Herpes in the intimate area: characteristics and treatment of the disease

Hello, dear friends. If you are in the genital area appeared vesicular rash, itchy and brings discomfort, it could be herpes. Did you know that herpes in the intimate area is highly contagious? Read this article carefully and learn how to quickly get rid of this disease.

Intimate herpes — what is it?

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезниThis viral pathology which provoke the herpes virus of the second type.

There is a perception that if a rash appeared in the intimate area, it is certainly venereal STDs — sexually transmitted disease.

Because of this, many try to hide their problem, believing that they will be condemned. I assure you that a professional doctor would never look askance at a patient, regardless of the location of the problem.

By the way, genital herpes is not only transmitted through sexual contact. I wonder whether you, how else do you get infected? You’ll read about it in the article below, but now let’s consider the main symptoms to be able to distinguish herpetic infection from other.

Features of genital herpes symptoms

Primary infection is manifested always more pronounced than the relapses. After the virus enter the body, he should pass the incubation period that will last from a week up to two weeks. 3-7 days ill arise the first symptoms in the form:

  • weakness;
  • irritability;
  • the increase in temperature to subfebrile digits;
  • sometimes intoxication.

Then there is the main symptom — a rash on epidermal growth and mucous membranes in the form of small blisters with transparent sticky content. The blisters itch, and when burst, the affected area begins to burn.

Rash located close to each other, which reminds spots. In a few days it burst, and in its place there is erosion with crust. After healing of the rash the virus settles in the nervous provocateur nearby nodes and «sleep».

After some time, under certain circumstances, the disease may recur. This phenomenon is called relapse.

The intimate symptoms of herpes in men

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезниSince the sexual organs of the sexes are different, and the symptoms are a little different.

In men, the rash is usually located on the penis near the head and on the inner surface of the foreskin.

Very rarely it can be found on the scrotum and perineum. The affected areas can not only hurt, but can itch, especially if gentle the place will rot because of the tight synthetic clothing.

Intimate female symptoms herpes

Symptoms of genital herpes infection in women is often more pronounced than in men. General or systemic symptoms, which we said at the beginning, there necessarily.

Before the appearance of the rash affected area of the skin and mucous membranes itchy, can redden and swell. Herpetic lesions are located anywhere:

  • on the vulva;
  • the mucous membrane around and inside the vagina;
  • the uterine cervix;
  • in the urethra;
  • in the perineum;
  • on the inner side of the thighs;
  • on the buttocks.

In the course of inflammatory process on the skin and mucous membranes increase the regional lymph nodes. Regional nodes are located in close proximity to the affected area.

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Do treat intimate herpes?

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезниOf course, you need! If it is not treated, it can be various complications. For example, infertility in both sexes or impotence in men.

Furthermore, a possible spike of soft tissues in the intimate areas of women and appending additional bacterial infections.

In the process of spreading herpes to suffer internal organs, which develop various pathologies of the genitourinary system.

If during exacerbation of herpes infection in ill will weakened immune system, the disease can develop into extensive form (which is the generalization of the disease).

When this rash will be placed randomly throughout the surface of the body, and the disease will proceed much heavier.

How is the infection genital herpes?

The basic cause of cold sore privates actually engaged in unprotected sex with carriers of the virus.

Transmission is possible not only in traditional sexual contact (vaginal), but during anal. When this rash will be located around the anus.

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезниStill can get herpes by oral to oral contact. This happens if the active partner is a person with herpetic rash on the lips or on the mucous membranes in the oral cavity.

In addition, recorded in the intimate area the herpes virus can be yourself, if combing rash on the lip and then touch genitals with dirty hands.

In rare cases, the disease is inherited (from mother to child — vertical transmission). Hereditary herpes announces itself in early childhood, usually immediately after birth.

Now you know how is the herpes virus that trigger rashes in the intimate area. See, to get genital herpes, do not have to have sex. Infection can occur in different ways, so do not be ashamed of soybean disease.

How to understand whether this is herpes?

To answer this question can a gynecologist (in female case) and urologist (if the disease in men). In addition, you can consult a dermatologist, who diagnoses the problem visually. To determine what kind of virus provocateur has caused inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes, need to be tested.

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезниThe classical method of diagnosis is smear. Samples taken vaginal discharge or a swab from the urethra in men, if the situation is atypical.

When the typical external herpes it is sufficient to take the fluid from the rashes.

In addition, diagnosis is carried out using the following tests: RIF — reaction immunofluorescence; PCR — polymerase chain reaction.

After confirmation of the verdict of the ill medical treatment. In addition to treatment, you need to follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding behaviour and lifestyle. Are you curious about what?

General guidelines for ailing intimate with herpes

  • avoid sexual relations until complete healing of the rash (14-20 days on average);
  • begin treatment at first sign of symptoms and continue until complete recovery;
  • wear full underwear, a style which should not be form-fitting;
  • change your underwear daily;
  • carefully observe the intimate hygiene.
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After treatment of intimate herpes can recur. Why is this happening? Actually, the reasons for relapse are numerous. Let’s examine the main ones.

The reasons for recurrence of genital herpes

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезни

The main reason for the decrease in the protective properties of the immune system. The decline may be due to various infectious diseases (even banal SARS), due to hypothermia or due to hidden additional spyware to gradually weaken the immune system (e.g. HIV and syphilis).

In addition, to provoke a relapse may be long-term use of heavy medicines, for example, hormones or antibiotics. The cause of aggravation could still be a pregnancy, which, in fact, serves as a strong stress and causes hormonal imbalance.

Additional instigators of relapse:

  • stress — any emotional harm;
  • fatigue;
  • improper diet or diet;
  • exacerbation of chronic infections;
  • overheating in the sun.

What treatment will help ill at the first sign of herpes and relapses?

For the treatment of any herpes infection used antiviral drugs. It should be noted that full freedom from infection, as the virus integrates into human DNA.

But to drown it and lengthen remission, if treated correctly. So, how to treat herpes intimate? The treatment is carried out using the following drugs: Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir.

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезниThe drug is prescribed in pill form, but there are also other forms, for example, ointments and creams. Treatment of pills lasts from 5 to 10 days.

Acyclovir drink 0.2 g five times a day, Valacyclovir 0.5 g/2 times, Famciclovir — 0.25 g/2 times.

The treatment time can be selected in each individual as the drug. So do not even try to self-medicate.

To accelerate recovery of immunocompromised persons using drugs based on interferon and interferon inducers such as Amiksin, Lavomax and Kagocel.

As emergency prevention applied antiherpetic vaccine Herpevac. It is prescribed if herpes infection often recur. Thus vaccination every six months.

Treatment for pregnant women individually. If it proves ineffective, the woman is advised not to give birth in a natural method. Herpes on intimate parts of the body during pregnancy is especially dangerous if a relapse or infection occurred in the first trimester.

Local products against herpetic rash

Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезни

If the rash bothers very much, some pills to fight the herpes will not be enough. To reduce the severity of symptoms will help preparations for external use, namely, ointments:

  • Acyclovir ointment is applied immediately if a rash, after 20 minutes, itching and other unpleasant symptoms are removed. To use the ointment that you 2-3 times daily until complete recovery.
  • Zovirax — principle of operation and applications same as in the previous case.
  • The treatment is recommended in mild herpes and relapses. Apply on affected areas 2 times a day. An hour after applying the symptoms disappear. To use such means advantageously, if herpes was joined by additional bacterial infection.
  • Zinc ointment is a generic drug that can quickly dry the rash and reduce itching. This ointment can be use for pregnant women and children.
  • Panavir is a versatile tool that is suitable for the treatment of mucous membranes. The drug is completely natural, so it is considered safe. Used according to instructions, helps to get rid of the rash for a short period of time.
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    Is there a cure for herpes intimate folk remedies?

    Герпес в интимной зоне: особенности и методы лечения болезни

    To cure this disease folk remedies will not work, but to facilitate and speed up the healing is quite possible. What folk remedies effectively fight the symptoms of intimate herpes? Here is a list of the most popular:

    • Compresses with Arnica — prepare a decoction (a spoon of inflorescences per Cup of boiling water) and let steep for 2 hours. Then soak it in a bandage or cotton wool and apply a poultice on the affected area. Keep for 15 minutes and remove. To wash after the compress, do not have.
    • Med + celandine — celandine should be pre-dried and milled into powder. Mix liquid honey with the powder (40 g ingredients) and apply the resulting paste on the affected area. After 15 minutes, rinse.
    • Aloe is an unpretentious unique plant that can easily grow at home. Take aloe leaf and remove its contents. The resulting juice with pulp to treat a rash. Repeat every 3-4 hours.
    • Kalanchoe — a great substitute for aloe. If you have no previous plants, take a flower and use it in the same way as described above.
    • Tincture of birch buds alcohol means that you want to use carefully. For cooking take 20 g of birch buds and a glass of alcohol. Mix the ingredients and allow to infuse in a dark place for a couple of weeks. Use it to wipe herpes rash. If you are afraid that the medication contains alcohol it will burn much, then dilute it slightly with water.

    Preventive measures

    How to protect yourself from sexual herpes? The only 100% effective method of prevention are barrier contraceptives — condoms. Use them with any sexual contact.

    If you already have genital herpes, try not to SuperCool the body, watch your immune system and avoid stress. In time treat catarrhal diseases and observe the intimate hygiene. Before planning pregnant, get tested for antibodies to the herpes viruses.

    That’s all the information about the intimate herpes infection. Examples of lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. Read information you can share with friends on social networks, and if you subscribe to the dermatological site, do not miss a new article. All the best to you!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)