fungus got on your nails, you can observe the decrease or increase in the density of the nail plate and discoloration.

However, it is not always about the presence of the fungus, so. It is better to go for consultation to a specialist.

What is the danger of fungus pregnant

The most dangerous vaginal fungus. It causes the fungus Candida and the disease is also called vaginal candidiasis. It can lead to such consequences:

  • The baby will be born with a small weight;
  • Will experience oxygen deprivation in the fetus;
  • Probable premature birth or miscarriage;
  • Can develop infection of the amniotic membranes and the fetus;
  • The probability of occurrence of puerperal infection.
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Other types of fungus are not so dangerous for the baby, unless cured before birth. The main thing is the treatment.

Fungus of the feet of the expectant mothers

Often a period of gestation of the baby observed the fungus on the feet. This disease is characterized by a long period. Can affect skin on the legs, hips. The buttocks, inguinal folds.

First, there will be small spots of a bluish tint, which can later grow and merge into one big flaky spot. In the acute stage the patient may observe severe itching.

Athlete’s foot

Грибок при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его вылечить?First, a pregnant woman will see that there are cracks and redness between the toes. Further, the fungus will spread to side of the foot. The sole will be red, the skin on her dry, flaky.

Also there is often stroenie nails, change their color and structure. Nails will become dull, uneven, thick, thin or Vice versa.

Ear fungus

In pregnant women it is quite a common ailment. The patient in this case is troubled by the feeling of stuffiness, hearing loss, noise in the ears. All these symptoms are accompanied by yellow-green, grayish or brownish-black discharge.

In acute development of the disease can get headaches, dizziness. If the damage reaches the region of the middle ear, there may be complications.

Fungal infection of the skin

There is often the affected skin on the hands, between the fingers, in the folds under the Breasts.

First, will form a small, flat vesicles, which after the merger will look like a market with clear boundaries. Sometimes they are covered with light scales of the skin.

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Fungus in urine

In a healthy person urine is clean, however, due to some factors may appear radiant, molds and yeasts. These factors are:

  • Inflammation of the urinary system;
  • Improper intake of antibiotics;
  • Violation of the immunity.

Diagnosis of fungus in expectant mothers

After treatment to the dermatologist will be scraping from the affected skin or nail. The material is sent for microscopic diagnosis. When complaints will be taken candidiasis vaginal.

Infected particles are placed in a nutrient medium in which to grow colonies of fungi that will allow you to determine the causative agent of the disease.

Treatment of mycosis

Грибок при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его вылечить?So now we come to the main point – how to treat fungus in the gestational period? If the treatment is assigned correctly or remnants of the fungi will remain in the body, it can have a toxic effect on the fetus.

Therefore it is necessary to stick to the exact plan assigned by your doctor.

A great danger lies in the fact that almost all antifungal agents is contraindicated during pregnancy, as they are too toxic.

What to do in this case? The doctor prescribes only an external therapy, which referred solely to the affected area. Locally can be used such a new generation of drugs: triazole; NITROPHENOL, imidazole.

All the medications in a period of gestation of the baby is chosen according to the following scheme:

  • Relatively short use;
  • The lack of consequences for mom and baby;
  • Security;
  • The activity of the drug;
  • Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Грибок при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его вылечить?Based on these criteria, was developed by the drug antifungal action Bifosin. It prevents the reproduction of many species of fungi causing athlete’s foot.

    It is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting is considered safe for use during pregnancy.

    Also frequently can be assigned the following ointment:

    • Drug zistan — greasy affected skin for 2 weeks twice a day.
    • Nizoral – with the same rate of application;
    • Lamisil spray, cream or gel – duration of treatment up to 10 days.
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    At the pharmacy you can find analogs of these funds – micogel, clotrimazole, ecotax, memetical, canesten, daktarin, ganapavaram and other.

    Remember! Any treatment in your state should appoint a doctor! Only he will decide what you can and cannot do, depending on the disease!

    Treatment of vaginal fungus

    Грибок при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его вылечить?For women, carrying a baby, appointed by such drugs as amphotericin and mycosamine.

    Use combined medications, such as micogynax and pimafucort, and also means from the group of imidazolines ( clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, Miconazole) and thiazolinones (fluconazole, Intraconazole).

    Preventive measures

    • Eat properly and fully;
    • Avoid low immunity;
    • Do not wear long rubber shoes;
    • Use thongs or shower shoes in public places (swimming pools, beaches, showers);
    • Do not use other people’s things;
    • Time to change sheets;
    • Ventilate the shoes, use antimycotic agent;
    • Wear clothes and shoes made of natural fabrics.

    A good prevention is the diet yoghurts and kislomolochny. These products strengthen protective functions of an organism and create a favorable environment for the correct flora.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)