Herpes in dogs can be fatal

Hello, dear friends! Today we will talk about canine herpes, which the pet can die within days. Yeah, it is so serious, so read the article carefully!

My experience

Герпес у собак может быть смертеленI have a friend who breeds dogs breed Akita inu. Recently, we met with her and she complained that her last brood all died completely in two days.

What is the reason, I asked her. She said herpes in dogs found, but the cure did not.

What is this disease so deadly, dangerous for people and how to fight it? Let’s examine it in more detail.

The specificity and danger of the disease

As you know, in our world many different types of viruses, but the most tricky are members of the family of «herpesvirus». They threaten not only people but also dogs, especially puppies, which can indeed kill within 24 hours.

In adults, this infection often develops unnoticed without any symptoms. Sometimes symptoms appear, but they are so nonspecific that they can be easily attributed to the sheer irritation or Allergy.

If the adult patient was a bitch give birth to puppies, then with almost 100% probability will occur infection of these puppies, as they pass through the birth canal. Sick puppies are unable to fight off the virus for certain reasons:

  • they can’t maintain their own body heat;
  • their immune system is not yet formed.

Because of this, in the overwhelming number of cases erisipela fatal. Even if the owner manages to start treatment, still puppies are dying, so as to defeat the herpes virus (to destroy completely) impossible.

If the puppy will become infected at the age of three weeks, then there is a chance that he will survive. But even in this case, complications are inevitable. But what this puppy can catch a disease?

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It’s simple: through saliva and close contact with a sick bitch. Dog viruses are passed the same way as a human.

Symptoms in puppies (first)

  • bowel disorder;
  • rapid loss of body weight;
  • pain and inflation of the abdomen;
  • cramps;
  • suffocation.

These symptoms develop because the virus provocateur affects the vital systems of the organism – the Central nervous system, internal organs, brain, respiratory system. Because of him there are various defects, hemorrhage, and necrosis, which lead to death.

Symptoms in adults

Герпес у собак может быть смертеленTo prevent the death of puppies, it is necessary to carefully examine adult that will knit. In adults in the period of exacerbation of the infection, you can find external signs,

in the photo, but it should be noted that they appear, not all and not always. So for a full diagnosis still need to pass special tests and to observe quarantine before and after childbirth.

So, the main features are as follows:

  • have Kobelkov on the surface of the penis can be sores (herpes standard);
  • cough and various deviations in respiratory function;
  • in a pregnant bitches, sudden miscarriage, birth of dead animals, dissolution of the fetus;
  • fever – the temperature to 40 degrees, intoxication.

Is it possible to notice girisindeki on the face? Here, for example, the disease most often appears on the lip. Could it be our little friends? Turns out, you can, but this is extremely rare.

Often symptoms appear on the genitals or become systemic. But if they occur on the face, then there will be the following:

  • blisters with clear content;
  • gradually they burst and turn into the wound;
  • rash you need to look at the language in the inner surface of the lips, on the gums.
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And yet dogs may appear something similar to human herpes zoster. In this case, the symptoms will be located on the abdomen. The attentive owner will notice that the pet is constantly scratching his stomach and wykonywac the hair in the problematic area.

If the symptoms in adults, what to do?

First and foremost, you need to go to a veterinary clinic and take the PCR test. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then the pet will be prescribed maintenance therapy.

Erisipela is an incurable disease not only in dogs but also in humans. Therefore, no other treatment is not carried out. Sick dog is not going to happen, unless, of course, the owner does not want to deal with the death of puppies.

How to treat sick puppies?

If puppies are born infected, then treatment will be a little different, but, unfortunately, most likely, it will not give any results. Sick babies will likely die, but their life can still be overcome in the following way:

  • Place in a dry warm room with temperatures at least 30 degrees. The virus can not multiply in a warm environment.
  • To carry out active maintenance therapy with antivirals, drugs against intoxication, etc.
  • To maintain the functionality of body systems, especially respiratory.
  • Is there any sore person?

    Герпес у собак может быть смертеленSome owners immediately abandon Pets when they find out that they have erisipela, because they are afraid to get infected. If passed this disease to humans from dogs? That’s how you think?

    Perhaps the answer to that is passed, and here and there! The pet cannot become infected from man as man from him! Therefore, do not throw their animals if they are ill. Remember, we are responsible for those who tamed!

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    To protect your Pets from girisindeki impossible, since the virus is very hardy and spread by all known methods.

    You even can infect your dog, for example, if you lick a sick animal, and then the saliva gets on your mucous membranes of your pet.

    An infection is possible even while walking, as well as during mating or at the exhibition, where animals are in close contact with each other. In other words, to prevent infection, if only to put the dog in permanently sealed suit.

    Now you know what is erisipela from our little friends, how dangerous it is and how it can be treated.

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    To study a similar disease in cats you can in a separate article on this website. Read it necessarily, especially if you want to breed Pets. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)