Herpes in men: what you need to know?

Герпес у мужчин: что важно знать?Hello, dear friends! Herpes in men – quite a frequent occurrence, and it happens because men are often neglected safety during sex.

If you have to intimate the authorities jumped a weird rash that looks like small blisters, so you have contracted genital herpes.

Want to enjoy in full without any barriers? Then get ready for the fact that sooner or later will face this infection!

How do I know about male genital herpes?

Once upon a time my cousin walked in the party with an unfamiliar lady. In a few weeks his privates jumped badly itchy vesicular rash.

He hadn’t confessed, but then decided to consult me as a physician. I sent him to the doctor (Yes, Yes, to the very «scary» to a specialist), which, in turn, sent for tests and diagnosed my brother has 2 type of herpes viruses.

What is this disease?

Sexual or genital herpes (triggered by the type 2 of herpes viruses) is an infectious viral disease, transmitted mainly through sexual contacts (still can be transmitted through personal items and linen, as well as all known methods).

After the first outbreak, the disease always remains in the body and will periodically give relapses, when will weaken the immune system.

Genital herpes infection can give serious complications. Because of it there are often more scary and dangerous genitourinary disease.

In men it is more severe, both physically and psychologically, than women.

Often men try to ignore it, since the doctor supposedly shameful, and to ignore such disease in any case can not be otherwise the consequences will be dire.

By the way, men are less susceptible to genital herpes than women. Why do you think?

Methods of transmission of sexually transmitted infection: why men are less receptive?

Герпес у мужчин: что важно знать?But because the structure of the genital organs, they have a special. In women, for example, in the construction of genitals a lot of mucous, and men – much more of the skin.

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Through the skin the herpes virus enters only in the event if there are injuries. But through the mucous it is unobstructed.

Why, then, do men contract? But because during unsafe sex (without condoms) anyway injure the sexual organ. Even small injuries can become a suitable passage for infection.

But if you engage in unprotected sex in a drunken state when the sensation of pain is dulled, then get injured are more likely, and hence more likely to become infected.

Thus, despite the minimal susceptibility, men also become infected.

If there was an infection, then you need to think not about who is infected and how to get revenge (herpes another form is 90% of the population of the planet, it is transmitted through all bodily fluids all known ways, but genital – often sexually), and how to treat it.

But first, you need to be able to recognize the problem in time. Let’s examine the symptoms of herpes in the intimate area of men.

How to distinguish between intimate men’s girisindeki from other diseases?

The symptoms are standard in almost all, regardless of a first outbreak or a recurrence:

  • first, there is a malaise, fever, nausea, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, and irritability;
  • then the affected area begins to become inflamed – red, itchy, burning of the urinary canal can go scarce abnormal discharge;
  • after a couple of days the main symptom is the smallest Valderice as the photo;
  • gradually turbid transparent pimples, reveal and turn into sores;
  • after 1-2 weeks it all goes away.

Now you know how it looks sore, so will be able to distinguish it from others. By the way, is herpes a rash is usually there, anywhere infected fluid: the member (body), head, inner thighs, on the scrotum, in the perineum.

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Герпес у мужчин: что важно знать?20% of patients developing asymptomatic infection that is especially dangerous because these patients are spreading it without knowing.

The maximum a person becomes contagious during the first outbreaks and recurrences, when there are noticeable symptoms. Recurrences in men are much less common than in women, and it happens because of sharp weakening of immunity.

If you have genital herpes is repeated too often (more than 3 times a year), then your immune system that something is wrong.

I would in this case recommend you get tested for HIV and other underlying conditions that weaken the immune system constantly.

Diagnosis and treatment

With herpes symptoms groin you need to go to the urologist or the venereologist. Your doctor will direct tests, usually ELISA test that looks for antibodies to the virus-provocateurs in the blood.

If antibodies are found, then the infection is, and, by the way, in the future, these antibodies will protect from frequent recurrences, and complications.

Treatment is chosen individually based on the complexity and severity of the infection. I have to say, herpes is not cured completely, as the remedy against such viruses not yet invented.

So can not be treated then at all? If left untreated, it can give complications and hit:

  • urethra;
  • prostate;
  • bladder;
  • rectum;
  • seminal vesicles.

Believe me, it’s much worse than herpes rash on skin. So be sure to heal. Treatment is with antiviral drugs: Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir.

Герпес у мужчин: что важно знать?This is a pill that drink a week max 2-5 a day (dose chosen individually). In severe sores, the doctor may prescribe antiviral intravenous, namely Panavir.

If the cause of frequent relapse is immune deficiency, then further treated with a weak immune system special stimulants.

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With pills, you can use the antiviral and antiseptic ointment to reduce the severity of symptoms and speed healing of the rash. Antiviral ointment –

Zovirax and Panavir gel. Against additional signs of infection (fever, headache, etc.) are taken Baralgin, Pentalgin, and in severe cases Ibuprofen, Naproxen.

How to behave during the treatment and how to prevent frequent recurrences?

Throughout the period of treatment should be very carefully care for a sick place to keep it clean and dry, otherwise the itching and burning will increase.

Conducting hygienic procedures, use personal items (especially towels) that no one else enjoys it, and frequently change underwear.

To prevent frequent recurrences recommend to strengthen the immune system by all available means, and to conduct a correct lifestyle, namely:

  • ditch unhealthy habits and sport;
  • more serious about the choice of sexual partners and always use protection (condoms, the only truly reliable protection);
  • eat properly and regularly;
  • not SuperCool;
  • time treat respiratory catarrh and chronic diseases.

That’s all the information about male genital herpes. I hope I answered all the questions. Read to the end?

Then share the information with friends on social networks and subscribe to site updates. I wish you good health!

Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)