Genital warts on labia how to remove and what to do?

Кондиломы на половых губах: как удалить и что делать?Hello dear visitor of our website. Today we will try to consider in detail what is warts on the labia and what they entail danger?

The human papillomavirus currently have almost 80% of people (according to various estimates from 50 to 90% infected with a pathogen).

Clinical manifestations develop only in 1-2% of patients. This is because the immune system is able to counteract to some far.

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The impetus for the emergence of tumors can be any immune system disorders:

  • Acute disease;
  • Somatic pathology;
  • Frequent stress;
  • Hard work and irregular mode of rest and work;
  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the diet;
  • Promiscuity;
  • Concomitant diseases of the genital organs.
  • Since infection with HPV can go several years before they start to appear the first signs of infection. In women, genital warts, located in the vulva, the walls of the vagina, on the mucous membrane of the cervix, in the vestibule of the vagina.

    Currently, HPV refers to the sexually transmitted infections.

    Genital types of warts, known as even warts, can cause cancer of the labia, cervix or other organ, depending on localization.

    How can a person be infected?

    The virus enters the body through the skin or mucous membranes. Therefore, sex are the main transmission mechanism. Pathogen is introduced into the deeper layers of the mucous membranes and stored from several months to several years in a dormant condition.

    For the reasons described above, the pathogen is activated, causing indiscriminate division of cells in the affected tissues, inhibiting their maturation. The result is the appearance of the growths, is located ahead of the vagina and internal genital organs.

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    There are other ways of virus transmission from mother to child during the passage through the birth canal, through household items (towels, when using a child common the toilet).


    When the virus begins to proliferate actively, on the outer and inner genitals women appear growths. At the same disease can behave differently:

  • The gradual growth of tumors;
  • After the first signs (pimple) is a disease temporarily stops, not progressing;
  • It’s extremely rare to see a standalone solution, the cure of the patient.
  • Genital types of warts on the mucous membranes of the labia may provoke the following States:

    • Discomfort, injury;
    • Bleeding;
    • Cosmetic defect;
    • Violation of of sexual life;
    • Pain with bowel movements in a common process;
    • Can lead to infection of the child and damage during delivery;
    • To provoke the development of cancer;
    • Sick and the infection carrier is a potential source, can infect a large number of people.

    In women, the clinical manifestations are diverse. Can be easily identified upon inspection of the classic warts of the mucosa of the labia (see photos), vestibule of the vagina, perianal region.

    A significant area of the lesion is genital warts located on the eve of the vagina and labia. They look like finger-like growths, wet, velvety.

    In women with the localization of warts on the external genitals (the labia) frequent (20%) found similar formations in the cervical canal. The location of the growths on the cervix and in the cervical canal is an unfavorable symptom for the patient, often leads to malignancy.

    Even the timely and rational treatment can not guarantee the absence of recurrence. Experts explain it with the preservation of the virus in apparently healthy tissues and organs.

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    The differential diagnosis of diseases

    First and foremost, it is necessary to exclude secondary syphilis, which manifests itself wide warts, bowenoid papulosa, contagious molluscum, red flat and shiny ringworm, folliculitis, follicular cyst, soft fibroma, angiokeratoma.

    Кондиломы на половых губах: как удалить и что делать?Usually, diagnosis of genital types of warts on the external genitals is not difficult. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct analysis using 5% acetic acid.

    Medical cloth to moisten with a solution, to impose on the spot where allegedly have genital warts. After 5-10 minutes of education acquire a whitish appearance. Detection of HPV is a relative indication for diagnostics for HIV and syphilis.

    Individual patients, a biopsy and histological analysis for the presence of squamous cell carcinoma and the risk of precancer. Removal of warts located on the labia and other genital organs, does not reduce the risk of malignant tumors.

    Therefore, women in history was an indication of condylomatous should annually be screened for Cytology from smears of the cervix. This will allow time to detect a pathological process, degeneration of cells in the tumor.

    Prevention and treatment

    All methods of treatment of genital warts have disadvantages.

  • The most commonly used method of cryotherapy. The mucous surface of the labia, where the growths are treated with a sprayer or a cotton swab with liquid nitrogen. To complete removal of the tumors, the procedure is repeated every 1-2 weeks. The positive side is a rare development of scarring and the relative cheapness of the procedure, but can cause intense pain. In some cases, the technique is accompanied by formation of areas of Hypo — and hyperpigmentation;
  • To delete a single growths used diathermocoagulation. The method is painful and leaves scars. Used rarely;
  • Drug intervention is the treatment of warts with the help of podofillina. The drug is available in bottles equipped with an applicator. Local application leads to necrosis and destructive processes of tissue growth. Advantage — patient can independently handle the required areas that are in range. Area of application at a time should not be more than 10 square cm, or no more than 50 entities. Apply the medicine every 3 days, then make a break for 4 days. First, the medical staff teaches the patient to apply podophyllin, avoiding sites of healthy skin. Removing the existing warts of any location this method should not be longer than 5 weeks;
  • Solkoderm. A solution of mixture of acids (nitric, acetic, oxalic, lactic), nitrate of copper. Applying it on the warts leads to their mummification, staining yellow. Simultaneously processed area is not more than 5 cm square. If necessary, the procedure is repeated after 4 weeks. This drug causes severe pain and burning sensation and after treatment can form scars and areas of hyperpigmentation;
  • Trichloroacetic acid. Used in concentrations of 80-90%. Is applied only to the affected skin, mucous membranes. The remnants of the drug and the warts are removed with the help of sodium bicarbonate or ordinary talc. The treatment can be repeated after 1 week. If warts are located in the region of the labia minora, a six-time retained after acid treatment , it is necessary to change therapy.
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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)