Fungus in the groin in women: why it appears and how is it treated?

Грибок в паху у женщин: отчего появляется и как лечится?Good day to you, ladies! This article will tell you about such a widespread problem, as the fungus in the groin in women. Why common?

The fact that the fungal infection is transmitted very easy from person to person during contact with infected skin healthy. About the fungus in the intimate area few says out loud.

This disease prefer to be ashamed of, considering it something shameful and immoral. In reality, this is quite normal and even common skin disorder which is easily treated with modern medicine.

After reading the article, you will learn how to treat female inguinal fungus.

How is the infection?

Грибок в паху у женщин: отчего появляется и как лечится?Causes of inguinal fungus different. It can be transmitted during sexual intercourse with a person that already has the disease.

In addition, inguinal fungus is passed household by means of common wearing apparel or underwear, through bedding, towels and much more. Microscopic pathogen has increased survivability.

In a supportive environment it can isnegative two days or more. Favourable for him is:

  • humidity;
  • high temperature.

Such conditions can be found in public baths, saunas, pools and even at home in the bathroom. During sexual intercourse the infection can occur at any time, as bodies coexist, especially in the groin area.

The causative agent of athlete’s foot settles on the sensitive epidermis in groin area, creates for himself a colony and begins to actively isnegative.

Грибок в паху у женщин: отчего появляется и как лечится?Because of this, the epidermis is scaly, inflamed and covered with a rash of allergic nature, which evidences the attempts of the body to overcome the disease yourself.

The affected skin peels off constantly and intensively. All loose scales contain the fungus. Through them there is an infection.

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Where inguinal fungus in women?

Traces of microorganisms can be found in different parts of the body:

  • on the inner side of the thighs;
  • on the surface of the genitals;
  • on the buttocks.

In common inguinal fungal infection called «Jock itch». To date, the number of people affected by fungal infection, rapidly increases, which can not disturb the doctors.

Despite the fact that the disease is not life threatening, it is dangerous, because in fact, this infection is able to cause complications on the internal organs.

Who is at risk of Contracting?

Can get infected each representative of the beautiful half of humanity, regardless of age and lifestyle. The fungus particularly vulnerable to those who: fail to observe hygiene; are promiscuous; close wear poor quality linen; it is often visit public places listed above.

Symptoms: indicating the existence of inguinal mycosis?

This disease, as in the photo, on my skin it would be difficult not to notice. To diagnose it yourself will help the symptoms:

  • Severe itching on a regular basis. Itchy groin and it folds. Itching always gets worse.
  • On the epidermis arise reddish or brownish stains. Gradually they can increase in size. Inside spots are formed Valderice with the liquid.
  • The infected skin may start to peel off.
  • The spots have a sharp outline, color is most often red.
  • Грибок в паху у женщин: отчего появляется и как лечится?If you notice in an intimate area such changes, then do consult your gynecologist and dermatologist, and do the tests to determine the parasite.

    The tests for fungus are the most diverse. Often a scraping — removal of the detached flakes for further examination under a microscope.

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    If the diagnosis is confirmed, then you need to treat athlete’s foot between your legs. What is this anti-fungal treatment? This is what will be discussed further.

    Treatment inguinal fungal infection in women

    Let’s define how to treat a fungal infection near the genitals in women. Therapy must be comprehensive. It is performed at home using traditional and innovative means.

    Most importantly, to prevent the transformation of epidermal mycosis vagina. In this case, treatment will be more complicated and costly. To get rid of skin fungus are usually used:

    • ointment on the basis of miconazole, clotrimazole, terbinafine (e.g., When or Mikozolon);
    • antihistamine drug substances, if the itch becomes too strong;
    • corticosteroids, if the fungus is inflamed;
    • pharmacy solutions and tinctures for the treatment of infected skin and accelerate the healing process of defects.

    Ointment applied to clean skin in a thin layer daily (sometimes twice a day or more). Recommendations for the use of other local drugs against the inguinal mycosis is as follows:

    Грибок в паху у женщин: отчего появляется и как лечится?The preparations are applied not only on the injured skin, but also healthy, which surrounds the fungus to prevent infection and the spread of the disease;

    Use of drugs should be strictly according to instructions and only after consulting a doctor;

    If after two weeks the symptoms do not disappear or continue to grow, it is necessary to Supplement therapy more serious drugs, such as corticosteroids or antifungal;

    In the treatment process must be strictly comply with personal hygiene — wearing personal items, the use of a private towel, thoroughly clean the surface which contacts the skin.

    Win the fungus will also help folk recipes. For example, tincture of mountain ash or calendula will quickly heal wounds and eliminate inflammation. Celandine and wormwood reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi. More popular recipes against fungal infection you will find in separate articles on this website.

    Knowing what it looks like fungus in the groin, the woman will immediately notice it and recognize it. Do not be afraid to go to the doctor, as this disease at the present time be cured just 2 weeks. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Watch your health, pay attention to hygiene, and then no athlete’s foot you will not threaten.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)