Herpes, a nursing mother can be very dangerous

Hello, dear mommy! What to do if a nursing woman jumped up herpes on the lip or somewhere else? To stop feeding or not? How to be treated, so as not to harm the child? In this article you will find answers to all these questions!

Could it be?

Герпес у кормящей мамы может быть очень опасенOf course, you can! More to say, such rash in nursing mothers is quite common. Personally, I see almost every day people with this problem, not only at work.

Many of my friends have experienced this, and I myself went through this.

If you are also faced with the sore and feed the baby breast, then you should know how to act in this situation.

To stop feeding or not?

Let’s start with the most important question: is it possible to feed the baby if jumped up sore, for example, on the lips? Doctors do not forbid to do it.

Some, of course, suggest to stop feeding, especially if the infection is genital (just to treat it more complicated and without pills), but if you want to continue, then proceed.

Some pediatricians, including Komorowski, say that feed is not only possible but even necessary! Surprised? Incidentally, I also think so and you know why?

But because breast milk is transferred various antibodies, including antibodies to the herpes viruses.

Thus, continuing the feeding, you give his protection to the child, and it is very useful, so as to contact with him you don’t fully stop, and the disease is known to be very contagious and is spread by all means.

Even if the baby you will become infected during breast feeding complications, he will not because he will get your antibodies, constraining the herpes virus in the body.

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So, we found that the feed continue. But how is it treated? Do I need to treat? It’s still an incurable disease, so maybe it can be ignored? Should not be ignored and below I will explain why.

Complications: what happens if not treated?

Herpes in a weakened body gives all sorts of complications. Especially dangerous is genital, which can affect the urogenital system and the internal organs of the female.

Nail infection is also unpleasant and also can give some complications. So be sure to heal, and how, read below.

How, then, to be treated, if the pills make not?

Герпес у кормящей мамы может быть очень опасенAs you know, nursing women should not take any medication, as almost all of them are passed through breast milk.

Than to treat the infection in this case to be cured, and the child is not hurt?

Women during breast-feeding, you can use the drugs for external use – ointments, creams, solutions.

They are safe, as do not penetrate into breast milk, and no less effective than tablets. Antiviral medicines also are available in the form of ointments and it is:

  • Zovirax;
  • Cycloferon;
  • Viferon;
  • Oxolinic ointment;
  • Acyclovir.

Start using these ointments you need from the first days of the disease. The sooner you apply the medication, the faster it will work.

If you want to try something of the above, then I suggest you to first talk with your doctor. Perhaps he will find contraindications specifically from you.

Additional medications

Additional treatment to accelerate the healing of the rash. You can use different antiseptics, for example, a solution of calendula and wound healing and protivozudnoe drugs:

  • Panthenol;
  • Tykveol;
  • Lekker-EPLUN.
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All these medicines are not contraindicated in nursing women, so you can use them even without prior consultation with the doctor.

Some of my friends claim that they well help vitamin b 12 in the form of a solution, they were applied directly on the rash. Personally, I like this method did not try, therefore anything about it I can not say.

Strengthening the immune system – not only prevention, but also treatment. Recurrence of girisindeki occurs only in a weakened body, which means you need to strengthen the immune system.

How to do it? First, eat right: enter in the diet of foods with a high content of vitamins A, b, C. secondly, try not to worry, because stress weaken the immune system stronger than anything else.

Often walk in the fresh air, exercise and watch your health (try not to get sick, and if sick with the flu for example, then time to heal)!

As not to infect the baby?

This is also a very important issue. The article mentioned that erisipela is transmitted in various ways:

  • airborne;
  • contact (kissing, etc.);
  • even household (through the Laundry and dishes).

And then not to infect the child during illness? To do this, be sure to observe the following tips:

  • Wash your hands after each contact with a herpes rash. For example, applied the cream and immediately wash and it is better not to touch it, smear with a cotton swab.
  • Don’t kiss the baby. Well, of course, a caring mother would not kiss the baby if her lip is sore. Anyway, just in case, I remind you – contact directly with a rash is very dangerous and always ends in infestation.
  • If worried, then wear a gauze bandage during feeding and care of baby.
  • Use of personal utensils and towels. Ensure your stuff has not been touched. In any case, do not wipe your child with a towel and do not put in the mouth of his dummy, toys or something else. I often just see the picture, the nipple fell, the mother grabbed her in his mouth and then pokes the baby’s mouth. Don’t do that, please.
  • If herpes rash jumped on his chest, then feeding the natural way still have to stop. You can pump milk and then give it to the child, but feed it breast in this case is not worth it.
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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)