Hanging warts: how to get rid of them?

Висячие бородавки: как от них избавиться?Greetings to all readers of our website. The problem of little hanging warts are familiar to almost everyone.

In most cases they do not cause physical discomfort, but becomes a cause of cosmetic defect.

In today’s post I want to tell, what they appear and how to get rid of hanging warts on the body.

What can cause the appearance of the hanging wart on the body?

Висячие бородавки: как от них избавиться?All patients want to know why there are these small growths on the body. Small growths on the leg can be localized on the neck, in the groin, in the armpit, under the breast.

Hanging warts is very like places on the human body where it is warm and humid. On the face they can also appear most often wrinkles around the eyes.

From the point of view of dermatology, hanging warts are benign growths that occur on the background of low immunity.

The main reason for such growths on the skin is the human papilloma virus (HPV), most frequently enters the body of the patient by contact-household (with handshakes, hugs and kisses).

According to dermatologists, the infection occurs in:

  • sharing items of personal hygiene;
  • the micro-cracks and small abrasions;
  • unprotected sexual contact;
  • during pregnancy from an infected mother to fetus.

Висячие бородавки: как от них избавиться?Also, there is still such a thing as samsarajade HPV. Both women and men happen mikrotemperaturnye the skin during epilation under the armpits or shaving.

As a result, the wound re-enters the human papilloma virus. This process is called autoinoculation.

Once in the body of the patient, the virus can a long time to remain inside, not manifesting itself clinically, and only with a sharp decrease of the immune defense reminds himself pronounced clinical symptoms.

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In most cases, statistics show that this disease affects adults who, for whatever reason, a failure occurs in the immune system. Contributes to the development of HPV in the patient’s body:

  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • frequent respiratory viral infections;
  • improper use of medications;
  • the abuse of alcohol, Smoking.

Very often, women have growths on the skin due to hormonal disorders, menopause, pregnancy. Especially often find this skin growths on the body fat of overweight people.

Heat, sweat and excess production of sebum contribute to creating an enabling environment for HPV warts.

Features of development and manifestation of hanging warts

Висячие бородавки: как от них избавиться?After penetration of HPV into the patient, it can for several weeks and even months to doze in the body, not manifesting itself.

This period is called the chronic carrier state. As shown by the latest survey, almost every second inhabitant of the planet is a carrier of the HPV virus.

The development of small hanging human papillomavirus warts can occur in several ways:

  • hidden method;
  • single growths on the body;
  • multiple rashes all over the body.

Be attached to the skin warts can in several ways: with a thin legs or a broad base. Form of tumors can also be very different, as well as color.

In most clinical cases, hanging warts have a yellowish or pink, rarely brown warts.

In the photo you can see how it looks hanging growths on the skin of the face.

In any case, the appearance of the hanging growths should be cause for seeking medical attention, because they indicate that in the immune system failure, and the body cannot fight off infection.

Methods of getting rid of growths

Висячие бородавки: как от них избавиться?As a doctor, I want to strongly recommend to consult an experienced dermatologist before you remove the wart yourself.

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The danger of all warts, including suspension that is incorrectly carried out procedure can be the impetus for the development of the cancer process.

Treatment both conservative and operative must appoint a physician, will choose the most efficient and safe therapeutic method.

Just want to note that the means for self-removal of warts are quite dangerous chemicals that, hitting the surrounding healthy skin, may cause burns and scarring.

The standard scheme of treatment involves the surgical removal of papillomas and conservative immunomodulatory treatment. To remove growths in several ways:

  • cryotherapy;
  • laser removal;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • surgical removal.

Висячие бородавки: как от них избавиться?Best established itself laser removal of papillomas, which helps to remove not only outer part but also the root of the tumors.

Moreover, in most cases, only a single procedure, which is quick and painless.

In place of the removed papillomas formed a crust, which is in process of regeneration of the tissues dries up and disappears.

As already stated above, remove the build-up is only half the battle, you must still treat the body from the inside, as well as regularly conduct preventive courses. With the aim of increasing immunity is recommended:

  • antiviral treatment (Amiksin, oksolina, noirin);
  • vitamin therapy (Supradyn, expert hair in winter and spring, I think);
  • immunomodulatory therapy (immunal, Echinacea tincture);
  • topical application of liniments, increase immunity and promotes rapid tissue regeneration after surgical removal.

Modern experts suggest to do the HPV vaccination, due to which the body becomes resistant to such viruses.

Good to treatment of folk ways, among which there are a lot of recipes for both outdoor and indoor use.

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Висячие бородавки: как от них избавиться?Every grandmother knows how to get rid of a wart using celandine and talk about it as an experienced Clinician.

In ancient times, the juice of celandine were a universal remedy for the treatment of skin diseases. But tea made from cranberries and currants is delicious and effective immunomodulator that helps not only in papillomas, but also in other viral infectious diseases.

Definitely need to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid stress, control body weight, improve their health, which is the most valuable gift of nature.

If you have questions for our doctor or personal experience getting rid of this skin problem, write us about it in the comments.

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)