Genital warts in women: photos and videos about the disease

Кондиломы у женщин: фото и видео о заболеванииGood day, dear readers of a blog about the warts! To all women it is important to know that genital warts in women are not treated themselves.

Some doctors say that the disease is, however, in these situations patients were not sitting idly by, and used traditional methods and was actively engaged in strengthening its immune system.

And using the moment I want to recommend a book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.» The book describes the working method getting rid of warts for 2-3 months and improve the condition you will notice after a couple of weeks.

To treat and to remove them you should always. Otherwise, they will be damaged, become inflamed, shawlette, in General, make it difficult to live a normal and full life.

Women especially important to remove entities in view of the fact that certain types of HPV that cause the disease, can lead to disastrous consequences and even to cancer.

Effective treatment is to implement two methods is the elimination of existing tumors and the use of antiviral drugs on the one hand, and the strengthening of the immune system on the other.

Therapy is conducted in a destructive and chemical method based on the size and configuration, as well as localization of tumors.

Кондиломы у женщин: фото и видео о заболеванииThe first is based burning the warts with chemicals. They are used in a separate circuit, resulting in increase of the us condylomatosis dry and rejected by yourself.

Ointments and topical preparations from these formations can be used at home.

The female part of the population, as a rule, are genital warts in the vagina, on the cervix, in the urethra, perineum and anus.

Basically, these formations can easily be felt in the urethra. In the propagation process inside the genitals is burning solkovagin – chemical means consisting of acid.

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In the end, the affected tissues die off and disappear, and in their place there are healthy cells. The process is painless, is carried out by the doctor at home and allows you to live a full life the patient.

Кондиломы у женщин: фото и видео о заболеванииAll drugs for topical application should be used with extreme caution in order not to harm the body.

Destructive therapies are the application of modern factors: laser, radio waves, electric waves.

The essence of the impact of different methods has no special differences. Any coagulation contributes to the destruction of warts, resulting in the crust, which then spontaneously disappears.

Many women wonder does it hurt to cauterize warts? Only certain operations are carried out under local anesthesia, as most of them pass without any discomfort.

Whether it’s laser removal, determinable, cauterization of skin lesions or other treatment methods, choice of method always remains with the attending physician.

I enclose also a video where detail and talk about the disease:

Many women try to use folk remedies in the treatment of disease. But as they say numerous reviews it is ineffective.

So, for example, lubrication of the formations of iodine gradually dried them and they fall off after the laser treatment.

However, this rarely happens. Moreover, lubrication of the surface of the skin with iodine causes burns and can leave scars.

Acute condylomas treated with fresh juice of celandine. The result from these actions will be positive only when education is characterized by small size.

If the warts large, there is no point in this procedure. In this situation, it is best to do the following: a great education to remove in the clinic, and to lubricate the little celandine.

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Кондиломы у женщин: фото и видео о заболеванииThe reasons for the development of pathology such: as you know, genital warts appear due to damage of body cells by the virus papilomy person.

Some varieties of virus are transmitted exclusively in a sexual way and trigger formations.

The infection process is significantly facilitated by the cracks and wounds, as well as in the case of non-intimate hygiene.

The carriage itself is not dangerous, however, with the weakening of the body, the infection would come out, giving itself felt.

And specific characteristics of female psychology and lifestyle can cause weakening of the body:

  • As you know, a woman – being emotional so it is hard enough going through a stressful situation;
  • Chasing harmony, women sit on different diets, which limit the intake of all the necessary components that are required for the normal functioning of the immune system.
  • Caring for a small child, the woman is tired and sleep deprived, which in turn leads to a weakening of the body;
  • Often, the advice of a friend or neighbor, not prescribed by a doctor, women taking antibiotics. Any antibiotic therapy leads to a decrease in the immune system.

Кондиломы у женщин: фото и видео о заболеванииAll symptoms when condylomatosis have local manifestations. The initial stage is accompanied by a rash of tumors pink or flesh tone.

In the presence of characteristic structures in the anus, the patient complains of itching and she has the impression that there is a foreign body.

Large size wide education have the same signs, plus produce content with a bad smell, so regular are accompanied by a feeling of moisture.

But if the growths were damaged clothing or during intercourse, then the skin is irritated and inflammation occurs.

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Flat warts in women usually does not manifest itself, can sometimes appear a minor vaginal discharge and discomfort.

If you suspect this disease, diagnosis is not difficult, as all women who are concerned about their health, know how to look these formations that can be seen in the photo.

Кондиломы у женщин: фото и видео о заболеванииMuch harder with a flat formations, hiding from the eyes. Therefore, in the case of any characteristic changes, especially in the detection of anal condyloma (sharp or broad based), or growths on the genitals, be sure to study the cervix with the help of existing methods.

You ask: whether the warts? If you ignore the disease and not to have timely treatment, education damaged and the consequences can be very sad, until the degeneration of education into a malignant form.

Prevention of the disease is quite simple.

Should adhere to the principles of personal hygiene, use only personal items, to avoid casual sexual relations and to protect themselves, to take measures to strengthen the immune system, regularly visit the gynecologist with the purpose of preventive examination.

Good day, dear readers and be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)