Fungus of the foot in the child: causes and treatments

Грибок стопы у ребенка: причины появления и методы леченияGood day, dear visitors. Today we’ll learn why there is the foot fungus of the child, and most importantly — how to treat it.

Unfortunately, the athlete’s foot in children – a common enough disease, which affects children with weakened immune systems. Typically acts of pathogenic Trichophyton rubrum which responds well to treatment.

However, in adverse families have kids you can meet running form foot fungus.

Why kids are at risk?

Children are not very well developed immune system, so they often stick any infection.

Skin fungus is transmitted through household items, as well as through touch. That is why this disease often occurs in infants who are in close bodily contact with ailing parents.

Грибок стопы у ребенка: причины появления и методы леченияHave older kids constantly appear on the body sadiki, cracks, fading, especially in the summer. These locations are favorable environment for fungus.

Another reason can be uncomfortable, unnatural shoes, which is now on the market a huge variety. Yes, Chinese manufacturers do not think about the safety of children, producing shoes of poor quality.

In her baby’s feet breathe, sweat, as a consequence, a pathogenic environment. Also more common in those kids, someone in the family has the heredity to fungal infections of the foot and skin.

What forms of fungus more common in kids?

Stands out 4 forms of fungal diseases:

  • Intertriginosny or interdigital

It manifests in the form of cracks or rotting of the funnel between the toes (often not more than 5 mm) surrounded by whitish or slightly green peeling. Often goes to the toes.

  • Giperkineticeski or squamous

Грибок стопы у ребенка: причины появления и методы леченияAnother such form is called athlete’s foot. How does this disease? Imagine that, at the foot of your kid wearing the imprint of scaly skin.

In this case, the sole peeling is circular or in the form of plates. The little folds between the toes and the plantar lines sprinkled with mealy desquamation.

Also affects the nails. They change color to a dirty gray, white, yellow and other (except pink), you lose the transparency. The nail come off, and when pruning is more like a «bird’s beak». Often, the disease is accompanied by itching of the foot.

  • Vesicular or skin

This is the formation of bubbles and blisters in the affected area (on the soles, under the bases of the fingers, on the outer and inner arch stop). All of these can thicken, to be opened after which the formed wet sores with clear outlines.

The danger of this form in the possible accession of bacteriological and viral infections. If this fungus is left untreated, it can develop into a chronic form. Then the lesion can reach the lower leg and even knee.

  • Erased form

Грибок стопы у ребенка: причины появления и методы леченияThere are observed small fissures between the toes, whitish skin flakes, mealy desquamation. Kids and parents often do not pay attention to problems with the legs, thinking it was just dry skin.

All these forms of fungal infections of the skin you can see in the numerous photos on the Internet.

What is the danger of fungus in children?

In children the symptoms are more acute form, since their skin contains more water, resulting in more active lipid metabolism.

Грибок стопы у ребенка: причины появления и методы леченияMay appear rash, swelling, clusters of blisters, severe itching of the feet, and is a direct path to the baby allergic.

Frequently observed deformation of the nail plate. It will come in stripes, waves, to stratify. Will also change its color.

To what doctor to run?

Generally, fungus is a skin disease that can be treated by dermatologist. However, there is a more narrow focus – Mycology. As a rule, doctors mycologists working in private clinics and sent to them by patients with severe form of the disease.

In any case, to what expert you hadn’t asked, at first, the doctor will conduct a visual inspection of the affected area. It will be conducted microscopy – a skin scraping with subsequent indoor fungal culture in a special environment.

Sometimes prescribed DNA study. In this case the diagnosis is very quickly.

Treatment of mycosis in children

Грибок стопы у ребенка: причины появления и методы леченияOften the treatment of children costs of local drugs, as nails grow fast, the body strong, and defeat surface. However, full recovery can take pills.

How to treat fungus? In General, the treatment is based on taking terbinafine (terbisil). The doctor may prescribe the drug for kids from 2 years. The dose depends on how much your baby weighs.

Toddlers to 3 years is assigned polovina scheme, that is 10 days in 10 (10 be – 10 resting). The course lasts up to 2 months.

To achieve sustainable impact acceptable local and systemic treatment. External means a lot and they are available in different dosage forms.

Kiddies dermatologists often prescribe creams:

  • Drug zistan;
  • Terbisil;
  • Miltersen;
  • Aktifin.

They are applied several times a day for 2 weeks.

When vesicular and interdigital form of the fungus in children 2 years apply anti-fungal remedies that combine with antibacterial and corticosteroid medicines, such as: when, pimafucort, travocort.

Грибок стопы у ребенка: причины появления и методы леченияVery often my patients ask about lamisil spray.Actually. Reviews about it are positive, but I don’t suggest they be treated the kids to 12 years, as the drug is poorly understood.

Kids does all the above treatment is contraindicated, and therefore the doctor will very carefully to choose the right therapy. As a rule, home treatment of folk remedies and ointments in miniscule dosages.

If none of this helps, you will be assigned to maintenance therapy, waiting until the baby reaches 2 years of age. The thing is that the treatment of athlete’s foot can hurt a little more body than the fungus. Therefore, never self-medicate!


  • In swimming pools, public baths, showers, baby don’t forget to wear outdoor Slippers or slates.
  • Summer buy kid natural hygroscopic or open shoes.
  • Get a separate tool for the care of feet and nails of the baby.
  • Explain in a playful way about the fungus that the child knew why you can’t wear someone else’s shoes and run barefoot.
  • Try to regularly process the insole and shoes inside antifungal spray.
  • Well, my dear readers, I hope now your concern about the baby’s legs will be more thorough and regular. I advise you to read and share on social networks with your friends and acquaintances, and to sign up for regular updates of our dermatology website. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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