Genital herpes: symptoms, diagnosis and prevention techniques

Hello, dear friends! Do you know what is genital herpes? This infection can easily be picked up during sexual contact, and other ways. Herpes — the disease is universal and very common.

According to official statistics, about 80% of the world’s population infected. Some of the disease are asymptomatic, others bright and saturated with frequent exacerbations. Let’s examine the genital male herpes read more to be able to diagnose and treat.

Symptoms: how to understand, what you have herpes?

Герпес урогенитальный: симптомы, диагностика и методы профилактикиUrogenital infection manifests in all is practically the same. Examples you can see on the photo, appreciate all the «beauty» of such skin defects.

If the disease covers the outside area to notice it. But sometimes it can develop inside the urinary system, in this case, diagnosis becomes more complicated.

In men, primary symptoms of the disease may be:

  • General malaise;
  • temperature rise up to subfebrile figures (37-38⁰);
  • aching joints and muscles;
  • disorder of defecation and stomach.

These symptoms occur predominantly at the first sign of herpes. You should know that such urogenital infection is not completely cured, so after the first flash will appear again.

Disease, we can say, chronic, consisting of periods of remission (absence of symptoms) and exacerbations. During the next exacerbation of these symptoms might not be, but instead they will appear basic, namely a specific herpes rash.

Herpes rashes on the genitals cause a lot of discomfort and are as follows:

Герпес урогенитальный: симптомы, диагностика и методы профилактики

  • the affected area (usually the head of the penis and the area around it) begins to itch, swell, tingle and swell;
  • if the disease has moved to the urinary tract, itching feels like inside the penis;
  • in a day or two for disturbing the place up a small blisters with a diameter of 1-3 mm, filled with a transparent liquid;
  • lesions are located most often on the prepuce and the coronal sulcus area, but can cover the whole penis, and also perineum, scrotum and pubis;
  • owners of gay rash can be located around the anus;
  • gradually the blisters grow turbid, acquires a yellowish color, become opaque;
  • in parallel with this, the pain increases and becomes more intense itching;
  • then the blisters burst and in their place there are small sores;
  • ulcers covered with crusts, which eventually fall off on their own.

After the blisters and sores on the surface of the penis will not have any scars. Only in very rare cases associated with immunodeficiency, the scars remain.

The disease is not going away, and just goes to the next nerves. After a couple of months (approximately) it will appear again if nothing to do.

How can you catch genital herpes?

Infection caused by herpesvirus type 2. Urogenital form of treats STDs are diseases that are transmitted sexually.

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Therefore, the main way of transmission is sexual contact with a carrier. You can become infected in such cases:

Герпес урогенитальный: симптомы, диагностика и методы профилактики

  • when engaging in unprotected sex with a woman that has genital herpes (especially in the period of exacerbation);
  • during unprotected homosexual contact with a carrier;
  • during oral sex, if the infection eats on the lips of the partner;
  • kissing (this way of transmission characteristic for privatepage herpes or cold on the lips, but may cause and urogenital infections);
  • in any other contact with infected skin or mucous membranes;
  • inside the mother’s womb (vertical transmission);
  • while chatting with coughing and sneezing a carrier of the disease (infection contains in all biological liquids of the patient).

Viral microorganisms can penetrate into any tissue (as in skin and mucosa) through small fissures and mikroranki. The greatest number of them is contained in the lesions described above. Any contact with the contents of the lesions can cause infection.

By the way, if you had a cold on the lips and then she suddenly appeared on the penis, don’t look guilty because you were able to bring her there.

How? It’s very simple: touching the rash on the lips and then touching of an intimate area. In this way cold on the lips becomes a urogenital infection.

Another method of infection is household. Using shared utensils, towels, body linen and other personal items that you can easily become infected or to infect someone from the family members. That’s why it’s so important to have your personal belongings that won’t touch the rest of the household.

Men have advantage over women due to the special structure of the genitourinary system it is more difficult to be infected than women.

Герпес урогенитальный: симптомы, диагностика и методы профилактикиThe virus, when applied to the member, less likely to reach the sensitive mucous membranes (mucous membranes are the best pathway for infection), as they are hidden inside the penis.

In women the infection immediately in contact with mucous membranes, so it is easier to enter the body.

Despite the natural protection of the male reproductive system, men are infected with urogenital infections more frequently than women, as are more liberated sex life.

They are more likely to change partners, less likely to insist on condom use.

To get urogenital disease, you do not have to have sex. Cases are known when men have been infected during contact sports activities while wrestling, Boxing, judo, etc.

What to do if the member showed signs of urogenital infection?

With herpes infection you need to consult a urologist. This specialist will conduct a thorough visual inspection, which is sufficient to determine the diagnosis. To find the true cause (cause) of herpes, you will be referred for tests:

Serological ELISA method — allows you to find antibodies to certain viruses, provocateurs and other agents of different infections.

Chain reaction PCR — detects virus-provocateur in his personal DNA.

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The culture method, the pathogen is placed in a favorable environment and cultivated, making it possible to determine with the greatest accuracy.

Almost all of these tests would need to donate blood. Many question arises: is it possible to do without tests? Do, of course, possible, but then you risk to confuse girisindeki with other pathologies, such as:

  • colds;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • food poisoning;
  • bacterial impetigo;
  • an allergic rash.

After the diagnosis is assigned antiherpetic modern therapy that can quickly smother the virus and send it a lasting peace. And what will happen if left untreated urogenital infection?

Complications genital herpes can be very diverse:

Герпес урогенитальный: симптомы, диагностика и методы профилактики

  • urethritis;
  • prostatitis;
  • diseases of the rectum and adjacent intestine;
  • lose bladder;
  • infertility and impotence.

Genital herpes disease is just not so acute. Provoke the aggravation or additional STDs or weakening of the immune system. Any reason of the above require treatment, as it affects the vital systems of the body.

How to treat genital herpes rash?

Are you curious about what treats such urogenital pathology. Hope that’s interesting so how to treat it is necessary.

Remember that in the period of exacerbation you become an especially dangerous vector, is able to easily infect others. Therefore, for the entire period of treatment should be to stop sexual contacts and other close contacts.

In modern times, male genital herpes treat the same drugs as women. The most popular are three types of antiviral:

Герпес урогенитальный: симптомы, диагностика и методы профилактики

  • the drugs based on Acyclovir;
  • medicines on the basis of Valacyclovir;
  • drugs on the basis of Famciclovir.

These drugs, once in the blood, block the activity of viral organisms. To achieve the most rapid effect not use other, namely the above-mentioned drugs. Doses are selected individually, but often they are standard.

Acyclovir is available in tablet form. There is also an ointment, but it is advisable to use only at the initial stage of infection. If you start treatment ointment a few days after the rash, then the desired effect will not succeed.

In acute primary infection is taken 5 tablets a day, and if the infected immune system is severely weakened, the dosage is doubled. For the treatment of relapses is taken 3-4 tablets a day. Therapy is 5-7 days, and must begin from the first days of appearance of symptoms.

Герпес урогенитальный: симптомы, диагностика и методы профилактикиFamciclovir and its counterpart is assigned to Famvir 3 tablets a day during the week. If the treatment starts several days after the rash, the first day you take 6 pills.

Likewise, Valacyclovir is taken, which emerged around the same time as the previous drug.

If herpes disease becomes heavier in nature and becomes generalized, then antiviral meds need to be taken intravenous injection.

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Intravenous administration of Panavir, as the dosage and number of injections selected individually.

Standard dosage should be adjusted in the following cases:

  • if there are problems with the functioning of the kidneys;
  • if properly working liver;
  • if the age of the ailing elderly;
  • if there is a hepatitis of various nature;
  • in the treatment of black people (the above drugs were created for representatives of the European race).

Along with this therapy you can use outer drugs Zovirax ointment and gel Panavir. These medications will relieve the burning and itching, soothe rashes, protects against secondary infection by pathogenic bacteria and accelerate the healing process.

If severe pain you can drink a sedative and pain-relieving medications: Baralgin, Pentalgin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Ketoprofen.

Protection from relapse: what to do?

Worsening infection can occur for various reasons, but the main is reducing the protective potential of the immune system.

Therefore, for the prevention regularly to strengthen your immune system — eat fortified healthy food, drink vitamins in pills. Also, try not to SuperCool, and defend yourself from sunlight as ultraviolet irritate the skin.

Prevention of infection of urogenital infection

To avoid that, always use barrier contraception (condoms) during sexual intercourse. Before having sex be sure to pay attention to the condition of the genital organs of the female partner.

If you notice they are described in the article rash, it is better to abstain from carnal pleasures. Even a condom during exacerbation of herpes will not be able to protect from infection by 100%. But in the period of remission it is a reliable protection and prevents infection with 90% probability.

If you later notice the above herpes rash on private parts of your partner, treat your intimate area with Miramistina. Antiseptic formulation designed specifically for STD prevention.

The treatment is recommended immediately after sexual contact. If there are no Miramistina, then be sure to urinate and podmates with soap under running water.

Take care of your health and avoid casual sex. If the article was interesting and informative, then be sure to share the read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)