Fungus in the groin in men: contagious and how to get rid of it?

Грибок в паху у мужчин: заразен ли и как можно от него избавиться?Good day, dear readers! This article was created for our dear representatives of the stronger sex, which at any moment may face the same problem as fungus in groin in men.

This dermatological disease in our days it is easy to treat. It does not need to be ashamed, as the fungus is a common problem.

If in the groin area there are skin defects, as in the photo, be sure to visit a dermatologist and get care with fungus.

I propose to examine in more detail the inguinal fungus to be able to timely diagnose and treat.

Contagious is it?

When a man is faced with skin defects, he immediately asks the question: contagious? What do you think, is there any female fungal infection groin? Of course passed, as the disease has a high transmissibility.

How is the infection?

The fungus causes the epidermis to peel off. In exfoliated skin and scales is a huge number of provocateurs of the disease.

When your fragments of the epidermis get healthy skin, they begin to multiply and spread. Fungal lesions in the inguinal folds caused by the following factors:

  • humid environment — increased sweating;
  • fever;
  • violation of carbohydrate and fat balance in the body.

Грибок в паху у мужчин: заразен ли и как можно от него избавиться?The fungus, in spite of vitality, can not take root where there are suitable conditions. Groin always elevated temperature. Due to wearing tight underwear appear microtrauma, which serve as «open door» for microscopic parasites.

Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene in the groin area appear diaper rash due to excessive sweating. Consequently, the fungus got there, has all the necessary living conditions.

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For whom the inguinal fungus is more dangerous?

Below you see the list of persons, who are as susceptible to fungal lesions in the groin area:

  • the inhabitants of warm countries;
  • men who ignore hygiene;
  • individuals visiting public places — baths, saunas, pools;
  • people with cardiovascular diseases;
  • individuals with endocrine disorders;
  • particularly sensitive in terms of stress;
  • persons with existing fungal diseases.

Symptoms: how to recognize an inguinal fungus?

The symptoms of this dermatological disease are quite vivid and specific. The main of them are:

Itching of the epidermis, in intimate areas, mainly in groin area. Itching gradually increases, becomes obsessive and turns into permanent. It does not affect sexual organ, but can spread to the anal area.

Грибок в паху у мужчин: заразен ли и как можно от него избавиться?On the itchy areas appear specific lesions — one or more red spots with distinct boundaries, within which may be formed Valderice with a transparent or turbid contents. The spots vary in size, can merge.

The affected epidermal areas covered with flakes and cracks. The boundaries of the spots gradually turn red and become dry.

What to do if I see symptoms?

First and foremost, it is necessary to verify the accuracy of the diagnosis. Only then the treatment can be conducted. About what to treat, explained later in the article, but now let’s define, to what expert it is necessary to address this problem.

If you experience signs of a fungal infection in the groin area the man needs to go to the dermatologist or mycologist. Your doctor will direct tests such as scrapings and tank. sowing. The tests will help to determine the true cause, but rather a type of fungus that settled on the epidermis.

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Treatment of the inguinal mycosis

In modern times there are many highly effective drugs against various fungal infections. Patient assigned to standard oral antifungals:

  • Ketoconazole;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Clotrimazole.

If the illness is running, it must be accompanied by an inflammatory process. In this case, suffering can assign specific medications corticosteroids are: Miconazole; Triderm.

Грибок в паху у мужчин: заразен ли и как можно от него избавиться?This ointment, which should be daily. With their help, removed local deterioration such as itchy, inflamed, flaking, redness. Ointment speeds up the healing process.

If this dosage form is not convenient for you, you can choose a modern anti-fungal spray.

Remember that self medication is bad! Before using a certain product you should consult with your doctor.

Antifungal preparations applied to the skin, apply with observance of the following rules:

  • pre-groin area must be thoroughly washed and dried;
  • ointments and sprays are applied not only to the affected areas, but on others, located next to it.
  • medicines are used strictly according to instructions;
  • if after 2 weeks the situation does not change, we should change the drug;
  • in the course of treatment is recommended to wear natural clothes that are not tight fitting;
  • if suffering from excessive sweating, the affected area should be treated baby powder;
  • if in the groin there hair, they must wash with special anti-fungal shampoo.

How to treat inguinal mycosis?Грибок в паху у мужчин: заразен ли и как можно от него избавиться?

Fungal infection of the groin is characterized by high resistance. Antifungal therapy may last more than a month.

Continue to until skin blemishes are completely gone. In the future you need to comply with preventive rules:

  • not to neglect hygiene;
  • wear clean natural linen;
  • take a shower after each visit to public institutions;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • use of personal items (razor, washcloth, soap, linen, towel).
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That’s all the recommendation regarding the treatment of the inguinal fungus. Now you know what drugs are used against this disease. I hope this article answered all questions and was helpful. If so, share the read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)