Herpes in the blood: where and how is it treated?

Good day to you, my friends! Did you know that herpes in blood is almost all of us? More to say, he is present there from early childhood, so don’t think your children are immune from such infection.

What he’s doing, how it is determined in the blood and what to do if cold sores revealed? Read the answers in the article!

The herpes virus and the blood: what is the relationship?

Today we look at the most common viruses herpes simplex virus, as they often attack the organism. These include the herpesviruses 1 and 2:

  • Type 1: cold sore on lips;
  • Type 2 – genital infection (herpes on the genitals).

To begin with, how are these pests. And they passed all sorts of ways: airborne, contact-household (usually via shared utensils), sexual (often transmitted type 2 herpes viruses), etc.

Герпес в крови: откуда берется и как лечится?The virus can enter the body through any micronance on the skin and through the mucous membranes penetrates generally trouble-free and without any wounds.

After penetration into the body the virus attacks the epithelial tissue – the skin and mucous membranes without any visible symptoms. He then moved to the CNS and from the moment the infection becomes incurable!

Yes, you read that right, herpes cannot be rid of. He will forever remain in the human body and will periodically make themselves known characteristic symptoms. And where’s the blood?

In the blood after a virus attack appear special substances called antibodies or immunoglobulins. These substances protect our body from various infections.

Each infection produces a separate antibody, so the antibody can be easily diagnose. So there are modern tests for herpes, namely the ELISA test, which is considered the most popular.

Through antibodies we can’t see erisipela constantly. In people with strong immune systems (namely, it controls the production of antibodies) the disease can occur without symptoms.

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Герпес в крови: откуда берется и как лечится?Consequently, such people will not know about its presence in the body, as their will be nothing to disturb you.

Our immune system is able to contain girisindeki only if he’s okay. But that’s not all.

Due to various factors, the immune system is weakened, as the initial impetus for the activation of the infection inside of the body and causing you to relapse – the re-emergence of symptoms.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that this disease is not particularly dangerous for healthy people with strong immune systems, and if it started to give symptoms or complications, hence, the immunity is not working sufficiently well.

Circulation of the virus in the blood and the danger

It should be noted that circulate in the blood and the virus itself. However, he will spread throughout the body and reach all its structures. In such a situation two options are possible:

  • the infection becomes generalised – amaze internal organs and other structures of the body that may be even fatal;
  • the immune system will suppress the virus is often and happens, if everything is fine with him.

Particularly dangerous this situation is for women in pregnancy, as the virus can cross the placental barrier and infect the baby inside the womb.

This contamination with various physical and mental disabilities, miscarriage, the spontaneous death of the newborn, and it happens because the children inside the mother’s womb has no immunity.

Erisipela is not only a threat to pregnant women. Some other social groups also can be significantly affected. Want to know what?

Most severe herpes becoming such

  • young children;
  • elderly;
  • persons with immunodeficiency such as HIV and cancer patients undergoing heavy treatment.

Symptoms simple girisindeki: how to understand, what is it?

The common forms of this disease the symptoms are standard, and the main is the rash:

  • the affected area for a couple of days before the onset of rash swollen, itchy, inflamed;
  • it up small pimples, more like a blister with a diameter of 1-2 mm;
  • gradually the blisters grow turbid and burst;
  • on a rash is formed, the sores;
  • after 4-6 days the affected area is covered with a crust, which after 3-4 days, there is no self.
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If the disease parvatiya, the symptoms are almost always in the lips.

In children with weakened immune systems, and adults too, the rash may spread in the oral cavity, on mucous membranes of the nose and even the eye.

Герпес в крови: откуда берется и как лечится?Genital form of simple girisindeki is located in an intimate place in men – on the penis, scrotum, perineum and pubis, on the labia, near the anus, inner thighs, and even can be inside the vagina and even on the uterine wall.

If you notice the symptoms, so you need to go to the doctor (to what exactly, see the separate article) and get tested.

Want to know how is this examination and how to treat infection after the diagnosis?

Diagnostics: how it is conducted and why doctors take blood?

The most popular method of diagnosis is an ELISA. For it seems to the blood from a vein in the morning on an empty stomach. Why blood?

But because there are antibodies, and the analysis deals with the search for specific antibodies to herpes viruses. If, after delivery of the analysis the result is positive, then you have found the above viruses.

If the infection gives relapses too often, then you will additionally be sent to be examined by the immunologist. Then prescribe treatment.

How to treat herpes if it is impossible to get rid of completely?

To completely cure the infection is really impossible, but you can prevent its negative effects on the body (namely, complications) and to make sure she never came back.

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For this purpose of antiviral drugs based on three main components:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Of valacyclovir;
  • Of famciclovir.

Antiviral medications may be in the form of tablets (not prescribed to children under 12 years and pregnant women), and ointments (can be used at any age).

In some modern medicines additionally includes interferon – activator of the immunity. Against ocular herpes apply a special modern drug – Vidarabine.

Antiviral to start using from the first days of the presence of symptoms and full recovery. In the future will have to constantly monitor the immune system and to prevent its weakening.

Strengthen immunity by using folk methods, such as tincture of Echinacea, and through pharmacy vitamin complexes.

Now you know how to treat herpes simplex and how he’s connected with our blood. I hope I answered all your questions.

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Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)