Growths on anus and near it: what is it?

Наросты на анусе и возле него: что это такое?Hello. We are glad to see you on our website. In this article we will look at what danger can result in growths on anus.

It will be about perianal condyloma, a form of clinical manifestations of human papillomavirus infection.

In medicine they are called perianal genital warts, which have an infectious origin.

The skin around the anus they resemble clusters or individual clusters of growths. If the case is «fresh», between the warts you can see areas of healthy skin.

The nature of these entities are benign, during the inspection, you may notice that genital warts are only in the perianal area, or are combined with similar growths in other areas of the body (often on the penis, the eve of the vagina, labia).

The difficulties for both patient and specialist are of growths located on the skin of the anus, but in the anal canal, which is often found in patients who have external signs of the disease.

Most rectal essential, as the removal of growths, only the outside will not lead to recovery.

Therefore, the treatment should also be used in the intracellular level, improve your immune system, cleanse your body.

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It is known that genital warts are caused by a virus of the human papillomavirus type 11 and 6. Transmission occurs sexually, as the most common. The danger is not only with clinical, but also those who is a carrier.

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The causative agent through sexual contact is transmitted approximately 30-70% of cases. The risk increases significantly if you have multiple sexual partners, long intercourse, failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.

It is significant that this virus does not cause the development of persistent immunity, so do not forget that the risk of re-infection remains.

The group, which refers to the increased risk of infection, includes not only those persons who are «peculiar» way of life. The catch can, all who are sexually active.

Наросты на анусе и возле него: что это такое?Much less often the virus is contagious through casual contact in public places or when using common hygiene products (washcloths, towels, razors). To see how it was infected, it is impossible to remove the source of the pathogen.

This is largely due to the fact that symptoms appear only after several months (average 3 months), and sometimes even a few years.

The virus tends to persist in apparently healthy tissues, antivirus under adverse conditions: severe somatic diseases, chronic pathology, endocrine diseases, any causes of immunosuppression, including old age and pregnancy.

The virus which causes genital warts, is of a type with low oncogenic risk. But we cannot completely exclude that a growth near the anus will not give rise to malignant tumors. For example, in the case of long-existing giant condyloma Buske-Levenshtein.

Manifestations of the disease

Usually the first thing patients complain of the presence of growths in the anus. Visually growths on anus resemble warts, strongly protruding above the surface of the skin. They can be a single and merge, forming a sizeable growths.

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Warts are often brown, dirty pink. Color changes over time, sometimes on the papillomas formed a crust (increased keratinization).

In the presence of warts in the anus of a complaint differ depending on the stage of the disease:

  • Discomfort in the anus, the patient experiences a foreign body in the rectum or near the anus;
  • Around the anus there is itching, burning, tingling;
  • In severe cases of genital types of warts located on the anus can cause pain during bowel movements, the occurrence of abnormal discharge, including blood;
  • Pain can occur even while walking;
  • Common symptoms: fatigue and chronic fatigue.
  • The number of entities in the anus fully depends on the interaction of virus and host. The lack of treatment leads to an increase in the number of warts, the affected area also increases the risk of infecting your partner.

    Наросты на анусе и возле него: что это такое?Advanced cases are characterized by the fact that genital warts is the entire area of the perianal space, blocking the anus. Even if the external signs of the disease themselves have disappeared, this does not mean complete freedom from the virus.

    The majority of patients already with the presence of the disease, its colorful manifestations: growths grope, interfere with walking, is unable to fully monitor the hygiene, they are constantly injured, itch, bleed.

    The patient withdraws into himself, had a heightened sense of inferiority, it interferes with the active life, normal communication, sexual life.

    Diagnosis and treatment approaches

    Diagnosis is rarely difficult. External examination gives the doctor the almost all necessary information about the disease. Sometimes you have to hold sigmoidoscopy, laboratory tests, inspection of adjacent experts (the gynecologist for women).

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    The treatment is based on the following principles:

  • 1. Removal of papillomas. The doctor destroys the visible part of the disease, removing viruses, which are altered and underlying tissues. This happens by physical or chemical means (use of acids, electrocautery, laser treatment, etc.), as well as using immunological effects (local injection of interferon);
  • The immune therapy. Used drugs Amiksin, Cycloferon, Immunal, polyoxidonium, Poludan, vitamin group, adaptogens;
  • Antiviral treatment.
  • No method does not guarantee complete cure, but significantly reduces the risk of relapse and infection of the partner.

    Removal of warts on the anus occurs after anesthesia, sometimes in several stages. Possible use the latest anesthetics and removal methods, which guarantee the absence of scarring in the future.

    As a rule, wounds on the site of the warts healed quickly, but the patient can still feel the pain. After treatment, it is necessary to observe the rules of prevention did not come to a relapse.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)