Herpes in cats can be very dangerous

Герпес у кошек может быть очень опасенHello, dear readers! Think herpes only sick people? Wrong, in cats it can also be called rhinotracheitis.

The disease is a serious threat for the animal in the first place, and in a sense for a person!

Have you ever seen kittens with puffy eyes, dirty moist ears, sneezing and coughing? If you did, then you know that it could be rhinotracheitis! The disease is very contagious, is developing rapidly and cause severe complications!

What is this disease and how serious is it?

Herpes in cats, as in humans, caused by viruses, but only special — Feline viral rinotracheitis-2. The infection affects the respiratory system, in the first place, and then rest.

She can be such complications as bronchitis, bronchitis and even pneumonia, and sometimes affects the eyes, which in some cases leads to blindness.

If a cat has a broken immune system, then it becomes a distributor of infection for a long time (several months or even years).

After recovery of the animal in the body create an immune response, but temporary rather than permanent, so in the future an animal could get sick again.

What Pets can become infected with rhinotracheitis?

Yes everything cat! The disease can affect an animal at any age, but most often it attacks the kittens. And it should be noted that it spreads quickly as it is very contagious.

Because of this, outbreaks of rhinotracheitis often occurs in nurseries, if the breeders do not monitor the health of their Pets, and because of this, you often see sick kittens with soured eyes on the bird markets, as there is generally nobody cares about their health!

The emergence of feline herpes caused by the following factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • stress;
  • poor conditions of detention;
  • poor quality feeding.

Have you noticed that cats are much the same as humans? We gives herpes recurrences is also not a good life. About how we get infected, you will read in separate articles on this website and now let’s talk about how our Pets get infected.

How the kitten can get infected?

Герпес у кошек может быть очень опасенThis kind of girisindeki is transmitted mainly by airborne droplets. When a sick animal coughs and sneezing releases the virus with phlegm, and other animals can breathe in the phlegm, and then too sick.

The incubation period is short – just 3 to 7 days. Therefore, a week can get sick whole litter of kittens.

And yet the vets believe that this infection can be transmitted through food. The virus is resistant to various environmental factors, so long it is retained.

Because the cat is eating, it can easily penetrate the body, even if sick cats are not around.

Dangerous rhinotracheitis?

Do not worry, not dangerous, as it cannot be transmitted! But this does not mean that you can continue to squeeze a sick animal.

If your cat is sick, try to communicate with her less and do not let her small children, as the rhinotracheitis can easily join other infections, communicable and dangerous to humans.

Negative also the answer to another common question: can a cat be infected from the man? No, it can’t, at least, such cases are not officially confirmed.

However, some owners say that when they get sick, their Pets also begin to cough and sneeze. Perhaps some viruses do so transmitted, but not herpes.

How does viral illness?

To notice the problem of the cat on time, you need to know its symptoms. They will appear fairly quickly after contact with sick animals and are as follows:

  • The animal will constantly sneeze.
  • Suddenly appear bouts of coughing.
  • Eyes occur serous discharge mixed with pus.
  • The cats are very temperature rises.
  • If the infection on the lips, then serous discharge will appear there, and will go out of your nose.
  • The longer the animal is sick, the worse the consequences can become. For example, I once saw in the market a woman with 5 sick kittens. Through the day the kittens were 2, they looked very sad.

    I went over and reprimanded her, to which she replied «dismantled kittens, calm down.» Well, who will take home a sick animal? Of course, I didn’t believe her! A few days later, her cage has a new kittens and, again, sick!

    I felt sorry for them and I decided to redeem all, cure and hand them out to good people, but she bent the price that my hair stood on end. The fate of these poor kittens I, unfortunately, unknown. More I that woman in the market did not see…

    If you do not want to lose your pet, then immediately go with him to the hospital at the first signs of the above! Appearance the sick kitten you see in the photo.

    The hospital will do tests and prescribe the treatment that is carried out at home. Now I’ll tell you what it will be!

    Treatment rhinotracheitis: how is?

    Герпес у кошек может быть очень опасенUsed for the treatment of human antiviral drugs such as Acyclovir in the form of ointments and tablets. Apply it if there’s inflammation, and even give in the form of oral tablets, but in a strictly individual dosages.

    Tablets can put an animal liver, so in any case do not do self-treatment!

    Good show tetracycline ointment feline herpes. It lay under the lid 5-6 times a day. In addition, it can be applied to other places, but always ensure the animal it is not eaten.

    And still need to create the right environment for a sick cat. Special attention is paid to breast – feed should be liquid or semi-liquid.

    Sometimes you have to feed the cat by force, so be prepared. You need to keep the animal in a warm, quiet room without drafts.

    For the prevention and treatment of complications antibiotics based on tetracycline. The dosage is selected individually, based on the condition and weight.

    Preventive measures: how to protect your pet from infection?

    Now you know what treats feline herpes. And how to prevent it? In fact, very simple – with the help of preventive vaccines: Multitek, Nobivac, Cricket, Coniferin.

    Is not like human herpes, which prevent almost unreal!

    Well that’s all the basic information about rhinotracheitis. I hope I answered all the questions, and if so, then share the information with your friends and subscribe to our updates. I wish good health for your pet!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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