Fungus treatment lemon: how to do it correctly and safely?

Лечение грибка лимоном: как делать это правильно и безопасно?With joy we greet you, dear readers, in the pages of dermatological website! Did you know that lemon is not only a great antiviral and prophylactic medicine? It can be used to treat many diseases and even fungus.

Fungus treatment lemon is very popular at the present time because it can be done at home as comfortable as possible environment. Main ingredient recipes — lemon you can find in any grocery store.

Let’s consider the most popular applications of citrus in anti-fungal purposes.

That can be cured by lemon?

Lemon acid has powerful effects:

  • antiseptic;
  • fungicidal.

She creates an unacceptable for the life of the fungus conditions. In addition, the citrus whitens, helps to restore the color of the infected nail plates.

That is why lemon is often appointed from fungus of the toenails. For the preparation of remedies presented in the article, you will need the juice of this sour product.


Lemon antifungals is not recommended to use those who are prone to allergies to citrus. In addition, pure juice is not advisable to use if the integrity of the skin on the feet or between the toes.

Lemon + turmeric is a great anti-fungal agent

Лечение грибка лимоном: как делать это правильно и безопасно?What are the properties of lemon juice, you have already read. Now let’s find out why it is recommended to combine turmeric.

This substance has antiseptic properties that prevent the fungi to multiply. Lemon + turmeric is able to cure not only the infected nails but also the skin.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • mix turmeric with lemon juice until a paste;
  • gently spread the paste on the affected by fungal infection of the skin and nail plate;
  • repeat the procedure everyday for two weeks.
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Lemon + glycerine — pleasant and easy to use tool

For making such a popular drug you will need lemon essential oil. It in the number a couple of drops must be mixed with the same quantity of glycerol.

The mixture of massage into the epidermis contaminated with fungus, everyday before going to sleep. This will prevent not only fungal infections, but also from unpleasant odor of the feet, and instantly.

Juice lemon to fight the fungal infection from the inside

Лечение грибка лимоном: как делать это правильно и безопасно?Fungal infection can develop. She is exposed to people with insufficient immunity. Therefore, sick will be useful not only external treatment but also the system.

Systemic therapy against fungal infections includes increased immunity. Lemon juice will help to improve the protective functions of the immune system, as it has a wide range of useful substances in the composition.

Below are the recipes of three of the most effective drinks with citrus:

  • Cranberry juice + lemon — a glass of orange juice mix with a tablespoon of cranberries, and the juice of two fresh lemons. Drink on an empty stomach every morning.
  • Bow + aloe + lemon — mix the grinded ingredients, dilute with a glass of water and take daily twenty minutes before meals in small quantities. I have to say, the taste is not very pleasant. To fix it, you can add a tablespoon of honey. The drink will be sweet and more or less tolerable to taste.
  • Lemon & Echinacea tincture — five drops of tincture mixed with a clove of garlic, a slice of onion, three lemons and a small amount of honey. All of this can be ground in a blender. Take twenty minutes before meals every day for two weeks.
  • Citric acid + vinegar for local applications

    About the beneficial properties of the vinegar against the fungus you can learn from individual articles on this website. Citric acid of vinegar will help eliminate symptoms and restore the infected areas fast enough. Use citrus for the local treatment of:

    Лечение грибка лимоном: как делать это правильно и безопасно?Ill RUB the nails with lemon slice and then leave it to dry for about an hour, then rinse feet with cool water.

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    Pour into a small basin of hot water, add the juice of half a lemon and a couple tablespoons of vinegar (you can take any), and then dip the feet and soak for 10-20 minutes.

    After the above baths with vinegar and citrus can be rubbed problem areas of iodine solution. For these purposes, will fit and celandine, but only fresh and blooming. Baths should be done daily. During steaming the Horny epidermis is softened, after which it will be easier to remove.

    Soda paste for nails with lemon

    Finally, I want to introduce you to the most fast-acting remedy for the treatment of fungal infection of nail plates — soda paste. Lemon and baking soda you can get a fungal infection in a week if it is not running.

    Лечение грибка лимоном: как делать это правильно и безопасно?For cooking pasta for two or three teaspoons of baking soda, spread a small amount of water until mushy state. Apply the paste on each infected nail. Where is the lemon, you ask?

    Citrus should immediately drop to the paste once applied on the nails. The acid activates the baking soda, causing the reaction will occur, accompanied by a hiss. After 4-5 minutes, the paste can be washed off with cool water.

    Reviews about lemon antifungal therapy

    Reviews about lemon fungus treatment is quite varied. There are some positive and negative. Many claim that citrus really helps to restore the appearance of the nail plate.

    However, for the effective treatment of athlete’s foot and prevent recurrence in the future of only one lemon is not enough. Below you can see the testimonials of our patients who used lemon folk remedies as adjuvant therapy.

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    Victoria writes:

    Лечение грибка лимоном: как делать это правильно и безопасно?I like to use citrus as it has a pleasant fragrance and gives a tangible effect. In addition to recipes, the pill and rubbed a special anti-fungal ointment. I was able to overcome the disease very quickly — in a month.

    Alexander writes:

    Лечение грибка лимоном: как делать это правильно и безопасно?Fungus have long been parted, but continued to do the bath with lemon to prevent. I kind of prevention are completely satisfied, as citrus affordable, has a pleasant fragrance and is safe effect on the skin.

    Now you know how to treat a fungal infection with lemon at home. Be sure to tell us about the article friends in social networks. Perhaps this information might be of interest. Subscribe to the site and visit us more often, if you stay here you like. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)