Herpes: medications that are most effective for its treatment

Пузырьковый лишай: препараты, которые наиболее эффективны для его леченияToday for you I suggest an article about the most common infection. This herpes simplex, or herpes that is found in almost everyone. The antigens of the pathogen can be found in 80-90% of the population around the globe.

Infection with herpes simplex virus occur most often between the ages of 1 to 3 years, because during this period sharply reduced the number of antibodies obtained from the mother.

Most of the infected children is seamless, but there are cases with a clear clinical picture.

The most severe course is observed in children during the first months of life, as the disease may be generalized, localized rash on the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, skin. Rare cases of detection of primary herpes in adults.

Herpes infection is rarely not renewed after his Manifesto, it often enters a latent form and has an effect in the weakening of the body.


Пузырьковый лишай: препараты, которые наиболее эффективны для его леченияThe disease causes the herpes simplex virus type 1, contact which is almost all by 18 months of life.

The first human contact of the virus and ends with the penetration of the latter in the ganglia of the trigeminal nerve. There it enters a latent form, and may not disturb life.

Herpes simplex virus is usually characterized by a rash on the mucous membrane of the lips, it also causes keratoconjunctivitis, rarely affects the skin in other places.

How is the disease?

Favourite localization of the virus — the skin or the mucous membrane near the orifices. This lip, the skin of the nose wings, mouth corners, as well as in the genital area.

Herpes starts as a small, the size of a millet seed, bubbles. It is often one source, at least two or more.

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Each hearth contains from 2 to 10 and more bubbles. The elements are a group, contain a serous liquid, which after 2-3 days becomes cloudy.

The fusion of vesicles leads to the appearance of large chambers with a diameter of 1.5 cm., having a scalloped edge (see photo).

Пузырьковый лишай: препараты, которые наиболее эффективны для его лечения

Areas of skin that are most exposed to friction, soon covered MaterialName centers, crusts, which after 5-6 days disappears, leaving hypopigmentary spots.

On mucous membranes and skin areas subjected to friction, the bubbles are opened, exposing the eroded surface.

Subjective symptoms predominant burning, pain, overall condition is usually not disturbed, but some patients report pain in muscles , chills, weakness.

The disease itself lasts from 1 to 1.5 weeks. If there is a accession of secondary infection, the process is delayed.

In children herpes simplex is often seen in the form of gingivostomatitis, in the mouth painful blisters that burst, then erosion, which will be covered with yellow or gray film.

In a third of cases herpes is manifested as the result of reactivation of virus, not only in the form of primary infection.

Most patients face the problem of activation of the virus more than twice a year. Usually this indicates a decline in immunity during times of stress, fatigue, on the background or after SARS.


Пузырьковый лишай: препараты, которые наиболее эффективны для его леченияTreatment of cold sores, or depriving the bubble is a challenging task. The fact that the chronic nature of the flow leads to a restructuring of the immune system, develop secondary immune deficiency.

At the same time inhibited the cellular response of the body decreases non-specific protection.

In the pharmaceutical market there are a large number of drugs, however, none lead to complete recovery.

In order to control the disease, you need to choose the right medication, treatment time, dosage.

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In connection with the above changes in immune status in the complex treatment of depriving the bubble add immunobiological preparations, and also means acting on the pathogenesis.

Treatment of herpes is carried out using three groups of drugs:

  • Chemotherapy drugs such as he needs therapy with valtrex, Famvir, Cymevene, inhibit the synthesis of virus DNA;
  • The immunomodulators. Imunofan In Cancer, Polyoxidonium, Alperin. Stimulate cellular and humoral immunity;
  • Amiksin, Neovir, Cycloferon. Exert immunomodulatory effect affect the cause of the disease.

Of particular importance professionals give the herpes vaccine that stimulates the immune system. It prevents primary infection makes the disease.

Depending on the disease, for example, when severe stomatitis or shingles, administered orally drugs with antiviral action. For example, Acyclovir or Zovirax. Perhaps the use of Bonafton, Alipasina.

In addition to chemotherapy in the therapy of depriving the bubble used interferons, which have an effect on a broad range of viruses.

Пузырьковый лишай: препараты, которые наиболее эффективны для его леченияSo it is established that patients with chronic form of the disease have reduced the formation of interferon.

It is therefore logical that the use of interferon leads to their rapid recovery and reduce the duration of the course of therapy.

For local treatment suitable human leukocyte interferon and analogues (alpha-interferon and interlock). Put them in pockets up to 6-7 times a day.

The synthesis of interferon in the body is influenced by its inducers, which are also successfully used in the treatment of depriving the bubble.

An example is 3% ointment Magazine and Gossypol. They are used as an application to 3-4 times a day course to 7 days.

It is worth remembering that the use of antiviral drugs is particularly effective in the first days of the disease.

To relieve the symptoms (itching, burning) prescribe antihistamines and anti-inflammatories. For example, Tavegil, Suprastin or Fenkarol. Effective calcium gluconate and atsetilsalitsilovaja acid.

When you consider the reasons why there is a herpes virus infection, you should assign funds to strengthen the immune system, multivitamins, especially vitamin C.

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If the patient is treated in hospital, the therapy is added lysozyme and intramuscular injections Prodigiozan.

In complicated depriving the bubble with the accession of bacterial infection prescribe Metronidazole.

Topical treatment is the application of ointments with antiviral compounds florencevia, tebrofenovaya, Klepikova, ointment, bonaftonovaya, aspirinova.

Before applying ointments on the affected surface is treated with proteolytic enzyme preparations and antiseptics.

Thus they need to be applied to the entire surface of the mucosa, and not just on the pockets (as a prophylactic).

With extensive lesions performed anesthesia of the mucosa or skin. This is usually done before applying the medication with or before meals.

For the rapid epithelialization prescribe physiotherapy: KUF, laser infrared. Periodically the lesions treated with aniline dyes.

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