Herpes infection: important nuances and modern approaches to the treatment of

Герпетическая инфекция: важные нюансы и современные подходы к лечениюHello, my dear! Have you ever faced such a problem, as herpes infection?

If not, then you are still ahead, as this condition already affects more than 90% of the world population. Herpes affects children and adults, old and young, women and men.

Recently, standing in line, I overheard a conversation between two ladies in which they discussed the simplest variant of herpes infection – cold on the lips.

One woman told another that this was a common cold and that it will go away in a few days, and that it is completely safe disease and stuff like that.

Me these women are just shocked by his indifference to so serious, in fact, the problem! And then I realized that ordinary people know practically nothing about herpes.

I’m sure there are many such people. You may also hear about herpes in the first place? Then you should read this article! As they say, forewarned is forearmed!

What is a herpes infection?

This virus is a chronic disease that provokes different types of herpes viruses. At the moment the most common are the herpes viruses 8 types.

Infection itself is not dangerous for an adult with a fully-healthy immunity (!), but are infected with the disease not only healthy adults. Most severe herpes becomes:

  • pregnant;
  • children;
  • people with immune deficiency;
  • elderly.

In this article we will look at all these groups of people and the risk of herpes for them more, but for now, let’s get acquainted with the above disease. By the way, cold on the lips is not the only option herpes.

Chicken pox is also a herpes, even ordinary flu can be provoked by them. Let’s look at the types of pathogens infection and disease associated with them.

The types of causative agents of herpes infections that happen because of them

  • the first type causes a sore on the lips, the symptoms of which are familiar to many (it is this herpes discussed women from the queue);
  • the second type affects everything below the belt, namely the genitals is an STD (sexually transmitted or venereal disease);
  • the third type – Zoster virus, aka chicken pox, aka shingles herpes zoster;
  • the fourth type – provoking pathology of Epstein-Bar (infectious mononucleosis syndrome);
  • the fifth type – cytomegalovirus most dangerous in pregnant women, oiled provokes symptoms that can be attributed to cold;
  • 6th, 7th and 8th types are poorly studied viruses, provoke different types of systemic pathology, play a role in the development of chronic fatigue syndrome, often manifested by a sudden rash.

Than herpes can be dangerous to humans?

Are you familiar with the classification of the infection and, hopefully, understand that it can be varied. Now let’s find out if this infection. After reading this paragraph, you will understand why I was so shocked neglect herpes women from the queue.

Chronic infection after infection is not eliminated from the body, and thus becomes a man’s companion for life.

Герпетическая инфекция: важные нюансы и современные подходы к лечениюA normal healthy immune system can keep, therefore healthy adults often are not even aware that they are carriers of herpes.

You can get infected in childhood and never encounter symptoms.

But if the immunity is something that happens, then the herpes virus begins to attack and is manifested in all its glory.

The behavior of different types of girisindeki may vary. Some appear regularly, give a recurrence to 5 times a year or more, while others occur once and never bother humans.

Certain types become dangerous only in certain situations, such as during pregnancy or immunodeficiency.

Yet it is worth noting that some types of girisindeki prone to complications of various kinds, while others almost never give complications.

Erisipela in children: what could be?

Most often children have chicken pox. This disease has a specific feature – is not contagious for those who are already ill.

Герпетическая инфекция: важные нюансы и современные подходы к лечениюBecause of chicken pox the child is covered with itchy rash from head to toe, and it all takes place in 1-2 weeks.

Then we recover confers lifelong immunity, due to which he’d never been ill with chicken pox.

Heresince the elderly and people with immunodeficiency, e.g. HIV-positive

Due to the natural decline of immunity in older people, all exacerbated by health problems, including herpes. However, even the chickenpox can give a relapse in the form of herpes zoster.

The same sometimes happens in people with immunodeficiency, e.g. HIV-infected, cancer patients, people after extensive treatment and operations. Any form of herpes becomes extremely dangerous for such individuals.

What about girisindeki pregnant?

For most pregnant no risk involved, but to combine girisindeki and pregnancy still not worth it. The risk appears if the disease occurs in pregnant in the early or later stages for the first time.

At the same time may suffer not her, but her child. Because the first outbreaks during pregnancy there are a variety of complications:

  • sudden miscarriage;
  • congenital defects of different nature;
  • disorders in mental and physical development.

In relation to the body of the pregnant woman, the infection can cause hormonal disruptions, metabolic disorders and other problems that also have the potential to adversely affect pregnancy.

Major complications of girisindeki (any form):

  • lesions of mucous membranes — viral stomatitis, esophagitis, pharyngitis;
  • ocular pathology –herpes virus conjunctivitis, keratitis, and iridocyclitis;
  • pathology of CNS herpes encephalitis, meningitis;
  • urogenital problems — the defeat of the urethra, cervix;
  • pneumonia and hepatitis;
  • problems with the joints.

Symptoms of girisindeki

The symptoms can be very diverse, depending on the form of the disease and its causative agent. Most often a symptom of such infection is a specific rash that look like blisters with clear and then mutneyuschee content.

Examples of this rash you see in the photo. It can be placed in different areas of the body not only the skin, but on mucous membranes. Based on the localization of symptoms, genital herpes can be divided into several types in ICD 10:

  • В00.0 – eczema herpetic origin;
  • В00.1 – the herpetic vesicular dermatitis;
  • В00.2 – herpes gingivostomatit and pharyngotonsillitis;
  • В00.5 – the defeat of organs of vision;
  • В00.9 – unspecified erisipela.

These are the most frequent diagnoses, may encounter you, dear readers. None of us are safe from this disease. In addition to the rash, its signs can be:

  • the increase in temperature (from mild to critical);
  • symptoms of intoxication – dizziness, nausea, and everything like that;
  • itching, pain, burning and other discomfort in the affected location;
  • abnormal discharge from the genitals;
  • neuralgia (only occurs when encircling herpes, shingles).

The duration of the disease varies from one week to one month. Everything also depends on different characteristics, for example, immune status, forms of the disease, etc. by the Way, with women from the queue I still talked a bit and explained the situation.

I hope now they will take the disease more seriously. One of them even asked about the treatment of this infection. And you know, how is it treated?

How to treat erisipela at the present time?

Герпетическая инфекция: важные нюансы и современные подходы к лечениюSpecific therapy against viruses, the causative agents of herpes no. More to say, get rid of them completely is impossible.

After the first outbreak, you will forever remain a carrier of the virus and periodically will be dangerous to others.

The person becomes contagious is in a period of exacerbation or relapse.

It should be isolated from society, but how to do it, if we all have jobs and daily activities that cannot be postponed? All that can make medicine with herpes is to speed up the healing process.

For this purpose, special antiviral drugs such as Acyclovir, aminoglycosides, such as Baneuoqin, and sometimes immunomodulators to strengthen the immune system, for example, Cycloferon.

The treatment lasts 10 days max. Antiviral drugs are not for everyone, as they have a high toxicity.

Children under 12 years of age antiviral are not assigned at all. If your child got chicken pox, then you should treat the rash with an antiseptic and to fight with other symptoms, such as high temperature.

Gubna adults with herpes may use antiviral medications, but only local (in the form of ointments and creams). By the way, the same Acyclovir analogs for topical use.

Full serious treatment is required only in shingles and complications in congenital infection the child. In addition, emergency treatment may assign pregnant, if the doctor deems it necessary. Has definitely treated people with immunodeficiency States.

If you don’t have problems with the immune system, then better give him the opportunity to fight the infection on their own. Can use for the treatment folk remedies that will find in separate articles on this website.

But if you don’t know if you have herpes, but want to check, then give an ELISA that looks for antibodies to the virus-provocateurs in human blood.

I recommend to hand over the analysis on a cytomegalovirus during pregnancy planning, as this type of herpes viruses is the most dangerous for pregnant women.

Here we learned basic information on herpes in children and adults. Remember, in the beginning of the article I said that erisipela infected almost the entire population of our planet?

Why do you think? The fact that the disease spreads in all possible ways. Let’s look at ways of infection in more detail.

How do people get herpes?

You can become infected anywhere, you just need to talk with the sick person. The viruses described in the article are transferred so:

  • airborne method – dealing with a sick person, you inadvertently inhale particles of his saliva and mucus infected with it;
  • in the course of bodily contact – especially dangerous is herpes a rash, as its contents the number of viral particles is maximal, and if you kiss someone with a cold sore on lip, then it too will receive;
  • during unprotected sex – everything from the biological fluid of humans are dangerous, and in the course of the sexual act (unprotected) you are in contact with many of them;
  • household method – using shared towels, utensils, personal belongings and hygiene items you can get from household members or infect someone;
  • medical method – herpes can be caught through blood transfusion or during an organ transplant.

If you found this infection, do not be surprised and, most importantly, don’t panic! This is normal living, and almost all people on earth.

Avoid all dangerous situations, which may cause the contamination, is simply impossible.

Most people are infected in childhood, as all children neglect care and personal hygiene. To infect the child, even the parents and close relatives while showing care and love.

Herpes is not a death sentence, but a rather unpleasant phenomenon. To protect themselves from its complications and frequent relapses, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.

Keep a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, eat right, exercise, and then herpes is nothing you can do!

So did you get everything you wanted? If the article was interesting and useful, then share the read with your friends and subscribe to site updates. I wish you good health and all the best! Up to new meetings!

Author: Ksenia Borisova

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