Genital warts in men: how to treat?

Кондиломы у мужчин: как правильно лечить?Hello dear visitor of our website. In this article we will tell you how to treat warts that have appeared among men, and what to focus on.

Genital warts in men are warty formations on the genitals (on the skin and mucous membranes), which are caused by pathogenic papilloma virus.

Genital warts are among the most contagious infectious diseases, sexually transmitted. Not all types of human papillomavirus can cause a clinical picture, usually this type 6,11,16,18.

Warts on the genitals are the main clinical symptom of infection. The spread of the virus is sexually transmitted (including anal and oral sex). Genital warts in men are caused by some strains of the virus: 6, 11, 30 and 42, 43-45, 51-52, 54.

Not all persons who have contracted HPV have clinical manifestations, genital warts occur in only 1-2 %.

The human papillomavirus causes damage, not only of the urogenital tract, but the oral mucosa and throat. In this regard, the active virus can be transmitted not only sexually.

Genital warts form groups, spreading to a large area of the skin. Despite approximately equal prevalence, condylomatous more marked in women than in men.

The most commonly papillomas are localized in men on the glans penis, at least — around the anus and on the body of the penis. Very rare growths on the lips, oral mucosa, if had contact with an infected person.

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Diagnostic criteria

Кондиломы у мужчин: как правильно лечить?Initial stage of the disease is diagnosed by its characteristic appearance. Doubts cause those tumors that have vnutriuretralnami growth or pronounced exophytic growth.

Their surface ulcerate, resembling a tumor. In this case, the specialist focuses on the results of the biopsy at diagnosis.
Early treatment (removal of growths and intraepithelial lesion) gives an opportunity to avoid relapse or development of cancer.

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The main diagnostic techniques also include a PCR reaction for the presence of FD virus and other sexually transmitted infections. The latter method is necessary because condylomata often combined (in 90% of cases) with other sexual infections in men.

Most patients can be cured independently (almost 90%). It comes in 24 months. As a result, the virus is detected in blood by all known methods. Other cases have two outcomes: chronic persistent course and malignancy of neoplasms.

For men who have homosexual relationships or anal sex, it is necessary to analyze Papanicolaou, especially in the case of HIV infection.

Physical examination

First and foremost required is regular visual inspection. To identify atypical tissues can be used a magnifying glass.
The patient must be cautious and be diagnosed in such случаях6

  • If he’s found papilloma;
  • If there is a suspicion that the partner was HPV contagious;
  • When the partner has visualized the signs of infection.

If the warts are not clearly expressed, some doctors may use acetabulum staining reagent. The growths will become more visible. For a better visualization of the boundaries between healthy and abnormal tissues can be used a solution of acetic acid.

Survey results:

  • Normal. The doctor found no genital warts. This result can be even with a positive test for HPV. The virus also can be determined in healthy tissues, from which the consequence in men there are warts;
  • Atypia. Around the anus, on the skin of the scrotum and penis discovered growths. In this case, it requires treatment of the formed papillomas in males one method: chemical or physical.
  • Method the doctor chooses according to the size and prevalence of the process, the preferences of the patient, presence of comorbidities and possible complications (bleeding).

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    The right approach to treatment

    Кондиломы у мужчин: как правильно лечить?Patients need to inform you that the removal of the warts does not get rid of the virus. The causative agent is maintained in an inactive state, even in apparently healthy tissues.

    Therefore, people who removed the growths, remains a source of infection.

    Modern medicine offers different ways of getting rid of growths.

    Among the most effective surgery and also complex therapy with the use of conservative methods of treatment (e.g., immune drugs).

    The choice of method depends on the amount of lesions, localization, as all methods have side effects.

  • Burning with acid solutions. Use of acetic, nitric and other acids that can cause burns and the gradual withering away of the papilloma. The place is small wound, which usually heals without a trace;
  • Cryosurgery. Burning with liquid nitrogen. The principle is the same: it dies and eventually falls away leaving no scarring;
    The modern method is laser removal. The procedure should be performed under local anesthesia as this is painful. Manipulation is conducted by experienced specialist as the laser quickly vaporizes all tissues beneath. Need to strictly control the depth of the impact, to later left scars;
  • Electrocoagulation. Using electrocautery warts burned education under the influence of local anesthesia. Unfortunately, the procedure more often than the above methods, leaves behind scars;
  • A method of radio wave. Radio waves of high frequency for its effects similar to laser. Warts excised with minimal impact. The downside is the cost of the method;
  • Excision of the mass with a scalpel. Used argon, metal and plasma scalpels. Use in patients with large lesions in the warts , which reached considerable size.
  • The technique is outdated, so often found on the periphery. Anesthesia is necessary. Depending on the extensiveness of the process use General and local anesthesia. Warts are excised, after which the suture surgical thread.

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    In addition to the physical removal of tumors, apply even and integrated approach with the use of drugs.

    The most famous is the drug Podophyllotoxin. Aggressive remedy, which causes the destruction of pathological tissues. Applied the applicator every 12 hours. Frequency-2 times a day.

    The duration of the first course of 3 days, after which you need to take a break for 4-7 days. To continue burning for another 5 days. It is impossible to prevent its contact with healthy skin. The drug causes burning, irritation, itching. It is prohibited to use in pregnant women.

    The Drug Aldara (Imiquimod). As a 5% cream available for the treatment of genital warts. Applied three times a week before bed. In the morning rinse thoroughly with warm water and soap. Of course, its efficiency is higher with small in size of the warts, in women. The maximum rate of no more than 16 weeks.

    Interferon is used as topically in the form of injections (obkalyvanie pathological lesions), and intramuscularly. The drug causes a lot of side effects in the form of a state resembling a common cold, the flu (chills. Weakness, malaise, headaches).

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)