Garlic against fungus: how effective and what recipes are most popular?

Чеснок от грибка: насколько эффективен и какие рецепты самые популярные?Dear readers, Hello! You love meals with garlic? This product perfectly complements the taste of many dishes and is a wonderful antiviral remedy. However, it’s not all his positive qualities.

Today I will tell you about how to use garlic against fungus on the feet and hands. Yes, Yes, such treatment is indeed possible and if you read the article until the end, you will learn about the most effective methods of enforcement. Go!

The beneficial properties of garlic

This product is a storehouse of nutrients. It includes phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and many other mineral components.

Garlic cope with various infections, fungi, bacteria, viruses. That is why it is so popular among the people. Despite such qualities, garlic can’t be used as a panacea for fungal infections of the skin and nails.

Чеснок от грибка: насколько эффективен и какие рецепты самые популярные?You can use it as a complementary therapy in combination with pharmacy drugs, preferably only after consulting a doctor.

I do not suggest to be treated yourself, even garlic, because even such seemingly harmless product can cause allergies. Didn’t you know? Then I advise you to read a detailed article on allergic reactions to garlic on our website.

And now I will tell about how the fungus treatment garlic what are the most effective recipes.

The pulp of the fresh product from the nail fungus

First you need to steam the skin of the hands or feet (depending on where the fungus). Do it better with the addition of water to the lemon juice, baking soda, butter or lye soap.

The procedure should take about 15 minutes, after which the skin is wiped dry with, and you can start the garlic treatment.

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Чеснок от грибка: насколько эффективен и какие рецепты самые популярные?Take small pieces of product, smallscale using blender, grater or chesnokodavki. Importantly, after processing, you still have juice.

Fresh weight is evenly distributed over the surface of the nail, while not affecting healthy skin. Then applied on top of a bandage or piece of cotton pad, close all pack or wear gloves.

If the fungus struck the nails on the feet, simply put on top of the sock.

The procedure is best done in the evening and leave the compress on the night. In the morning simply rinse the skin under running warm water.

The course of treatment is 2-4 months, until the symptoms disappear and signs of disease.

Garlic juice against fungi nail

You need to get the garlic juice. For this purpose, as in the previous method promatyvaya it in the blender then squeeze through gauze juice.

The juice should be applied on a steamed nails several times a day. For convenience, use for applying cotton sticks. After that, you should sit quietly for 15 minutes or until dry.

Tincture on alcohol

This tincture kills fungal infection on the spot! To prepare the solution must be mixed in equal proportions with fresh garlic juice, water and alcohol (preferably medical). Insist the whole thing a few days, then start treatment.

My advice – don’t do a lot of tinctures. For the full course of treatment will be enough for 50 ml, If necessary, make more. To treat the nails a couple times a day until completely gone symptoms.

Salt method

Cut in half garlic clove, dip each in fine salt, then RUB the affected area. Thus it is possible not only to treat the onychomycosis but also foot fungus and skin.

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The ingestion of garlic inside

As I have said in previous articles – mycosis often occurs due to weakened immunity. And what’s with the garlic? That’s right – it increases! So, in order to get rid of all diseases, including fungal, should eat garlic.

Чеснок от грибка: насколько эффективен и какие рецепты самые популярные?Can add it to any dish, make a garlic tea, tincture, decoction and other. Believe me, such treatment will quickly bring positive results.

Of course, there is a minus is the strong smell, but then you have to choose between smelling good or to be healthy. In a pinch, can have this product in the evening when you have nowhere to go.

Alas, the fungus treatment is a long process. If you will be treated correctly according to all the doctor’s instructions, recovery will come not earlier than in 4 months.

Patient testimonials

Almost all reviews of garlic against fungus positive. Many he helped to cope with the disease. Effect easy treatment, low cost of the product and no side effects. Moreover, garlic will relieve you of other ailments and strengthen the immune system.

Чеснок от грибка: насколько эффективен и какие рецепты самые популярные?Some suggest other methods of treatment. Add or alternate the garlic treatment with soda or salt baths, rubbing of the damaged skin with vinegar and other.

Yes, everything is good. But don’t forget about the reception of pharmaceutical drugs, which still are the key to a speedy recovery.


About the prevention of fungus on our portal there is a detailed article, so I’ll talk about it only briefly.

  • Do not wear someone else’s shoes.
  • Wear Slippers in public areas, especially in showers, pools, saunas, fitness rooms.
  • Try to buy shoes and socks made of natural materials only.
  • Avoid frequent stress, leading to decreased immunity.
  • Treat your shoes regularly.
  • While washing dishes and your home wear gloves.
  • Ask for at the nail salons when you disinfect the items.
  • Avoid contact with people who have the fungus has been found.
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    That’s all, dear readers. You learned how to treat skin fungus with the help of miracle-product of garlic.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)