Garlic warts: how effective natural product against spurs?

Чеснок от бородавок: насколько эффективен натуральный продукт против наростов?Greetings, dear readers. Unfortunately, warts are familiar to many. They can be a danger in the form of infection of a healthy person, or other skin.

One only their appearance causes a lot of discomfort. Tips to remove them a lot, but not all of them actually help.

You can go to a medical clinic, remove them with laser or freezing, but the cost of this procedure would be very expensive.

I think how to get rid of nasty warts at home — refer to folk wisdom and try quite effective way – garlic.

What is so good about this product?

Чеснок от бородавок: насколько эффективен натуральный продукт против наростов?Garlic is known since ancient times as a perfect remedy for any infection. It has a lot of positive qualities and beneficial effects on strengthening the body as a whole.

This remedy has antibacterial and antiviral effect due to the contained volatile and sulfur compounds.

For many centuries it was used for medical purposes as an antiseptic, protects against bacteria.

The scientists found that the extract from this product is able to cure skin lesions in just a couple of weeks, compared to other means more quickly and efficiently.

Warts – a viral disease affecting only the skin of a human, and it is with these virus fighting garlic. Strengthens the immune system, resulting in the body itself begins to fight with disease.

Experiments, as well as numerous reviews have shown that getting rid of warts occurs almost in 100% of cases.

How to treat garlic?

  • First, you need to make sure you have no allergic reactions. For this you need to conduct a trial test, spread garlic pulp elbow or the back of the hand. If after 15 minutes is the unpleasant itching, burning and will not appear severe redness, then you can safely proceed to the procedures.
  • You need to regularly use the garlic warts, without any interruption.
  • The course of treatment should be not less than 2 weeks until complete recovery.
  • Cannot be treated this folk remedy if you have a wart is damaged or if the skin near it, there are abrasions and cuts. In this case, treatment should be abandoned to heal.
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    I recommend you to watch the short video, which describes in detail about how garlic helps in combating growths:

    Effective recipes for the treatment of tumors:

    • Чеснок от бородавок: насколько эффективен натуральный продукт против наростов?Crushed or whole cloves. This is the easiest option. It is ideal for warts formed on the hands. Piece of this product is attached to the wart with band-aid, left for a few hours or just rubbed into the affected area.
    • Ointments, which are based include garlic. This ointment available to all, as sold in conventional pharmacy.
    • Garlic extract or juice. You must squeeze the juice of garlic and smear this liquid problem. This should be done up to 4 times a day until complete disappearance of the warts.
    • Garlic with honey. This is the garlic paste (50 gr.). It is mixed with the same amount of natural honey. Infused with all this 1-2 days and then applied on the affected area of the skin. To enhance the effect blend better heat, and compress to do before bedtime and leave on overnight. On the average, to get rid of a wart takes about 2 weeks.
    • Garlic compress. Grind a couple of cloves medicinal product, pour the mixture of water and ethanol (ratio 1:1) or vodka. Garlic paste should be covered with liquid completely. Then put the remedy in a cool, dark place for a few days. Once the tincture is ready, make it compress (bandage impregnated with a solution, fixed with adhesive tape). The procedure should be repeated for about 10 days. Thanks alcohol the wart will start to dry out, and shortly disappear without a trace.
    • Acetic tincture. Grind 5 teeth of garlic and fill with vinegar (half a Cup). Solution close the lid, leave in a dark place for 2 weeks. After cooking, RUB the skin education several times a day. Try to keep the medicine from falling on the skin around the warts because it may cause a burn.
    • Garlic with a banana. This is quite an interesting option against warts. The affected area need to be processed in fresh juice of garlic and then apply to the wart peel a ripe banana (the back). The whole thing is then attached with a bandage. Change this compress it is necessary in the morning during the week, before it will be possible to bring the sore.
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    Side effects

    Чеснок от бородавок: насколько эффективен натуральный продукт против наростов?Of course, the main side effect from the use of wonder drug is the smell.

    It is therefore recommended to carry out all manipulations for the treatment of warts overnight and wash it off in the morning.

    The application of alcohol and vinegar tinctures can lead to redness, itching and burning.

    Before applying it on the affected area make sure that you have no inclination to allergies to these components.


    Чеснок от бородавок: насколько эффективен натуральный продукт против наростов?Almost all of the contraindications apply to the use of garlic inside. These include epilepsy, kidney disease, pregnancy, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis.

    However, warts are treated only topically, and the only limitation of treatment are bruises and cuts on the site of the lesion. Applying compresses even children, because discomfort is minimized.

    So you learned that wart garlic is very popular in folk medicine. Antiviral property of garlic makes the wart to dry up and fall.

    With the help of this product you can fight even with old warts, as well as formations on the feet where the skin is more rough and thick.

    In addition to garlic tinctures can try to get rid of warts with salicylic acid, celandine, onions, Kalanchoe, potatoes.

    All of these tools have proven themselves in the people as the best in the fight against many skin areas, including warts.

    We will be happy to read comments from you, our readers, how you were treated from skin lesions and help you with this garlic.

    Add your positive feedback in our piggy Bank, and let more people know about this miracle cure as garlic.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)