Heat urticaria: effective treatment methods

Welcome, dear readers. Urticaria is an allergic disease that is very difficult to treat. According to statistics, approximately 15% of people around the world affected by this disease.

It can occur due to many reasons, in particular as a result of exposure to high temperatures. In this case urticaria is called heat.

Symptoms of heat hives

Тепловая крапивница: эффективные методы леченияDoctors distinguish two forms of this disease:

  • Cholinergic generalised heat urticaria;
  • The local disease.

According to the classification of the first type relates to special forms. The second is rare. It is one kind of urticaria that is caused by physical factors.

There are also some types of the disease:


It usually suffers from the female gender. It is seasonal and is expressed in the form of blisters of large size. In severe manifestation of the disease can be loss of consciousness or lead to respiratory failure.


Occurs in winter during a hard frost. Also, it can cause the intake of cold food. This form occurs with nausea, headache and aching joints.

False or pseudoallergic.

This type of disease occurs due to violations of the digestive tract, liver or gallbladder. The symptoms are often confused with solar or cold urticaria. Eruptions in this case are due to the bad work of the internal organs, and not because of allergies.

How to recognize the disease?

Тепловая крапивница: эффективные методы леченияHeat urticaria is characterized by clear symptoms. When cholinergic type rash appearing within 20 minutes after exposure to a provoking factor.

On the trunk, mainly in its upper part, appear petechial rash in the form of nodules, diameter of no more than 3 mm. They are surrounded by a wide ring of redness (hyperemia). Usually, the rash coalesces into a single spot.

Expressed heat rash you can see in the photo that is below.

The symptoms are as follows: in the period of the rash the patient was worried about the itching. Sometimes nausea, diarrhea, salivation. Often the symptoms of heat hives disappear within an hour after exposure to a provoking factor, however, may persist for a few hours.

The local form is expressed in the form of large bubbles that occur after 5 minutes, the thermal effect and they remain approximately one hour. This disease can occur in people for months or years, after which it disappears.

The main reasons

Тепловая крапивница: эффективные методы леченияHeat urticaria caused by the accumulation in tissues active biological substances. There is an important role the body’s susceptibility to allergic reactions.

Some patients with rashes caused by heat, others are diagnosed allergic diseases: atopic dermatitis, food intolerance, other types of hives.

In local form, the histamine is released when the temperature is over 40 degrees (in the case of local effects).

Precipitating causes of heat hives are: hot tub, stress, physical activity, high air temperature.

How to diagnose the disease?

Тепловая крапивница: эффективные методы леченияIn order to establish the form of urticaria and to identify the cause of its occurrence, the doctor will conduct a provocative test.

To confirm heat form, to the patient’s skin is applied warm object (this can be a glass of hot water). If there are blisters and redness, the reaction is positive. Also, the doctor may suggest to lower the brush in hot water, to mark the appearance of the rash.

In addition can be carried out the exercise test. There is another version of the sample, which consists in intradermal introduction karbaholina (a substance similar in structure to acetylcholine). If, after this, it formed bubbles larger than 15 mm, the result is positive.

Very often this disease is diagnosed in children. This contributes to overheating of the child (in the sun, in a hot bath, after exercise). As a rule, such children are very sensitive to the cooling or heating of the skin.

Treatment of the disease

Тепловая крапивница: эффективные методы леченияIf there is a local form of the disease, we must first eliminate the source of exposure. If itching persists for a long time, the doctor prescribes antihistamines. You can also use ointment with extract of belladonna or atropine.

If the symptoms of urticaria is sufficiently strong, then the treatment is based on the reception Gidroxizina. It is the drug providing at the same time antihistamine and anticholinergic action.

In addition, it has antispasmodic and antiemetic effect. Take this medication can children 1 year of age.

It has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional cause of rash in a child, eliminating itching and other unpleasant sensations.

In acute forms of heat urticaria is possible to use hormonal ointments. The complex is receiving sedatives to regulate sleep patterns if severe skin itching.

A folk remedy against urticaria

Тепловая крапивница: эффективные методы леченияGreat result give lotions decoction of a succession of chamomile. A mixture of herbs infused in a water bath, after which it moistened a cotton pad and applied to the place of destruction.

The club soda will help relieve itching. For this, take a tablespoon of baking soda to one glass of water. Applying a compress is required for 5-10 minutes.

Prevention of the disease

All preventive measures aimed at elimination of precipitating factors. If you take a bath or a shower, the water temperature should be such that the symptoms of urticaria is not manifested. You should reduce physical exertion and worry less.

Pay special attention to the selection of products. Eliminate from your diet allergen because it is heat rash is accompanied by other allergic reactions.

Remember, the disease can be diagnosed only by a doctor. Do not self-medicate, because you can cause irreparable harm to their health. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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