Herpes in women: everything from symptoms to treatment

Герпес у женщин: все от симптомов до леченияDear friends, welcome to website about dermatology! Today I will tell you all about herpes in women. Yesterday to me came friend and complained frequently recurrent genital herpes.

It’s not my thing, so I told her to go to the gynecologist and immunologist. Actually, the herpes in women is a common disease with specific characteristics.

From the male herpes this is different to many, so I wanted to study women’s problem in detail, as from herpes, no one is immune.

If you are a woman and suffer from genital or any other herpes, then be sure to read this article which will tell you why the infection occurs, how to deal with it and how to avoid frequent recurrences.

Specificity of female genital herpes: what is it?

And it is that we are complex beings, whose lives regularly occurring situations are ideal for recurrent herpes. These situations include:

  • hormonal imbalances;
  • monthly;
  • pregnancy;
  • simple gynecological pathology, such as cystitis;
  • childbirth;
  • breastfeeding.

Why these situations are ideal for herpes? The fact is that relapse of the disease requires weakening of the immune system.

All these factors provoke the weakening, serve as a kind of stress for the human body.

Thus, we are experiencing stress more often than men, so the cold sore is developing more than them.

As far as women are susceptible to herpes?

Very receptive and here’s some evidence of my opinion:

  • Herpes on lips we are infected in childhood, and all because girls indulge more tenderness than boys. The infection is transmitted by kissing, droplet method, in utero, etc. So often infected children comes from parents.
  • Genital herpes women are infected 4 times more often than men. Do you know why? And all because of the peculiarities of our sexual organs. The area of the hypersensitive mucosa of us in an intimate place is much more extensive than in men. For the penetration of herpes in the body-is necessary for mucous or skin, but it must be present injury. But through mucous membranes the virus is unproblematic, even if she’s okay.
  • Women regularly weakens the immune system, so regularly there are favorable conditions for activating the herpes viruses. Men are less sensitive, so the recurrence they occur much less frequently.
  • Women are easier to catch. Not only that, we regularly weakened immunity, and mucous membranes on the body a lot, and we are trusting, so neglected caution when choosing sexual partners.
  • My friend is facing a recurrence of genital herpes 4-5 times a year. That’s a lot, since a normal amount is considered to be a maximum of 3 relapse in a year. If you also happen to frequent relapses and you are tired, then you should know what triggers these relapses and what to avoid.

    Causes of herpes recurrence the women’s

    The main reason is the weakening of the immune system. Except for the situations listed at the beginning of the article, the immune system is weakened because of:

    • different types of seasonal diseases, for example, a banal SARS;
    • lack of vitamins;
    • stress;
    • bad habits;
    • overwork and chronic lack of sleep;
    • overcooling or overheating;
    • acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (occurs when certain diseases, e.g. HIV);
    • medical or therapeutic immunosuppression.
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    The main causes of weakened immunity in women’s period and pregnancy. Incidentally, in pregnancy erisipela recurs many and it is very dangerous for a child in the first place.

    Of herpes in women/girls in the position we’ll talk later, but now let’s examine the standard symptoms of the infection.

    How is female herpes: symptoms, stages

    To be honest, this infection in women and men developing with the same symptoms. The only thing to note is the increased sensitivity of women, so we move the symptoms heavier.

    Want to know how visible genital and any other erisipela? If you want, then let’s learn the basic signs and stages standard for such a disease:

  • The first stage is unobtrusive (generalized mild symptoms). There is a weakness, fever, symptoms are more like fatigue or cold. If the infection is on the genitals, then the affected area may itch, vaginal discharge possible abnormal discharge (too abundant or abnormal color). The duration of this stage – two or three days maximum.
  • Second – the main symptoms, as in the photo. On the affected area of the skin or mucous membranes there is a special rash – small Valderice with clear content. In women, the rash can be located inside the vagina, on the uterine wall, the labia, if the infection is triggered by the type 2 of herpes viruses. But if the first type, then the rash is likely to be on the lips, in the mouth or on other areas of the face.
  • The third recovery. The rash gradually becomes cloudy and visibility. If it is on the skin, then it will crust like any other wound. If the rash is located on the mucous membranes, then the crust will not. After 6-8 days all the symptoms will go away completely, then the woman will feel absolutely healthy.
  • Relapses of infection occur not at all, and only 30% of those infected.

    Герпес у женщин: все от симптомов до леченияSome they occur without symptoms, which is especially dangerous, as in the period of acute ill becomes an active distributor of infection and may not even know about it.

    Herpes is transmitted through all body fluids which are in the human body, as well as all known ways, it is therefore considered sverhdorogim.

    My friend is not as annoying discomfort during relapse-like appearance of the rash. It acts on the psyche, creates complexes and enhances self-doubt. Women are more demanding of their appearance than men, therefore, carry even heavier herpes from a psychological point of view.

    Specifics of herpes in pregnant women

    Almost all girls/women in the position of direct tests for detection of herpes and every second found in the blood of antibodies to type 2 herpes virus (genital).

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    Why is it dangerous, do you think? But because if the infection will give you relapse, and then pregnant in utero may infect the baby. This happens in 8% of cases, as it often happens that the child protects the parent antibody described above.

    Antibodies produced by a immune system and are intended to suppress the activity of viruses.

    The probability of intrauterine infection of the child is increased if a girl is faced with herpes during pregnancy for the first time (increasing, by the way, up to 50%).

    You probably already guessed that it happens because of the lack of antibodies in the body.

    Герпес у женщин: все от симптомов до леченияIntrauterine infection with herpes for the baby is extremely dangerous, as often becomes the cause of different types of congenital physical and mental disabilities.

    Due to the above infections can occur sudden unexplained miscarriage, and intrauterine infected children are often born with cerebral palsy and other CNS pathologies.

    To prevent the above complications, the pregnant woman, if necessary, prescribe treatment. It is harmful and toxic, but in this case, the risk is less important than the benefits.

    In extremely rare situations, the pregnant woman can recommend even to abort the pregnancy (abortion). Now you understand how serious is female erisipela?

    Woman with herpes during pregnancy, especially genital, should be ready to such outcome of events:

  • If the first outbreak occurred a month before the birth, then the probability of infection of the child will be 70%. To reduce the risk of complications, doctors will recommend a C-section.
  • If the first attack of herpes is going to happen in the first trimester, then pregnant, will likely advise an abortion.
  • If before the birth of a relapse, then a natural birth does not work, and still have to do intravenous antiviral medications to the newborn.
  • If a woman before pregnancy had herpes, but throughout the pregnancy he did not show, then be afraid and to not worry. The probability of fetal infection is virtually zero, so you can safely have a natural birth.
  • Diagnosis: how is who to go to?

    If you have something similar to the female herpes in private parts, refer to the gynecologist (that’s what I was advised to make his friend).

    Your doctor will direct tests, but rather on the standard smear and ELISA test to search for antibodies to the second herpes virus. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then you will be prescribed antiviral treatment.

    If you have too often female herpes recurs, then please contact the immunologist, since the reason must be sought in your immune system.

    Perhaps you need to strengthen it, what to drink vitamins or drugs Immunostimulants.

    Treatment of female genital herpes: how, and with what is?

    The treatment is carried out using standard antiviral drugs:

    • Acyclovir;
    • Of Famciclovir (Famvir);
    • Of valacyclovir.

    To read about the use of the above medicines, you can in separate articles on this website.

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    I can only say one thing: the first drug (by the way, it can give the girl in the situation) are ineffective against modern strains of herpes viruses, the rest is effective, but more toxic, so are not assigned to women/girls in the state, as well as children.

    Герпес у женщин: все от симптомов до леченияBlock the antiviral activity of virus-provocateurs, making protect from complications and reduce the severity of symptoms of the infection.

    To combat symptoms: itching, burning, etc., are used with local analgesics and pain medication.

    In addition, you need to take proper care of the affected place is to keep it clean, treat with antiseptic agents, not to injure.

    If you don’t want frequent relapses of infection, then you must comply with preventive recommendations. Want to know what?

    Prevention of recurrence of herpes female

    Prevention of relapse:

    • strengthen your immune system (exercise, eat right);
    • saturate the body with vitamins (drink vitamin tablets or get them naturally from fruits and vegetables);
    • protect yourself from colds (especially in autumn and winter);
    • avoid stress (I know that it is almost impossible to do, but try to at least);
    • keep a healthy lifestyle (if there is a bad habit, then immediately discard them);
    • follow personal hygiene (contain the private parts, and whole body clean).

    If you haven’t contracted herpes, then try to avoid it in the future.

    Contact with people who have visible symptoms of infection on the lips or in any other place, practice safe sex, use condoms and Miramistin.

    Instead of the drug before sex you can treat genitals spray Panavir Sex, who also had a good performance.

    In addition, at the present time, you can do preventive vaccine Herpevac, which effectively protects from contamination.

    Remember that herpes is transmitted through all bodily fluids, so be careful always and everywhere, especially in public areas – pools, toilets, etc.

    That’s all the information about female herpes, which I wanted to share with you in this article. Now you know why there is a recurrence of the infection than it is dangerous and how to treat it.

    If the article was interesting and useful, then share the read with your friends on social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. I wish you good health in the first place, and all the best! Up to new meetings!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)