Herpes during pregnancy: how dangerous it is and how to treat it?

Hello, dear readers! Pregnancy is a crucial period in the life of every woman. In addition, it is a real test for the organism, provoking exacerbation of latent disease. Herpes during pregnancy is exacerbated in almost all, if any.

How scary is it? I have to say that the worse the exacerbation may be only the first infection of this dangerous disease. Read the article and learn about all the above, threats of infection for girls in the situation and her baby.

Why the activation of herpes viruses in women who bears a child?

Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?As you know, this virus infected more than 80% of the population of the globe. The disease can years to be in remission and then suddenly give a relapse.

Relapses are very common during pregnancy and how you think, why?

Pregnancy triggers hormonal changes in the body. The female body gives all the power on the process of carrying a child.

In this case, the immune system weakens, which provokes the outbreak of disease. Weakens it, and in order to give the fetus the chance to be pronounced.

A pregnant woman can be:

  • Exacerbation of long-standing pathology — occurs most often

Old herpes virus latent in the nerve ganglions, may at any time be activated. Activation requires certain conditions, e.g., hypothermia, weakening of the immune the immune function, infectious diseases of various kinds.

In such aggravation modern medicine can quickly get rid of the disease, preventing, thus, complications.

  • Primary infection is the most dangerous option for pregnant women

Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?In the human body that have encountered viruses, antibodies to them, able to contain the disease.

But in the intact organism has no antibodies, so the herpes virus, nothing prevents manifest itself in all its glory.

When the initial infection symptoms are much brighter and more noticeable than during exacerbation. Therefore, the consequences of infection are more negative and serious.

Now you know if the herpes virus for pregnant women. And what kind of virus may attack pregnant women? By the way, the study of the viruses involved microbiologists and virologists.

Types of herpes viruses

All organisms from this family are usually divided into two types. The most common are first and second. First, it creates a characteristic rash on the lips, which we call «cold».

The second causes rashes on sexual organs, therefore it is called sexual or genital. There are other types/styles, for example, zoster (a recurrence of chicken pox) and cytomegalovirus, but they are rare.

How can I get during pregnancy?

Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?First the infection can occur in different ways. It all depends on the type of disease and provocateur. For example, the first standard type you can pick up when communicating or while kissing.

In addition, the cold on the lips is transmitted through shared utensils and personal hygiene (the second option is considered unlikely). Genital type of the virus is transmitted during sex through the allocation of the genital organs.

It can be picked up in any sexual acts, not just during the traditional, as many believe. In addition, there is information that the herpes virus enters through household items and personal belongings.

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To recognize the aggravation and the primary infection is quite easy. The above-mentioned diseases, there are intense symptoms. Every woman, especially if she’s in a position should know what it looks like erisipela.

Signs: looks like and evolving disease?

Let’s start with the more dangerous is genital herpes disease. His characteristics are almost the same as other species, but it differs place of localization. Because of this disease there are defects resembling blisters, which are located in an intimate area.

Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?Rash in the form of small blisters grouped together in one focus, the first has a transparent content, and then becomes cloudy and bursts.

After rupture of the blisters on their ulcers, which gradually formed a crust.

By the way, you should know that herpes is a sexual disease is often supplemented by other STIs: Mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, syphilis.

So, if you have this problem, it is necessary to be examined for the presence of concomitant STDs. How to understand that was infected with genital herpes? The first symptoms at an early stage will be approximately such:

  • abnormal vaginal discharge (liquid, abundant, reaching for 5-7 days);
  • itching and feeling of swelling in the place where soon there will be a rash;
  • muscle and headaches, fatigue/lethargy, low-grade fever.

Now consider the standard herpes or cold sore on lips during pregnancy. By the way, the last two symptoms characteristic of the species.

Wait or pirotipii herpes occurs on the lips, which inflamed, a bit itchy and swollen. In the location of future eruption there is a slight haunting discomfort.

The day after these feelings appears a characteristic rash. Then it evolves in the standard way, bursts, turns into ulcers, covered with a crust.

Symptoms when first infected more vivid and multifaceted. Secondary outbreaks can occur almost asymptomatic (in addition to the characteristic rash). How do you think the impact of this disease on the pregnant woman and what is she dangerous?

The danger for the pregnant woman and her baby: what is?

Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?If the pregnancy has already faced similar viruses that her body has antibodies that are sure to get a baby.

Thus for him the disease is so dangerous because he has a natural immunity. If the exacerbation does not necessarily infected (infected only 5-7% of newborns).

But if a pregnant woman had been sick and got herpes first time, the infection of the child will occur with higher probability. In such situations, infected 50-70% of newborns.

The first infection is considered the most dangerous, as it often ends with complications faced by that child, not mommy.

How is intrauterine infection? The virus can get to baby through the placenta if the organism of mother will not have antibodies to it.

The consequences of infecting the baby inside the womb depends on the time of pregnancy:

  • in the early (1 trimester) pregnancy infection may result in sudden miscarriage, but it can happen the other way — the fruit is submitted and will have physical abnormalities in hearing and vision, mental retardation, failures in the Central nervous system;
  • if the infection occurred close to 6 months (for 2 semesters), then the consequences will be dire less likely, and protect yourself from them will help proper treatment;
  • infection in the third trimester, can cause the death of the child inside the womb, or serious brain damage.
  • The most dangerous is the primary infection in the first and third trimesters. Under certain circumstances a woman in the early stages after infection, it is recommended to have an abortion. Now that you understand how serious this is? There was no desire to treat herpes or to self-medicate?
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By the way, much more dangerous is genital or sexually transmitted disease, but rather the first infection by. It provokes the most serious and disastrous complications.

If the disease escalates from a woman in an interesting position just before birth, it is recommended to abandon the natural process of childbirth and a caesarean.

Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?

So let’s go through the most dangerous complications of herpes during pregnancy:

  • For the fetus — miscarriage, fading, brain lesions, malformations, heart defects, pneumonia virus of type a premature birth.
  • Newborn sudden death immediately after birth, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, blindness/deafness.
  • See what can happen if you ignore the problem. At occurrence of first signs of girisindeki immediately contact your obstetrician-gynecologist.

    Modern methods of diagnostics allow to determine not only the type of disease and its agent provocateur, age of the presence in the body, the number of antibodies to the virus and the likelihood of complications.

    Treatment: treatment of pregnant women from erisipela?

    Treatment of herpes (of any kind) may not completely get rid of the problem, but it may strengthen the body and drive the virus dormant state, so it will cease to be a threat.

    Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?At the present time, in pharmacies you can find a lot of medicines against this disease, but not every one of them is allowed to take the girl in position. Want to know how to treat the above disease recommended by doctors?

    For increased defense and resistance of the immune system of the pregnant woman is assigned immunoglobulins — preparations on the basis of a particular protein that is produced in our body in response to viral integration.

    What immunoglobulins are allowed to take the girls in position? To answer this question, only your doctor! Listed below are the most popular, but not worth to choose them and take on their own. Safe for women in the position of immunoglobulins are:

    • Siberian ginseng;
    • ginseng;
    • Echinacea;
    • vitamins V.

    Treatment for herpes rash are appointed ointment with antiviral effects, for example, the popular Acyclovir or Hectare. Ointment applied daily 3-5 times daily directly on the rashes.

    Additionally, the rash can be smeared with a solution of Interferon or vitamin E, which is sold in gelatin capsules. These drugs speed up the healing process and protect from further bacterial infection of the wound.

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    Folk medicine: the treatment of herpetic diseases in women in the position

    Folk medicine for the girl in the situation is beneficial in that it is completely safe, if you use the funds correctly and in moderation. Reviews of pregnant women who are faced with herpes, talk about high efficiency of various oils.

    Rashes on the skin and mucous membranes should be treated with oils: fir, sea buckthorn, dog rose.

    Therapy with oils will last 2-3 weeks. During this time, the rash completely healed and the skin after it is clean (no scars or stains). In addition, folk medicine recommends to treat herpes chamomile cream and calendula ointment. To strengthen the protective functions of the immune system need to drink tea with viburnum and honey.

    Prevention: can you prevent herpes?

    Герпес при беременности: насколько он опасен и как его лечить?This is a very common malady in almost all the population of our planet, so to protect against it difficult. Why, then, her symptoms did not occur at all?

    In people with normal immune systems the virus-a pathogen is present in the body without symptoms. Asymptomatic period may last for years or even decades.

    If you have already passed an ELISA for antibodies and confirmed that there was no herpes in your body, then observe the following preventive measures:

    • exclude unprotected casual sex from your life;
    • try not to communicate closely with people who have visible signs of disease;
    • observe personal hygiene and do not let your belongings, and do not use anyone else’s;
    • be careful in public places (some were infected with genital herpes in public toilets, pools, baths and saunas).

    Prevention of exacerbation is slightly different. It is aimed to prevent activation of the virus existing in the body.

    If you have found girisindeki, for the prevention of exacerbations observe the following rules: protect yourself from hypothermia and overheating; nerves; strengthen your immune system with vitamins; eat a balanced and properly; do not refuse the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

    That’s about it. Hope you don’t have to deal with erisipela in the process of pregnancy. Read information you can share with friends on social networks, and if you subscribe, do not miss a new article. All the best to you!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)