Generalized urticaria: symptoms and effective treatment of the disease

Hello, dear readers. Approximately a fifth of the population of the world there is a disease, as hives. In children most common acute form of the disease, and in adults chronic.

There are very serious cases, when the rash and blisters covering the whole body. In this case urticaria is called generalized.

How to recognize the disease?

Генерализованная крапивница: симптомы и эффективное лечение заболеванияGeneralized urticaria in the international classification of diseases 10 revision (ICD 10) has a mark L50 and is diagnosed by the following features:

  • The appearance on the skin’s surface blisters with a red tint;
  • Appearance all over the body severe itching, which usually increases toward evening;
  • Pain, burning, swelling in affected areas.

The blisters themselves can reach several centimeters and often run into one big red spot. They resemble burns from a nettle, but more extensive.

They arise because of the effects on the body of the allergen, i.e. generalized urticaria is an allergic condition, but with very severe consequences.

It lasts only 2-3 days, but during this time the patient is suffering not only physically, but also emotionally, and this is not conducive to recovery.

What are the symptoms of the disease require immediate treatment to the doctor?

Генерализованная крапивница: симптомы и эффективное лечение заболеванияIt is known that adults suffer worse disease than children. Chronic form of urticaria were more common in women, often occur acute symptoms.

The most dangerous symptoms of the disease is:

  • A sharp decrease in blood pressure;
  • Difficulty in breathing, the appearance of hoarseness, osiplosti voice;
  • A sharp pain localized in the abdomen;
  • The appearance of swelling in the neck, tongue, mucosa (angioedema);
  • Partial or complete loss of consciousness;
  • Anaphylactic shock.
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In the presence of at least one of these acute symptoms, should immediately call the emergency medical help, as when negligence can be fatal. In the photo above you can see the skin in a generalized urticaria.

Causes of disease

Генерализованная крапивница: симптомы и эффективное лечение заболеванияUnfortunately, doctors still can not identify the real cause of this skin disease. As a rule, urticaria affects people with medical history of different atopic diseases, allergic wearing character.

Sometimes the disease manifests itself in childhood and recur throughout life by contact with an allergen (chronic urticaria).

Very often such an acute form is the wrong taking anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs, especially without consulting with a specialist.

Rarely appearance of allergies this kind of effect certain foods such as eggs, seafood, berries and citrus fruits, dairy products, nuts, fish.

Most of all this food causes so-called pseudoallergy. It’s symptoms are similar to hives, but she is not.

That is why we do not recommend self-medicate but to consult a doctor dermatologist or an allergist, because the treatment of these diseases are completely different.

Also, the appearance throughout the body rash can affect insect stings: bees, wasps, hornets or other, particularly from exotic countries.

In everyday life there are cases of generalized urticaria after contact with chemical detergents.

Provoking factors of the disease

Генерализованная крапивница: симптомы и эффективное лечение заболеванияLike always enjoy this feature, you are repeatedly bitten by wasps, a hundred times you ate the berries, but the rash never appeared until now.

What happened? In fact, is a disturbing symptom: your body is not all right. Accompany the disease can and other diseases (skin, fungal, autoimmune, chronic and others).

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Also, the appearance of the rash is affected by stress, anxiety, physical fatigue.

Unfortunately, it is rarely possible to identify the cause of generalized urticaria, so the doctors immediately start her treatment.

First aid to the patient during exacerbation of the disease

By itself, hives is not dangerous. However, there are acute forms of the disease, which can lead to a fatal outcome (anaphylactic shock, angioedema).

It is therefore necessary to start treatment in time to avoid such consequences. More dangerous are the symptoms in children. In this case, the parents should take all necessary steps for timely assistance.

Генерализованная крапивница: симптомы и эффективное лечение заболеванияSo, once you have started the rash, should be excluded from contact allergen. If you don’t know what your reaction is, you should visit the clinic and make samples for allergens, as well as pass the associated tests.

You may have to be examined by a gastroenterologist, Laura, to make an Ultrasound diagnosis.

In the event of angioedema the patient is injected the injection of Prednisolone, but if there are signs of generalized urticaria, an injection of betamethasone.

This is a glucocorticosteroid drugs that act as adrenaline, causing your own cells to instantly fight the allergen.

Next, you will be prescribed antihistamine medicines. They are available in different forms: tablets, sprays, drops, injections.

Children, as a rule, prescribers 3 or 4 generations, which in a short time able to get rid of the symptoms of the disease. In addition, they do not cause drowsiness, do not break concentration.

They can drink up to 10 days, and only 1 time a day, which is very convenient. To relieve swelling and itching apply gels and ointments.

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If a patient with generalized hives difficult breathing, bronchial spasms occurred, he will be assigned a bronchiodialator or anti-inflammatory medicines, and oxygen therapy.

Prevention of the disease

Генерализованная крапивница: симптомы и эффективное лечение заболеванияOf course, much easier to prevent a rash than to treat it.

Some do not pay attention to it, wear jackets with long sleeves, are treated independently, which leads only to temporary results and so until then, until one day it becomes generalizovannoe with dangerous consequences.

That it was not necessary in the first place to go on reception to the allergist, who will prescribe you the tests. Only in this case it will be possible to identify the source of the allergen and to prescribe drugs.

In addition, the doctor will prescribe you a diet, which will need to constantly stick to the disease did not appear.

Try more rest, less nervous, eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle. And just in case, keep at home in the medicine Cabinet antihistamines, that in the event of acute allergic reactions to render first aid to yourself. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)