Herpes in the throat: the more dangerous it is and how to treat it?

Good day, my beloved readers! Herpes is a very common infection of viral origin, which is often accompanied by a rash on the lips or in the genitals. What does herpes in the throat? Can all this happen?

It turns out that can, often this form of infection develops in children. Let’s examine the disease in more detail and learn how to treat it.

Why develop herpes inside the throat?

Герпес в горле: чем он опасен и как его лечить?This often happens with recurrence of infection. Infection herpes disease is carried out in various ways, including airborne.

When dealing with an infected person, you inhale tiny particles of his saliva and mucus from the respiratory system.

This is how the virus moves from him to you. Doctors believe that the infection manifests itself exactly where hit by a virus. Consequently, herpes in the throat may develop if the infection happens in the air.

After the first outbreak of the infection permanently freezes. The virus developed in the body of the carrier and weakens immunity.

If the immune system something happens, then he wakes up and give repeated symptoms, which will not always be in the same location as the first outbreak. Thus, the herpetic rash on the lips, for example, can migrate to the throat.

Skin affected by herpes in the first place. If the immune system weakens too much, the virus provocateur will begin to migrate and then settle in the mucous membranes of the throat and actively proliferate. It is the activity of the herpes virus triggers the onset of symptoms.

Why the infection often affects children, how children are at risk?

In adults, a similar problem can also develop, but children are affected more as they have almost continuously weakened immune system.

A herpes infection occurs often in children because of sociability, and negligence of the child. The risk group includes children of different age and sex, in which:

  • frequent viral respiratory infections;
  • there are chronic diseases, which periodically aggravated;
  • there is no normal parental supervision;
  • no education (unless parents are taught to observe personal hygiene);
  • congenital immunodeficiency (e.g., HIV infection or other diseases).
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Cold on the lips can be seen immediately, but herpes inside the mouth, especially in the throat, so just do not notice. How to understand that the deterioration of health triggered by the above-described infection? You need to know its specific symptoms.

Symptoms of herpes infection in throat

Герпес в горле: чем он опасен и как его лечить?The main feature of hermesbelts is always specific rash. In this case it will be placed in the throat, namely the walls of the larynx, the tonsils and possibly the language.

The child will be complaining of severe pain in the throat when swallowing and eating. Ill would feel a tickle and an itch inside the throat.

The rash is initially small and transparent, looks like a mini blister. It is grouped and spread over a large area. In this case, the language may appear whiter plaque. It will superficially resemble cottage cheese or thick cream.

The rash gradually becomes cloudy and visibility. On its ulcers. If it was located on the skin, it would be covered crust, but in the throat it will not happen. Sores will be open, uncomfortable and painful.

You may not notice herpetic rash, but certainly will notice additional symptoms:

  • increasing the temperature to 38-40 degrees (in this case it would be bad to lose);
  • the spread of pain from the throat to the ears, nasal cavity and even the eye (the swollen part of the face will swell and itch);
  • dry cough, reminiscent of light bronchitis;
  • pain in muscles and joints.

Some types of girisindeki can occur without a rash, for example, type 6, but with the first type of infection (it provokes a simple herpes virus), this symptom will appear, not only in the larynx but also on the tongue. The above signs will stay one to two weeks, and then fairly quickly disappear.

Treatment of herpes disease in the throat

To overcome herpes virus completely impossible, but you can mute it and speed up the healing process.

This requires a special treatment which will differ from the standard antiherpetic therapy.

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Herpes rash in the throat that we can’t handle standard antiviral ointments. The question arises: how then to treat this disease?

First and foremost, the necessary antiviral medications, but not the salves and pills. Powerful protivovirucnam action have:

  • Acyclovir is a popular medication that is taken 1 tablet five times a day;
  • Valacyclovir is more modern and is a perfect analogue of the previous medications that drink one tablet three times a day.

Герпес в горле: чем он опасен и как его лечить?— The medication lasts for seven days at the first sign of infection and five days in the recurrence. Antiviral children must be 12 years of age, as they are quite toxic.

Except this treatment requires disinfection of the mouth, as food particles in the wound can get a bacterial infection, which will be followed by purulent process.

Relieve the symptoms of herpes in the throat and to disinfect the rash will help the following medications:

  • Geksoral — medication with anti-inflammatory action, pain and discomfort, and also removes puffiness. It comes in the form of a spray which need to treat a sore throat three times a day.
  • Allergy — similar to the principle of action of the drug. He has a very powerful bakteriostatichnosti. The same as the previous one.
  • Septolete — is assigned in cases if throat has already begun developing additional bacterial infection. This medicine has not only bacteriostatic but also analgesic effect.
  • Some ill, which critically weakened immunity, you will need additional medications-immunomodulators.

    Among them are: interferon and preparations based on it — activates the immune system; interferonov inducers stimulate the production of natural interferon in the body; immunoglobulins — created based on the eponymous human substances, and also contain additional antiherpetic antibodies.

    Герпес в горле: чем он опасен и как его лечить?In recent years, doctors actively prescribe vaccination of girisindeki. It develops immunity, whereby the frequency of relapses is reduced.

    It is prescribed mainly to people with immunodeficiency and normal, if there is a threat threat of infection, for example, during pregnancy.

    As you know, herpes infection in pregnant women can provoke different pathologies physical development of the fetus.

    Folk remedies with protivovirucnam action for throat

    If you for some reason contraindicated, the above medications, you can treat the infection folk remedies. What traditional recipes to use? Below are a list of the most simple and time efficient:

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  • Chamomile, Linden or sage infusion — herbs brewed in boiling water like tea, then they need to gargle. The more often you rinse, the better. The soaking solution should always be fresh.
  • A decoction of flax seed — seeds are poured with boiling water and boil on slow heat for 15 minutes. This remedy can be drunk, it will actively speed up the healing process of the rash.
  • Lime and mint tea is prepared like ordinary tea, produces anaesthetic and soothing effects.
  • For unconventional strengthen the immune system can use the pharmacy of tinctures and herbal teas of Echinacea, rose hips, leuzea, Siberian ginseng. They are taken orally every day throughout the disease.

    In the treatment of herpes in the throat you should drink plenty of fluids and stick to a sparing diet. Eliminate from the diet foods with an irritating effect, namely, solid, oily, heavily processed spices.

    Eat cereal, low-fat soups, drink natural homemade fruit drinks and teas.

    That’s all the information on herpes in throat. Examples of specific lesions in the throat. I hope I answered all your questions. Remaining ask our experts online.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)