Herpes in the mouth: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Good day, dear readers! Herpes in the mouth is a very uncomfortable phenomenon, often occurring in children. To notice the problem is not so simple due to the fact that it is hidden inside the mouth.

If your child suddenly began to complain of burning and itching inside the mouth, then there are two possibilities: herpes infection and stomatitis. How to distinguish a viral disease from dental? By the way, it should be noted that cold sores inside the mouth can appear in adults, so this article will be useful for all.

Why there is erisipela inside the mouth?

Герпес во рту: симптомы, лечение и меры профилактикиFirst, let’s figure out what exactly triggers this disease. It causes the microorganism-the virus (most often type 1), which serves as the provocateur of colds on the lips. He could easily move in the mouth with saliva and dirty hands.

Infection can occur while kissing, use of common utensils and even talking if ill be coughing and sneezing. The virus is contained in human biological fluids, and especially of his lot in the content of the rash.

Touching the cold sore on your lip with your hands, you collect the contents of the rash, and then with unwashed hands transfer it to other parts of the body, including in your mouth.

Especially dangerous are the people with obvious signs of disease. First infected always been more aggressive and unpleasant than subsequent recurrences.

After penetration into the organism of the new carrier of the microorganism-virus lets you know of its presence, characteristic symptoms, and then moves to the nerves and freezes. Under certain circumstances it again comes to life and gives repeated symptoms.

Secondary lesions of the mucous membranes and skin may appear due to:

  • stress;
  • hypothermia;
  • of low immunity;
  • SARS;
  • menstruation, but rather due to the hormonal failure, which it provokes;
  • exposure to the sun and any other UV rays.

Герпес во рту: симптомы, лечение и меры профилактикиHeresince the child is able to develop before birth. This method is called in utero transmission.

Sick mommy with the exacerbation or the initial manifestation of the disease can transmit the disease to the baby via the placenta or during birth (if erisipela genital).

In infants, infected as described above, often develop serious complications such as lesions of the CNS, brain and other vital organs.

Herpes or stomatitis: how to distinguish?

In the oral cavity can develop different diseases, not necessarily herpes. Babies and adults sometimes stomatitis, resembling the above disease their symptoms.

These infections are very often confused, especially parents, engaged in self-treatment, as in both cases, the mucous membranes in the mouth up sores which pass on their own in 1-2 weeks. But why wait when you can cure the disease faster?

Stomatitis and herpes are treated differently, despite the fact that look almost identical. How to distinguish one infection from the second? You can use the following facts:

  • Herpes virus chooses as close to the bones of the areas of the gums, mucous in the sky, etc. Stomatitis chooses the softer portions of the inner surface of lips, cheeks and larynx.
  • Viral disease starts with blisters with a diameter of 1-2 mm, and stomatitis immediately ulcers.
  • The flu is popping up always in the same place and is compact. Stomatitis, in turn, prefers different places and is extensively.
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    Knowing these facts, you will easily distinguish one infection from another. What other symptoms have herpes of the disease, are located inside the mouth?

    Symptoms herpes oral lesions

    Герпес во рту: симптомы, лечение и меры профилактикиThe symptoms are exactly the same in people of different ages. On the mucous membrane inside the mouth appear small blisters that gradually develop that burst and turn into ulcers.

    Ulcers can be painful, especially if your mouth gets the food with spices or juices. Mouth ulcers are not covered by the crusts, as the saliva continually washes the contents of the sores.

    For 1-2 weeks, the symptoms will be treated, if the disease develops in standard mode.

    You can see erisipela before the rash appears. Want to know how? Before Valderice in the oral cavity have these feelings:

    • numbness tingling (appears in the place where they are rash);
    • swelling and redness (standard symptoms of inflammatory infectious process);
    • itching (mild and unobtrusive, increases after meals).

    At the first appearance of the rash may experience additional deterioration in the form of weakness, loss of appetite, irritability, subfebrile temperature.

    Relapses (repetitions) these symptoms are not observed. Infection after disappearance of the rash not going away, and just moved deeper in the body (in the nerves). Bring it out of the body completely at the moment impossible.

    If you have already contracted, it will remain a carrier for life. By the way, the prevalence of the disease impressive — it infected more than 80% of the world population.

    Form herpes disease in mouth

    Герпес во рту: симптомы, лечение и меры профилактикиThe disease can be light, medium and heavy, depending on the condition of the immune system.

    A healthy immune system is able to suppress the virus, so the symptoms will be easy and almost invisible (no additional deterioration, the rash goes away quickly).

    A weakened immune system can’t fight off, causing symptoms becomes moderate and severe (deterioration is expressed brighter, last longer, require complex treatment).

    Severe herpes infection affects a large area. The sores will be placed not only inside but also in the corners of the mouth, on the lips and in the throat.

    To what doctor to go and how diagnosed?

    Children with the above signs need to show the pediatrician, and adults have to go to the therapist. In addition, you can go to a dermatologist, who will quickly distinguish infection from any disease.

    By the way, if you have any questions about herpes and other skin diseases, then at this site you can ask them online experienced dermatologist.

    The doctor will visually examine your problem and will refer you for tests: PCR (DNA viruses), ELISA (finding antibodies to the causative agents of the disease) and culture (cultivation of viruses in nutrient medium).

    These laboratory studies will give the maximum information about the disease, so the doctor will be able to individually choose the most effective treatment.

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    Therapeutic methods against girisindeki inside the mouth

    Герпес во рту: симптомы, лечение и меры профилактикиNow you know what it looks like viral infection of the oral cavity. And how to treat it? A standard therapeutic course lasts 1-2 weeks and is carried out using: antiviral drugs, symptomatic drugs.

    Mucosa inside the mouth very sensitive, so the disease will be sore. To reduce the pain you need to rinse your mouth (or treat rash point), local analgesic drugs, for example:

    • Dyclonine the Hydrochloride 0.5% solution;
    • Lidocaine 2 percent solution.

    Pain medication kept in the mouth for three minutes, and then spravyatsya. Swallow it in any case impossible.

    If you want more lasting effect, apply a topical gel-like preparations: Kalgel — applied directly to the rash helps relieve itching; Kamistad — used in the same way 2-3 times a day.

    Герпес во рту: симптомы, лечение и меры профилактикиSuppress the activity of viruses by specialized antiviral drugs based on Acyclovir, Famciclovir, Valacyclovir.

    In addition, you need to remove the inflammatory process, and it can be done with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — Ibuprofen or Paracetamol.

    The dosage and treatment scheme is selected for each individual taking into account age, severity of disease and other features.

    For treatment of mucosa is better to use the above antiviral in pill form, but if the rash is on the skin or on the lips, the more effective will be the same name of the ointment.

    Start treatment immediately after the occurrence of the rash. If you delay it for 3-5 days, it will lose its effectiveness. You can Supplement it the right diet and regime.

    Diet + mode = acceleration of treatment

    The oral mucosa are constantly in contact with food and drinks, and if their integrity is compromised, this process becomes problematic and uncomfortable. Ill couldn’t eat normally as any food in the mouth causes a burning sensation and itching.

    In addition, pieces of food falling into the wound, increasing the irritation and hinder the healing process. If you do not care for the oral cavity, there is a secondary bacterial infection.

    All of the above can be avoided if diet during treatment, herpes rash in the mouth:

    • do not drink fruit juices, better replace them with vitamin tablets;
    • do not eat coarse food, are able to scratch the mucosa;
    • discard the spices and sauces;
    • exclude from the diet fried, smoked and canned;
    • drink plenty of pure water.

    You need to eat regularly 5 times a day in small portions. Simultaneously, observe mode, accelerating the treatment bed. Ill have to get a sufficient volume of fresh air, so do not be afraid to ventilate rooms in the house.

    Unconventional treatment for herpes rash inside the mouth

    Герпес во рту: симптомы, лечение и меры профилактикиAt home is very convenient to use folk remedies with antiherpetic action. You can choose one tool from the list, and can combine or alternate them:

    Rinse the mouth with decoction of medicinal plants. For these purposes, the best chamomile, calendula, Melissa, wormwood, sage.

    Decoctions are prepared in a standard way — pour a tablespoon of herbs with a glass of water and boil on low heat for 5-10 minutes, then let cool.

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    It is necessary to rinse the cooled broth as often as possible and definitely after a meal.

    Affected areas wipe with a raisin cut in half. Before the procedure macerate the raisins in the water. This remedy will help relieve itching and burning.

    Instead of raisins you can use oil-esters. It is best to use tea tree, ginger, mint, eucalyptus. Oil should be applied with a cotton swab, be sure one-off, or cotton wool. Touching the rash with your fingers, especially if hands are not washed and disinfected.

    A decoction of the berries cranberries disinfect and accelerate the healing process. Take berries fresh or frozen. A handful of berries pour a liter of water and boil on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Then cool the broth and drink it in small SIPS throughout the day.

    Herpes disease, the example of which is shown in the photo, it is impossible to cure completely, so medications against it yet. The rash will appear periodically and to prolong remission (asymptomatic), it is necessary to observe prevention.

    Preventive actions when the herpetic lesions of the oral cavity

  • Do not allow children and contact yourself with people who have clear signs of infection. If the symptoms you have, then get your personal dishes and hygiene products, which do not have to use the rest of the household. For the period of the disease avoid contact with other people very close (don’t kiss and not have sex).
  • If the disease happened to the baby, carefully treat his nipples and pacifiers. Wash them with boiling water after each use. The virus can move to other parts of the body and exacerbate the situation.
  • Try not to injure the mouth spicy or solid food. Injury are stress, which will certainly provoke exacerbation.
  • Avoid stressful situations of various character. Even a little experience can cause a relapse.
  • Avoid hypothermia and overheating and a long stay under sun rays. Refrain from baths, saunas, solariums.
  • Eat full, eat healthy, stick to a healthy lifestyle. Ditch unhealthy habits if you have them.
  • Time to treat infectious diseases, especially SARS. Do not start chronic diseases.
  • Strengthen your immune system by all means available. For this can use dietary Supplements, vitamin medicines, people’s different recipes. In addition, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to nourish your body with vitamins naturally.
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    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)