Healthy skin or a few tips on how to remove scars from acne on face

Human skin is continuously exposed to the corrosive environment, which often leaves traces in the form of scars. Often the cause of skin defects becomes acne. Are there ways to prevent their occurrence? How to remove scars from acne on my face? Medicine has found the answers to these questions. But before we talk about treatment should be armed with some theoretical knowledge.

The content of the article

  • Why human skin?
  • How does the skin?
  • Why do I get scars?
  • What is a scar?
  • What factors affect the appearance of the scar
  • The types of scar formations on the face
  • Three rules of prevention of scars on the face
  • Means «emergency» or how to get rid of scars at home?
  • 10 «home» ways to deal with scars
  • Possibilities of modern medicine
  • Tips to remove scars quickly
  • Why human skin?

    The changing conditions of the surrounding world could disrupt the coordinated working of internal organs, if not for the protective properties of the skin.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    Interesting fact: the Total area of the skin of a person is more than 2 m2, and the weight is eleven pounds.

    Its role is unique in some way. This complex organ performs many functions.

    1. Barrier properties are the mechanical protection of the body from the harmful effects of environmental agents (bacteria, dust particles, chemicals, etc.). The skin minimizing the dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation.
    2. Exchange function integrates the skin’s ability to excrete excess water with sweat, and to remove toxic products of metabolism, and some drugs. We should not underestimate the value of the skin in gas exchange.
    3. Thermoregulation happens through numerous superficial capillaries, which, depending on the temperature of the external environment are converging and retain heat in the body or, on the contrary, expanding, and cooling person. In the regulation of body temperature is very important to moisture the skin’s surface. Thus, the skin changes the ratio of heat production processes and heat transfer, maintaining the required thermal mode.
    4. The endocrine function is the synthesis of vitamin D, which according to modern concepts is a steroid hormone that regulates calcium in the body. Immune control of passage of pathogens from the environment is carried out by white blood cells (lymphocytes, macrophages) that are activated at the site of injury.
    5. Broadcast information from sensitive endings that respond to painful stimuli, chemical and thermal agents, pressure, provides an adequate response of the organism to environmental changes.
    6. Water / oil shell (lipid mantle).

    Functions of the skin are closely linked to internal organs. The skin condition can be judged on human diseases. For example, it is well known that many liver diseases lead to staining of epithelial tissues in yellowish, and hormonal disorders are accompanied by acne.

    How does the skin?

    The many functions possible due to the complex layered structure of the skin.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    1. The outer layer of skin, the epidermis, consists of several layers:
  • The basal consists of young cells, reproduction of which provides the skin in General.
  • Prickly layery formed cells polygonal (polygonal) structures, connected by spikes. Strong network this layer provides the skin with mechanical stability. Breaking the links between cellular processes is accompanied by stratification of the skin and formation of blisters.
  • Granular layer presents spindle-shaped cells that synthesize the proteins necessary for further development of more Mature forms.
  • A shiny layer on the heels and hands provides additional mechanical protection.
  • The stratum corneum is represented by the elements, consisting mainly of keratin.
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  • Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    1. The middle layer is called dermis. It consists of connective tissue with a separate cellular elements. The papillary layer of the dermis separated from the underlying layers of the basal membrane. There are skin appendages.
  • Hair
  • Sebaceous glands
  • Sweat glands
    1. Subcutaneous fat is the deepest epithelial tissue.

    The skin is the body structural elements which are regularly updated. Keratin scales are removed from the surface and replaced by new ones, formed in the basal cells. Full regeneration of the skin through the month.

    Why do I get scars?

    The formation of skin scarring occurs when damage to the dermal cover of various mechanical, thermal and chemical factors. Depending on the extent of the injury, the consequences can be minimal, or leave a trail of scar.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    What is a scar?

    Mechanical breach of the integrity of the skin is accompanied by filling of the defect with connective tissue without maintaining its structure and layers. The collagen fibers had a parallel arrangement, whereas in intact skin, these proteins form a network. This restoration of epithelial tissues noticeable in appearance and is known as cicatrice or scar. At the site of injury broken blood circulation, elasticity decreases and the skin appendages lose their function. Scar formation goes through several stages.

    What factors affect the appearance of the scar

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    1. The depth of damage to the skin. Surface defects heal without consequences. Deep violation of the integrity of the skin, destroying the papillary layer of the dermis leads to scar formation.
    2. The nature of the injury affects the scarring process. The better matched the edges of the wound, the less the defect.
    3. Wound infection often increases the depth and area of damage, contributing to the appearance of the scar. In turn, the probability of penetration in the wound of germs increase in the violation of hygiene and decreased immunity.
    4. In places where the skin is stretched, the rough probability of scarring increases dramatically.

    The types of scar formations on the face

    In accordance with the nature of the lesion and scarring of the four types.

    1. Normotroficheskie scar is close to normal skin elasticity and color. This SRAM is located at the level of healthy skin and contains isolated appendages. Normotroficheskie scars are formed acne in uncomplicated and superficial injury of the epidermis. From a cosmetic point of view, such defects are the most favorable and relatively easy correction.
    2. Atrophic scars appear when there is insufficient production of collagen at the site of pimples, or after removal of warts and moles. Such scars are located below the skin surface and is similar to the «holes». Scar tissue is thin, flabby. Examples are striae.
    3. Hypertrophic scars protrude above healthy skin and mostly appear after traumas or surgical interventions. In some cases, can appear in the result, complicated by the abscess of acne. Within two years after the occurrence of hypertrophic scars may disappear, however, it is useful to know that such scars are well amenable to therapy.
    4. Keloid scars from the position of cosmetology are the most unfavorable. They stand in sharp contrast to healthy skin, characterized by a convex form that is often painful and after treatment, may reappear.

    Three rules of prevention of scars on the face

    1. When you see a pimple regularly treat the affected area with antiseptic to prevent the accession of infection and stop the development of acne.
    2. In any case, do not resort to artificial opening boil! This will not only lead to the inevitable injury of the skin, but could trigger the spread of infection in the soft tissues of the face and severe complications.
    3. A major defect, you must contact your doctor. The surgeon will correlate the edges of the wound and properly impose the silicone plate, which minimizes the risk of keloid scar.
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    Means «emergency» or how to get rid of scars at home?

    Centuries-old experience in the treatment of skin defects gave modern man a huge number of effective recipes of folk medicine. In most formulations it is recommended that long-term use of medicinal plants. To the use of folk remedies have been effective, it is important to start treatment as early as possible and to adhere to the recommended course.

    10 «home» ways to deal with scars

    1. Cabbage leaf speeds healing and minimizes the risk of developing scar the anti-inflammatory effect and vitamin E, among the many effects of which the number involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    Recipe: 2-3 leaves of cabbage, RUB with one tablespoon of honey and apply on the affected area twice per night (for 2 hours) until the disappearance of the defect.

    1. Pea dough helps with the systematic use even in the case of old scars.

    Recipe: grind in a coffee grinder, the beans and dilute in the ratio 1:1 with warm water or milk. For hour to hold in the damaged area.

    1. Shell + seeds melon.

    Recipe: ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions. The resulting powder rubbed with sunflower oil, apply on skin defect.

    1. Beeswax in combination with vegetable oils is widely used to soften scars.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    Recipe: 400 ml vegetable oil (sunflower), mixed with 100 grams of warmed beeswax. Ten minutes the mixture simmer on a slow fire. After curing ointment to apply twice a day.

    1. Plants, effective for scars, most often used in the form of decoctions. Most popular St. John’s wort, marshmallow root, calendula flowers, yarrow and nettle.

    Recipe: pour boiling water over two tablespoons of the collection to insist on a water bath for 60 minutes. Solution to drain and wet cotton towel, apply for 2 hours.

    1. Mummy gives the greatest effect when used in the early stages of the formation of scar. However, in the case of old scars this remedy softens the scar and makes it less noticeable. There are many ways to use mumie in the scars on the skin, but they all boil down to the following principle.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    Recipe: add the Shilajit in a neutral cream (vegetable oil) in a ratio of 1:2 and RUB before bedtime.

    1. Aloe is rightly called the «family doctor». Thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating action of this plant helps in the first stage of the formation of scar.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    Recipe: cut it lengthwise leaf aloe fix on traumatized skin and hold for 2 hours. The procedure is carried out three times a day.

    1. Camphor oil.

    Recipe: apply on the scar oil-impregnated cotton cloth, lock and leave for the night.

    1. Tea tree oil combines the unique properties, making it almost a «panacea» in the treatment of skin diseases. For getting rid of scars and stretch marks the most effective Australian tea tree oil, which combines anti-inflammatory with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. The treatment with tea tree oil no scars are left, as it does not penetrate into the pores. The oil has a strong effect, so before use it must be diluted.

    Recipe: dilute tea tree oil with water in a ratio of 1:3 and apply on scar for 30 minutes. You should test the solution on a small area of skin during the day. In marked irritant action should still add water. When you save the stinging should stop taking the drug.

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    The alternative may be the use of Soaps containing tea tree oil.

    1. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in carotenoids, which stimulate the production of components of connective tissue and promote the healing of wounds. Palmitic and palmitoleic fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, phospholipids and phytosterols improve the metabolism of the cells and stimulate cell division of the epithelium. Sea buckthorn oil is not an irritant, does not cause allergies. It reduces pigmentation and significantly reduces the severity of scar.

    Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    Recipe: mix two tablespoons of fresh puree tomatoes, two teaspoons of starch, three drops of sea buckthorn oil and wheat germ. Apply the mask three times a week for 30 minutes.

    Possibilities of modern medicine

    Treatment scar marks from acne medication is carried out in three directions.

    1. Drug therapy is the appointment of the preparations of complex action.

  • Cream «Clofibrate» contains organic ingredients, thanks to which has a dispersion effect, improves the nutrition and water balance of the dermis, stimulates cell regeneration. The tool has a slight antimicrobial action. Similar in composition and properties is a drug «Contractubex». These creams are not used for atrophic scars.
  • Silicon wafers are superimposed on the dermal defect and break down the collagen or reduce its surplus. Examples of such dosage forms is «Spenco».
  • Silicone gel, or spray «Kelo-Cote» easy to use and does not cause irritation unlike silicone plates. Medication helps with all types of scars. In the treatment gel is preserved skin elasticity and moisture balance. This is a very effective modern tool. From the same group gel «Dermatix».
  • Здоровая кожа или несколько советов,  как убрать рубцы от прыщей на лице

    2. Cosmetic techniques are the application of different agressing substances for chemical peeling with salicylic, glycolic, trichloroacetic acid or phenol, which cause the death of the surface layers of the epidermis with subsequent sloughing and replacement with young healthy cells. The procedure stimulates blood circulation. Another method of removing scars is recognized as laser resurfacing. For clearing scars in some cases resorted to the method of dermabrasion.

    3. In some situations, in the area of the defect type «Diprospan» and «Kenalog» containing corticosteroids and reduces the production of collagen. Inclusion in the therapy of «Hyaluronidase» promotes the resorption of collagen and reducing the skin defect.

    4. Surgical methods of scar removal are in demand for deep skin damage due to burns, cuts, but not after.


    Tips to remove scars quickly