Hair after chicken pox: why fall out and how to avoid it?

Good day to you, dear readers! You notice that the hair after the chickenpox began to fall? Don’t panic! Of course, now you want to know why this is happening. Read the article and learn not only about the causes of alopecia after varicella, but also about how to stop the process of baldness.

Why hair falls out, and could this be due to chicken pox?

In the General case, the alopecia is divided into two types:

  • chronic;
  • reaction.

Chronic prolapse is a serious disease that requires careful and prolonged treatment. The second kind of reaction is a symptom or result of certain diseases. In our case (with chickenpox) hair fall out reaction. Such alopecia could be:

  • intense;
  • weak.

Because chickenpox can actually start the loss of hair on the head. So our body reacts to a serious virus introduction. What if alopecia has touched you, after you have chickenpox? The main thing in this situation — do not panic! Stress will only aggravate the situation.

How to determine what hair loss is because of chickenpox?

If you notice the following symptoms:

  • hair loss occurs evenly throughout the scalp;
  • the process began three to five months after recovery.

… then your hair fell out due to a viral illness. Except for chickenpox, this «side effect» can happen after the flu, dysentery, rubella or any serious viral infection. The cause of hair loss in such a situation is prolonged and excessively high temperatures.

How chickenpox affects the fleecy part of the head?

Волосы после ветрянки: почему выпадают и как этого избежать?High temperature disturbs the natural conditions of growth and development of hair follicles. Because of this, they start to get sick and die. Consequently, falls of the hair growing from the follicles.

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In addition, this viral infection affecting the skin, including on the head. Formed in the place of vetranary folderico brown peel along with the growing hairs underneath them.

Recover if hair?

Волосы после ветрянки: почему выпадают и как этого избежать?Remember, as a child accidentally while falling, was wiped off by the skin on the hands and feet? On the place the wound had stopped growing hairs and formed a crust. And now look at these places.

Hairs present there? Of course, Yes, since the skin is gradually renewed and returned to their former ability.

The same will happen with alopecia, after varicella, if the loss provoked Valderice (or rather peel). Over time the hair follicles in the dermis restored, after which your hair will start to grow again.

Restore the follicle will happen if loss of hair is triggered by high temperature. Once the patient’s condition normalized and the body temperature will become normal, start the process of skin regeneration.

How long goes hair loss due to chickenpox?

The whole process from the beginning of hair loss to regrowth of new hairs takes approximately five to twelve months. All depends on the individual characteristics of your body:

  • how quickly the skin regenerates itself;
  • how fast the hair grows;
  • how big was the chicken pox;
  • the number and vastness of the affected areas of the epidermis.

The death of the hair follicle after chickenpox never develops into total alopecia. If the five-twelve months no improvement, then the loss triggered with chicken pox, and other factors.

Now you know how long the above «side-effect» of chickenpox. You are not satisfied with the long wait? You want to restore your hair faster? Then here’s the recipe-activator of hair growth.

Mask «onion + pepper» accelerating hair growth after reaction alopecia

To speed up the process of regeneration of hair, it is necessary to improve blood circulation in the scalp and give the skin intense nourishment (in other words, fertilize it). This will help you, «onion + pepper». Want to learn how to cook it? Then read carefully.

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  • castor oil;
  • pharmacy pepper tincture;
  • the juice of onion (prepared just before preparing the mask);
  • tincture calendula;
  • honey and cognac;
  • grated egg yolk.

Волосы после ветрянки: почему выпадают и как этого избежать?All these factors need to thoroughly mix and evenly distribute on the skin surface on the head. Then you need to create a «hothouse conditions»: putting your head in a plastic bag and wrap it in a towel.

With the «greenhouse» on the head will have to sit for an hour and then it can be washed off with warm water. Try this mask and you will not have time to go get a haircut to the Barber.

The green paint on the hair — binding problem with the chicken pox

Волосы после ветрянки: почему выпадают и как этого избежать?Valderice on the head too, need to be treated with antiseptic. If you have chosen these goals Zelenka, you will definitely encounter such a problem: soiled hair. And then you wonder: how to wash Zelenka with hair?

By the way, wash solution of brilliant green with hair difficult. This drug is an excellent paint, eats heavily and for a long time is not washed out. How to wash him from head if accidentally soiled hair? Out of such a situation, there is not even one:

  • Take the vaseline, cream or milk cleanser. Carefully apply the selected tool on okrasilsja curls. After 20 minutes wash them using shampoo.
  • Instead of the above tools, you can use olive oil or sunflower. The procedure is the same as in the previous embodiment.
  • To wash the traces of chickenpox in the hair will help solution vodka + lemon juice. Use it carefully, as it is very dry and slightly discolor the hair.
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    Can I wash my hair with chickenpox? I often ask this question. I do not recommend it during the appearance of new «fresh» foldericon. Start to wash my hair only after the crusts begin to drop off. This procedure should be carried out quickly and hot, but slightly warm water.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)