Genital warts: drugs to quickly achieve a positive effect

Генитальные кондиломы: препараты для быстрого достижения положительного эффектаGood day! Our topic focuses on how to treat genital warts, or warts.

In this article, we will describe the possibilities of modern medicine, the pros and cons of the methods and the frequency of recurrence for the selected tactics of treatment.

It is known that the human papillomavirus is nearly each of us, but for some reason only part of it manifests itself in the form of unsightly growths.

This is due to the condition of your body. To get rid of the disease, the first step is cleansing the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system.

And using the moment I want to recommend a book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», which describes the full course of treatment. And the first signs of improvement you will notice after a week of procedures.

Drug therapy

Генитальные кондиломы: препараты для быстрого достижения положительного эффектаHuman papillomavirus infection responds well to exposure to chemicals, whose action is directed to the tissue destruction of genital warts.

In the first place is Kondilin or Podophyllotoxin. It comes in the form of 0.5% solution concentration, volume of 3,5 ml. (photo)

Included is an applicator for safe neat application. the active ingredient is podophyllotoxin, a substance of plant origin.

Use it as a local therapy leads to destruction and necrosis of the tissues of the warts. The advantage of this removal is that the patient after the training, the medical staff can handle accessible areas of the skin.

The solution is applied with an applicator on each of the warts separately. You should care about the safety of the surrounding skin, not to get its necrosis and scarring.

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For one treatment is permitted to be lubricated not more than 50 growths, with a total area of not more than 10 cm2. After applying give the drug time to dry.

The course of treatment is 3 days with a single application. Then do a 4-day break. In General, the course will take 5 weeks.

The drug is contraindicated for pregnant women, children, lactating mothers and patients who are already receiving preparations containing podophyllin.

The disadvantages of this method are contact dermatitis, which occurs in approximately 10-15% of patients.

But the most serious complications arise when improper self applied. This multiple ulceration.

Генитальные кондиломы: препараты для быстрого достижения положительного эффектаAnother drug on the basis of acid — Solkoderm. It contains 98% acetic acid, 65% nitric, and oxalic, lactic acid and copper nitrate.

Release form — the solution in ampoules of 0.2 ml. After the application of Solcoderm the skin is painted a yellowish color.

In a short time, the tissue of the pathological focus are mummified. Applied medicine specialists using a glass applicator, then it needs to dry.

Parallel processing area of skin more than 4-5 sq. cm, If necessary, treatment was repeated after 4 weeks.

The application brings patients the burning and pain after treatment can remain hyperpigmented stains and scars.

Solkodermom treatment leads to rapid effect, as evidenced by rapid discoloration of the skin eschar, which is formed after mummification, rejected by himself.

With proper application of the drug has toxic action only on the pathological focus without affecting the surrounding tissue. The advantage of this therapy is rapid healing, and rare complications.

Directly applied on the warts trichloroacetic acid, the concentration of which is up to 80-90%.

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The remaining solution is then removed with talc or sodium bicarbonate. Sometimes there is a need to reprocess the skin after 4 weeks.

Генитальные кондиломы: препараты для быстрого достижения положительного эффектаIn genital warts administered interferon. It is a painful procedure that often requires re-processing or combination with other methods of therapy.

Why is this justified? The use of destructive methods often leads to relapse, and the use of interferon leads to the death of the virus, which actively replicates in the tissues of the warts.

Interferons are antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory agent.

In addition, they can be applied systemically in severe cases, or led directly into the center. The use of interferon leads to clinical improvement and disappearance of the foci, as evidenced by a decrease in the amount of viral DNA in the tissues of the growths.

Is also used as combined therapy in concurrent infection with herpes.

The most significant effect showed leukocyte interferon. Enough of 3-6 treatments with the simultaneous application of the ointment with interferon, plus the application of destructive methods to get rid of large warts.

Physical methods of destruction

  • Excision surgical. Used less and less. Usually, when large amounts of external tumors or proven malignant in their nature. Requires hospitalization of the patient, as it can be complicated by bleeding. The postoperative period requires the use of special creams, dressings;
  • What is a electrosurgical techniques? Is electrocoagulation, it is successful in eradicating Bulgaria and electroacustica. Methods are available, cheap, highly efficient, possibility of bleeding is reduced to a minimum do not contact with the skin of the high temperature of the plasma. Disadvantages are the need for anesthesia and the secretion of viral DNA in the air with the smoke that is dangerous for staff;
  • Excision laser. Perhaps the most safe and effective method that allows its use in pregnant women. In addition to the physical removal of warts, laser has a toxic effect on the virus. The disadvantage is the need for hiring experienced personnel and the need for anesthesia. Laser often prescribed to those patients whose warts were resistant to other therapies;
  • Cryotherapy. The most affordable, safe and effective method. Apply the three main refrigerant: liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide. The method leads to instant freezing of the tissues during thawing is lysis and death of the abnormal cells. When multiple foci of treatment is carried out in several stages. Usually the procedure is performed without anaesthesia, except in certain cases. The method can be applied in anogenital warts in pregnant women.
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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)