Herpes in the eyes: can be and how dangerous it is?

Dear friends, with joy we greet you on the site about skin problems! Many of you know, what is herpes, as it faced him. We used to think that this word is called a rash on the lips, but, in fact, the localization of this rash is much more diverse.

In this article we will discuss herpes in the eyes or eye herpes, which may arise from any carrier of herpes viruses 1, 2 and 3 types.

Complications and deceit of herpes

Герпес на глазах: может ли быть и чем он опасен?After the first outbreak of any herpes disease virus-provocateur moves to nerves and there falls asleep.

It is not going away from the body (a disease still considered incurable), and remains there for life. Some people he will never bother, and others will provoke regular relapse.

This recurrence does not necessarily appear in the same place where was located the previous defeat.

The herpes virus is able to travel through the body via the blood and lymphatic systems, so it can easily encompass new areas, such as the eyes.

In some countries, the proportion of herpesvirus diseases of the eye is 80%. In our country this kind of girisindeki not so common, but also occasionally happens.

Герпес на глазах: может ли быть и чем он опасен?The worst complication is total loss of vision. This happens, if you leave the disease without treatment. Without the effects of eye disease herpetic origin occurs only in the case of surface localization.

If the lesion is deep, it will develop corneal blindness due to corneal opacity, and can also develop cataracts and glaucoma. If the lesion affects the retina, it will start bleeding and necrosis of ocular tissues.

You don’t want to face such complications? Then be sure to treat the eye herpes if you have it there. What the herpes viruses provoke eye damage?

Pathogens of ophthalmic herpes: people with some herpes viruses have a predisposition for eye herpes?

The most common causative agents serve HSV 1 and 2 (simple herpes virus) and varicella zoster (chicken pox provocateur and its recurrences of herpes zoster).

Simple herpes viruses strike the area around the mouth (the first type) and intimate (the second type). If you are faced with these types of herpes, you can deal with the eye herpes.

Causes of eye herpes: how is the infection and what triggers a relapse?

Герпес на глазах: может ли быть и чем он опасен?Contracting herpes eye infection is possible when infected bodily fluid gets into the eyes.

The viruses contained in all fluids suffering from. A lot of them especially in the period of exacerbation, when ill develop characteristic symptoms.

In addition, trigger ocular eye herpes can improper handling of a person with herpes rash.

Let’s say you jumped on the lip cold. You touched and then rubbed his eyes. So you could bring the virus provocateur in the vision system. The contents of the herpetic blisters has a maximum transmissibility.

People who have experienced the eye herpes, exacerbations occur 3-5 times a year (more often in children with weakened immune systems, people with HIV infection in the elderly). To relapse you need a critical weakening of the immune system.

This can happen during pregnancy, after serious illness, after a prolonged treatment with antibiotics or hormonal drugs and after acute infectious diseases.

Ophthalmic herpes due to the herpes zoster occurs due to the fact that the virus is in the trigeminal nerve. Shingles/herpes is not as common as diseases because of HSV, and is considered more dangerous as it has severe complications.

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In such cases, the rash is often around the eyes or around the eyes. What other symptoms are eye herpes?

Symptoms: how to recognize the problem in time?

Герпес на глазах: может ли быть и чем он опасен?The standard surface disease eyelid eye or under the eyes appear small blisters. The day before the affected area becomes a bit troubling: to itch, swell, numb.

A rash of small, grouped, and has transparent contents. Gradually it develops, becomes cloudy and revealed themselves.

On the site of the blisters ulcers gradually becoming covered with a crust. 1-2 weeks in the normal course of the disease is.

If the cause of eye damage was herpes Zoster, the rash can move smoothly on the cheeks and temporal area (to accommodate a belt or stripe). Opoaryuse herpetic eye disease can be:

  • abortifacient — is quick, not much bothers;
  • hemorrhagic blisters tend to merge and form large erosion;
  • gangrenous ulcers fester in their place remain visible scars.

In addition to age, the virus can affect the cornea in one or both eyes. This often happens when the lesion HSV 1 and 2.

If you look closely at the eyes, it is possible to notice small hemorrhages; swelling of the eyelids; redness of the cornea; erosion directly on the cornea; areas of opacities.

In addition to the cornea, may be affected by other important eye components are: conjunctiva, iris, retina. Lose data ocular tissues is considered to be a deep, to identify it visually is impossible, it requires special ophthalmic equipment.

Герпес на глазах: может ли быть и чем он опасен?Often patients with deep lesions of the eye herpes virus complain of: photophobia, feeling of foreign object in eyes, blurred vision, pain, and eye pain (only care about one or both eyes).

During the development of infection, many people have additional symptoms. These include weakness, drowsiness, irritability, small, but persistent, increase in temperature (up to 37.38 degrees.).

If the eye damage happened when encircling herpes shingles, the additional symptom will be the pain throughout the trigeminal nerve. In addition, may increase the regional lymph nodes, and submandibular and other cervical.

What to do if the above symptoms?

First and foremost, you need to visit an ophthalmologist specialist eyes. The doctor will listen to complaints, conduct inspection using a special slit lamp and if you notice signs of hermesbelts, then sent for more tests.

In the photo you can see how the look of the affected by the herpes virus of the eye in various severity of the disease.

What additional tests are appointed? Often ill direct ELISA test — enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to find antibodies to the virus-provocateurs infections in blood and other biological liquids of the infected.

Read more about the ELISA test, you will read in other articles on this website and now let’s move on to the fun part — the treatment eye girisindeki.

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Treatment: what should it be?

Treatment depends on the severity of the disease and the depth of the lesion. Standard eye girisindeki treated comprehensively, and the treatment consists of three stages such as:

  • The use of antiviral drugs to get the herpes virus from the human body completely impossible, but you can blame it on.
  • Nonspecific immunotherapy — used drugs based on interferon (a natural protein) or interferon inducers.
  • Specific immunotherapy — ill introduced a special antiherpetic vaccine, namely antiherpetic interferon.
  • So, how to treat virus eye disease? Let’s start with the drugs that are used for this purpose.

    Drugs that can overcome herpes virus in the eyes

    Герпес на глазах: может ли быть и чем он опасен?

    The main drugs that have this ability are antiviral. At eye lesions used in the form of ointments, pills and drops. Here is a list of the most effective antiviral medications:

  • Often GO — eye drops, blocking the process of reproduction of viruses. The drops are made in the corner of the eye 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days. The dosage and duration of treatment determined by the physician.
  • Trifluorothymidine (TFT) is the analog of the preceding preparation, characterized by minimal toxicity. This medicine appeared relatively recently and has become less dangerous, so it is allowed for the treatment of herpetic lesions of the eye, if it happened the child.
  • Vidarabine — 3% ointment, which you need to treat the lesions located on the eyelids.
  • Acyclovir is administered in tablet form and is taken 4 tablets (800 mg) five times a day for 7 days. The mild form of the disease instead of pills ointments are appointed on the basis of the aforementioned drug — Zovirax, and Virolex.
  • He needs therapy with valtrex the based on the Valacyclovir is a modern analogue of Acyclovir with the same effect (both drugs inhibit the reproduction of viruses). He needs therapy with valtrex is taken the pills for 2 pieces three times a day for weeks.
  • What is the nonspecific and specific immunotherapy?

    Nonspecific therapy is with drugs-immunomodulators and interferon inducers. Such drugs include Interferon-A, the Interlock IFN. The first two drugs are used in the form of drops, and the third is in the form okoloplodnykh injection.

    Specific (special) immunotherapy is carried out using antiherpetic special antiherpetic vaccine or interferon.

    Герпес на глазах: может ли быть и чем он опасен?In the composition of the vaccine comprises the attenuated herpes viruses (simple, namely the first and second types), the introduction of which makes the human immune system to produce antibodies and defend actively.

    The vaccine is injected under the skin every six months. This therapeutic procedure is prescribed not for everyone, but only people with frequent recurrences of girisindeki.

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    The rest ill to fight herpes the eye disease is recommended to use special antiherpetic interferon, which is part of the drug Hectare.

    This medicine was created against the herpes viruses, so has a maximum efficiency and helps even those who are not helped by Acyclovir. It includes, in addition to interferon, Acyclovir is present in an amount of 3%, therefore, we can say that it is both a modulator of immunity and antiviral at the same time.

    How to treat severe herpetic eye disease?

    With severe eye herpes, in addition to the above medications, the following apply:

  • Mydriatic — drugs to reduce pain and eliminate photophobia. This group includes Atropine, Cyclomed, Irefin.
  • Antibiotics — fight bacterial infections. Bacterial infection can join herpes if the treatment is not going to be on time, or if the care of the eyes will not be sufficient.
  • Antihistamines — drugs to prevent allergies. An allergic reaction can occur on the virus or on medications that are used for treatment. To prevent negative reactions of the organism are assigned to such drugs as Suprastin, Diphenhydramine, Tavegil.
  • Niacin and vitamins b, A, PP and C — are assigned if the complication of herpetic eye infection is getting optic neuritis.
  • Now you know how the treatment of ophthalmic herpes. And how to prevent it and is it possible to do?

    Prevention: how to protect your eyes from herpes lesions?

    People who are not faced with a viral infection, should avoid contact with patients in any way.

    Carriers are the most dangerous when they appear clear her symptoms, namely the rash. In remission (asymptomatic) they are less contagious, so the likelihood of spread of disease is reduced.

    People who have experienced herpes, it is recommended to protect against relapse. For this you need to monitor the condition of the immune system time to strengthen it.

    The man-the medium cannot be supercooled and overheated in the sun, Contracting additional diseases, especially sexually transmitted (HIV, for example, is always complicated by the frequent recurrence of girisindeki).

    Now you know all about unpleasant and dangerous herpetic disease eye herpes. Read information sure to share with your friends in social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)