Gel vitiligo: where to buy it and how effective is it?

Hello, dear readers! What is the gel from vitiligo do you use? Depigmentation of the skin can affect anyone. Therefore, even if you don’t have vitiligo, you should read this article (just in case), which will tell you about the most effective gel formulations that restore skin color.

Vitilemna gel preparation with the extract of duckweed

Гель от витилиго: где его купить и насколько он эффективен?The gel is easily absorbed into skin, formulated with the powerful plants from vitiligo — duckweed. It can be found in pharmacies, large and small cities.

The cost of the drug varies from 3000 to 3200 rubles. To be treated Vitilemna have from six months to a year to achieve maximum results.

The benefits of the preparation are versatility and hypoallergenic. He has practically no contraindications, except individual intolerance of the main component.

The gel is applied to each spot every day, after which the skin is recommended to irradiate with ultraviolet light. Experts advise to combine it with tablets Vitilemna.

People who have tried treatment with Vitilemna argue that it gives the best results in combination with the UV lamp having a length of the rays of 311 nm.

Hydrogel Vitiskin is a popular remedy for vitiligo

In the composition Vitiskin has a lot of nutrients, and also minerals, which the body ill is not enough. Because of this hydrogel quickly restores the depigmented areas and the condition of the skin in General. Main components:

  • antioxidants;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • vitamins b 5 and 12.

The main therapeutic effect of antioxidants. They prevent oxidative processes in the body, making the spread of vitiligo stops.

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Гель от витилиго: где его купить и насколько он эффективен?The drug should be applied to each pigment spot twice a day — morning and evening. You need to be careful and try not to touch healthy skin. Be careful to Vitiskin didn’t get on mucous membranes and eyes.

The price of drugs varies from 3000 to 3500 rubles. It can be purchased in a drugstore or order over the Internet. The second option is easier and cheaper. To be treated with Vitiskin need six months. During this time, there should be a noticeable improvement.

Vitiskin is contraindicated for pregnant women and mothers who are breast-feeding. With care it should be applied to children, especially under 3 years.

If suffering from a hypersensitivity, then it will manifest itself in the form of itching, dryness, and irritation on the treated skin.

The advantage of this drug is that it is officially tested by dermatologists. The study established that the gel eliminates stains on the body in 90% of cases.

Analogue Vitiskin is less known and publicized drug Permata gel. In these gels the same principle and almost identical composition.

Vitex is an affordable gel depigmentation

In the composition of Vitex are present:

  • antioxidants;
  • plant extracts;
  • vitamins and minerals — potassium, magnesium, sodium.

In General, the composition of the medicine is a little different from the previous one. But, unlike Vitiskin, Vitex affordable price, which varies in the range of 2000-2300 rubles.

Гель от витилиго: где его купить и насколько он эффективен?Vitex has virtually no contraindications, except individual intolerance. It can help you to get rid of the depigmented patches for a year.

Medical studies of the effectiveness of the gel showed good results. Of the 40 subjects after six months of applications of Skin spots have started to see 39 people and 1 has completely disappeared.

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Despite the results of the official studies, Vitex is not very popular.

People who have tried it complain of the duration of treatment. The result is not all achieve. Most likely, the reason is banal impatience.

Fenistil and Protopic — anti-inflammatory gels from vitiligo

Such drugs like Fenistil gel and Protopic, we used to treat different types of dermatological diseases, but not for vitiligo.

These gels possess potent anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Why, then, they are recommended for use against depigmentation?

Гель от витилиго: где его купить и насколько он эффективен?It turns out, Fenistil and Protopic can temporarily «turn off» the immune system in the skin.

As is known, pigmentation disorders are often provoked failures in the immune system — when this system starts to have a negative impact on your body and inhibits skin cells from producing melanin.

Fenistil and Protopic should be applied on the spots daily, followed by sunbathing. With each treatment the time of exposure to the sun should increase.

In the instructions to Protopic says that it can’t be combined with ultraviolet. Despite this, suffering from vitiligo do so and praise the result.

The cost Protopic equal to 1600 RUB. Fenistil gel is affordable and is 300-400 rubles. Course of treatment is determined individually in each case. It all depends on the characteristics of the skin and the immune system.


All gel-like medicines should be combined with artificial or natural UV light, even despite the fact that in the instructions to some medications ultraviolet light is in the list of contraindications.

Гель от витилиго: где его купить и насколько он эффективен?The price is not much impact on the effectiveness of the gel, as all depends on the individual ill. Often against depigmentation use the funds that were not designed for this.

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Many bought cure for vitiligo in China. Chinese cosmetology is famous for high technology and efficiency.

But unfortunately, when ordering goods from China, you can easily fall for scams and get a fake instead of the original effective. So shop carefully and order only from reliable suppliers.

To find the ideal product, read the reviews and try a few options. To predict which of the above gels is right for you, can’t specialist.

Now you know what gels should I use against vitiligo. Article you can share with friends on social networks, and if you subscribe, don’t miss the new articles that appear on the website daily. All the best to you!

Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)