Herpes genital: symptoms and treatments

Friends, I welcome you on the website about dermatology! There was a strange rash on genitals, very itchy and unpleasant? Most likely, you have herpes on your genitals!

How to distinguish this disease from other how to cure it and how you might be infected? Read all about it in this article.

What is a genital herpes, what are its symptoms?

Герпес на гениталиях: симптомы и методы леченияFirst things first – know what is herpes on the genitalia and how it looks.

This infection does not differ from the same on the lips, is also considered to be the easiest, but not provoked first, and the second type of herpes viruses.

It cannot be cured completely, but can ease symptoms and speed recovery. Often she appears on:

  • labia, pubes, anus, inner thighs in women;
  • the head, the whole body of the penis, the scrotum, perineum and thighs – in men.

The appearance of herpetic rash on the genitals specific:

  • the first symptom is the affected area of the skin or mucous begins to become inflamed and itchy;
  • after a couple of days it appears the smallest Valderice with transparent highly contagious content.
  • Valderice gradually grow turbid and burst, all accompanied by itching, pain, discomfort;
  • sores in the bursting folderico may be present up to a week;
  • on the skin in the place of the sores form a crust on mucous membranes do not occur;
  • after 2 weeks approximately problematic area heals completely, this rash disappears without a trace.

To distinguish herpes from other STDs not only in appearance of the rash, but additional symptoms, such as:

  • abnormal discharge from sexual organs (usually begin before the rash);
  • problems with urination, resembling cystitis;
  • constant discomfort in the vagina (herpes rash may appear there);
  • fever (usually minor);
  • General weakness, malaise, headache.

All these symptoms usually occur in those who are faced with herpes on the genitals for the first time.

This infection, like other herpetic, can give relapses, the number of which per year depends on the immune status. The weaker your immune system is, the more you will disturb the disease.

What to do with this problem?

Recently I was approached by a friend with similar symptoms.

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At first she wanted to be treated independently without prior consultation with the doctor, but I talked her down and convinced that you need to go to the hospital, to conduct a full examination and treated as the doctor says.

Do you know why is it so important? But because of herpes there are many very dangerous complications.

Complications of herpes genital:

  • exacerbation of chronic urinary tract infections same cystitis, for example;
  • appending additional infections (herpes increases the risk of Contracting various STDs, including HIV and syphilis);
  • infertility in men and women (if the virus enters the urinary system and develops there);
  • intrauterine infection of the child during pregnancy, is fraught with threat is very diverse congenital abnormalities, such as cerebral palsy, deafness and blindness, delayed physical and mental development.

You don’t want to deal with the above complications? Then urgently to the doctor, if the symptoms! And how is diagnosis and treatment, read below.

To what doctor to go what treatment is required?

If you are faced with this problem and you are a woman, then go to the gynecologist, and if you are a man, then to the urologist or the venereologist.

After a visual inspection you’ll swab for bacterial analysis and refer to the special analyses – ELISA, PCR, culture.

Often used first because it is accessible and relatively simple. ELISA analysis looks for antibodies to herpes viruses in the blood and therefore if they be found, then the diagnosis is confirmed.

Treatment is chosen individually, but you can note its basic rules, such as:

  • Primarily assigned to anti-viral drugs based on Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir. It can be pills, ointments (e.g., Zovirax), creams, solutions for intravenous injection. To start taking antiviral need the first day of sickness, otherwise the efficacy is reduced.
  • At the present time the maximum popular antiviral on the basis of Famciclovir Is Famvir. Has a minimum of side effects, it helps to cure for 7 days.
  • In renal failure, aged 12 years and during pregnancy antiviral contraindicated. They are used, but only in cases of extreme necessity and only in individual dosages under the supervision of a physician.
  • If recurrences are too frequent (infection occurs more than three times per year), then you have to get checked out by immunologist to get tested for HIV (often this disease is diagnosed in patients with herpes simplex, whose infection is complicated or appears too often), and treated with inducers of interferon (Poludan, Amiksin, Arbidol) to enhance the protective properties of the immune system.
  • And for chronic genital herpes, which often produces a relapse, the drug is used IFN-Lient, and without exacerbations. It is taken a day for 10 days.
  • Genital girisindeki during pregnancy and in newborns are often treated with special preparations, as safe as possible, for example, such: Pentaglobin, Cytotec.
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    Now you know how to treat herpes on the genitals of the traditional ways. What else can I do to make this disease go faster?

    Treatment of herpes on private parts at home

    How to cure the infection at home quickly and efficiently?

    Well, for example, to combat additional symptoms, you can use drugs such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol. They will help to get rid of temperature and pain, and improve overall health.

    Герпес на гениталиях: симптомы и методы леченияTo strengthen the immune system recommend you to try the alcohol tincture of Echinacea.

    It should be taken regularly and exactly twice a year, month courses to 20 drops per day. This dose can be divided into several times and taken before meals, for example, twice a day.

    To remove itching and burning, wipe the rash with clean ice, and even more effective are sitz baths with sea salt.

    In 8 liters of water dissolve 40 g of sea salt and sit in this bath for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day for two weeks.

    And here’s more tips that must be followed necessarily:

    • keep the problem area clean;
    • wear loose cotton underwear;
    • don’t have sex during illness;
    • do not touch the rash;
    • wipe with disposable paper towels;
    • apply a nappy rash drugs with the help of a cotton pad or sticks.

    How could I have been/could be infected?

    It is quite a normal question asked by almost all the owners of the genital girisindeki. Prefer unsafe sex without a condom?

    Then don’t be surprised to have picked up this sore, as the main route of transmission – sexual contact. How else sends the herpes? In fact, in different ways:

    • it can be independently transferred from the lips to the genitals, if careless to contact with labial rash;
    • it is transmitted through all bodily fluids, so you can become infected even during oral sex;
    • and he passed in utero (from mother to child) and this method of transmission is considered the most dangerous for a child in the first place;
    • through common things also can be transmitted (e.g., using towels, underwear, etc.);
    • it is believed that the most contagious is rash, or rather its contents, so you can become infected during any contact with the rash, and the doctors say that herpes appears in the place through which was infected, therefore, infected fluid from the rash must somehow get to the genitals.
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    Faced with genital herpes? Don’t despair! In modern times, everything is easily and quickly treated.

    Yes, the infection really not excreted from the body completely, but the right treatment will protect against relapses and complications that can already be considered a decent result.

    So don’t be shy your problem, believe me, you are not alone (herpes, its various forms, it infected more than 90% of the world population), and do not delay your visit to the doctor! The earlier you start treatment, the better it works.

    That’s all the information that I wanted to share with you in this article. Subscribe to our updates, share read with your friends and visit us often! All the best to you!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)