Heel wart treatment medicines and folk remedies

Пяточная бородавка: лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиHello, dear readers. Each of us dreams about free movements, flying gait and beautiful shoes, especially the girls.

Sometimes, it’s just not possible, as when walking in your favorite shoes you experience pain.

The fault of such discomfort often become heel warts.

From their appearance no one is immune.

So why are these growths and how to get rid of them? This is what we want to tell you in today’s article.

The causes of such entities

Пяточная бородавка: лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиHeel wart may appear due to cracks in the feet, there’s not so little. In these cracks and penetrates the human papillomavirus that causes formation of outgrowths.

It is possible to get HPV through direct contact with a sick person, and in public places fitness centers, saunas, and swimming pools.

For a long time the virus does not manifest itself, and as soon as the immune system will weaken or worsen chronic diseases he will come into the active state.

Also the causes of increased HPV can be transferred stress, increased perspiration, frequent colds, etc.

Signs and symptoms of heel warts

Пяточная бородавка: лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиA growth appears on the skin gradually. The first symptom is the appearance of a brilliant plot, yet does not protrude above the skin.

Gradually, the plaque surface becomes rough, covered with tubercles. She begins to grow in depth, breadth, thus pushing the surrounding tissue.

The size of the heel formation can be as small as 1 cm, and more extensive. When running the scenario, they grow at polpette.

Color plantar formations generally coincide with the main tone of the skin, and sometimes a yellowish and white color. In the photo you can see how it looks calcaneal outgrowths at the initial stage of development.

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Severe discomfort deliver those growths that are localized on the base of the heel. This place are subject to greater pressure during walking.

On the surface of the wart disappears skin pattern, and the wart becomes similar to corn. To make an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment need to steam build-up and remove dead skin. If it is a wart, you will see small black dots (thrombosed capillaries). If blisters no points.

Growths on the soles of the feet prevent to carry out daily work, to walk normally, wear shoes. All of these symptoms can worsen the quality of life, and if time does not begin treatment, the tumor will spread throughout the heel.

The removal of such warts is longer and heavier, so the sooner you seek help to the doctor, the better for you.

How to get rid of growths?

Пяточная бородавка: лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиUsually, to remove such warts do not have, because after a while they can pass themselves. If they spread, grow, and deliver the pain when walking, then it is time for a professional to intervene.

Treatment and removal of growths heel – a very long process that requires perseverance and patience.

You can display the tumor folk remedies.

But we urge you not to self-medicate, or at least the beginning of the procedures to consult a dermatologist.

So, if you decide to treat a wart at home, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Raw potato, which is rubbed into the problematic area.
  • Green onion, infused in vinegar. This tool is applied to the wart and secured with tape. You can also use aloe leaf. The juice of this plant promotes rapid healing.
  • Juice of celandine. This is the traditional method of getting rid of warts. You should be very careful to apply it on the skin to burn.
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    Пяточная бородавка: лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиOf course, it’s not all traditional methods through which you can cure plantar growths, but the most effective.

    How to treat warts in a child? For children better use of antiviral ointments and creams, as many funds are contraindicated in children.

    The perfect tool – Viferon-based human interferon. They can treat even the skin of newborns.

    Of course, in all formations it is better to apply to the relevant medical institution, which will help you to get rid of them.

    The clinics use such methods of wart removal:

    • Cryotherapy.

    This treatment of the tumors with liquid nitrogen or other substance having similar freezing effect.

    Under the influence of the drug on the spot. there is a blister, which is the first week peeled dead skin tissue. The patient during this time should lie, because the attack on the leg is very painful.

    • The use of cantharidin liquid (a mixture of salicylic acid and cantharidin).

    This substance is prepared from Spanish fly. It has established itself as an excellent tool in the fight against plantar warts in both adults and children.

    The rehabilitation period is 5-10 days. In the affected area may occur bubble. To avoid this, the place of impact is in the armband.

    • Laser radiation.

    With this method the blood vessels that permeate the body of warts, prizhivayutsya. Some time later, the tissue infected with the virus dies and the wart disappears. Then the skin the scar will remain, and quite painful, but soon he will also disappear.

    • Excision of the growth.
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    Пяточная бородавка: лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиThis procedure involves removing the warts with a scalpel or electric needle. Today in hospitals this method is used rarely, only in cases of very extensive formations.

    In addition to these operative procedures, the doctor may prescribe treatment drugs.

    Proved to be excellent preparation Imiquimod. It is used for eliminating skin diseases. With its use is destroyed, the virus stimulated production of proteins of the immune nature.

    Note that when using it, you can watch the flu-like symptoms. In this case, simply reduce the dose.

    It is also possible the use of the drug Dimexidum. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic effect. Through his use of not only treatment of skin growths, but also eliminated pain.

    In addition to the above, for the full recovery you need to take immunomodulatory drugs. After strengthen the immune system the risk of warts will be minimal.


    So, if you notice symptoms of heel warts, you should not wait for their full development. Start to strengthen your body, eat right and then you will be able to avoid unpleasant skin growths. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)