Herpes on genitals: how it looks and what is its cure?

Герпес на половых органах: как он выглядит и чем его вылечить?Hello, dear friends! Herpes can reside not only on the face but on other parts of the body. For example, quite frequent in our days became a herpes on the genitals. They are sick women and men of different age groups.

If you are in an intimate place, a specific rash in the form of small blisters, then most likely you are faced with erisipela.

Are you curious about how it is transmitted, how it is expressed and what to do with it? Hope that’s interesting, because this problem can affect anyone.

What is a cold sore on private parts?

This infection is viral in nature, which is provoked by a specific viral microorganisms of the second type. At the moment scientists know of 8 types of herpes viruses. The second attribute symptoms below the belt.

The disease belongs to the list of STDs, and so are sexually transmitted. To get rid of it forever impossible, as drugs against the causative agents of this infection does not exist. What to do if faced with erisipela? First, let’s find out how it is transmitted and who is vulnerable to infection.

Methods of distribution of intimate diseases

Герпес на половых органах: как он выглядит и чем его вылечить?Virus-provocateur not very survivable, but contains in all biological liquids of human. Therefore, it is quite easy to move from one person to another during close sexual contact.

The main route of spread of the disease genital — genital. Therefore, the catch can people leading too active or promiscuous.

Herpes affects not only promiscuous in terms of sex people. This infection at the present time is found in 80% of the population of the planet (not necessarily sexual, can be the other herpes). It used to be that sex is the only method of spreading the virus.

But we now know that it can be transmitted through the air if ill be coughing and sneezing, as well as using common household items, for example, by means of towels, means of personal hygiene, dishes.

Is there any herpes infection during oral sex? Be passed as pirotipii virus can also settle down on the genitals. Infection happens if the active partner will have obvious signs of infection. In remission (asymptomatic) infection is not so virulent as during exacerbation.

Герпес на половых органах: как он выглядит и чем его вылечить?The probability of infection increases when the skin or mucous membranes are sore. In addition, other STDs also increase the risk of Contracting herpes.

A sick person can transfer the virus from one body part to another. Let’s say you have a characteristic appearance of infection on the lips.

You touch them, and then move on to personal hygiene and move the virus from your lips in the intimate area so.

Another way of transmission — in utero or vertical. If during pregnancy the female genital organs appear rash (happens aggravation of the infection), then the child will be infected inside the womb with a probability of 50%.

In addition, exacerbation of the disease can be dangerous during birth, as the child will be in contact with the affected tribal ways. Intrauterine infection is considered the most dangerous, as almost always, leads to terrible consequences for the child in the form of cerebral palsy, failures in the Central nervous system and other abnormalities.

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What kind of people are at risk and are more likely to get infected?

Of Contracting herpes virus is very simple. Every single one of us can be a carrier of the infection and not even realize it, since the disease manifests itself only in 20% of cases. In the rest it is in sleep mode and will worsen under favorable circumstances.

The risk is called the list of people for whom it’s easier to pick up other infection. Want to know who it is? These people are:

  • children with nesformirovannost to end immunity;
  • adults with immunodeficiency (e.g. HIV-positive, people after operations and treatment of cancer, people long after taking antibiotics);
  • fans are promiscuous (such a person has no permanent partner, nonpermanent change frequently);
  • fans of sex without barrier contraceptives;
  • elderly people, whose protective properties of the immune system are reduced by natural causes.

Herpes illness may be a long time to manifest, but in the future definitely let me know about yourself, because you can’t always avoid the factors that cause exacerbation. What factors can provoke exacerbation?

Herpes disease in private parts can deteriorate due to:

Герпес на половых органах: как он выглядит и чем его вылечить?

  • attach additional STD;
  • weakened immunity for various reasons, including seasonal;
  • of vitamin deficiency;
  • exacerbation of chronic different types of infections;
  • hypothermia and overheating.

Virus-provocateur prefers to hide and wait for the right moment in the nerve endings. As soon as a convenient moment comes, it moves to the skin and mucous and then creates specific symptoms.

What are the symptoms of herpes disease you know? Below are the most common for men and women.

Signs of herpes on the female genital organs

Female reproductive system more complex than men’s, so we will consider it in the first place. The infection can affect not only the external components of the system, but also internal, hidden from the eyes.

For example, the rash sometimes occurs on the vaginal walls and the uterus, but most often affects the external organs — the labia, etc.

Symptoms of female intimate infection are as follows:

Герпес на половых органах: как он выглядит и чем его вылечить?

  • Affected area where there will soon be a rash begins to swell, itch and create all sorts of discomfort. You may be feeling numb, tingling.
  • There are signs of weakness, dizziness, temperature (low subfebrile).
  • In a day or two on the affected place up small blisters, are close to each other. The contents are transparent, they are painful, provoke a burning sensation.
  • After a few days the blisters grow turbid, reduced and burst. The contents becoming yellowish or whitish, it contains the virus in large quantity.
  • In place of the bursting of the blisters sores appear, which soon form a crust. The healing process of sores lasts 1-2 weeks, they can be a little uncomfortable, but often are not highly uncomfortable.
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    After disappearance of the rash the disease falls asleep again and there comes the period of remission. It can take a woman months or even years. If you properly care for the affected location, the rashes will disappear without a trace.

    Signs of intimate male infection

    In men, the pattern of development of symptoms is the same as in women. To the above characteristics are sometimes added extra in the form of pain in the penis and perineum.

    If the infection is left untreated, then after a while she can move to the next organs: urethra, urinary bladder, prostate, testes.

    From this arise different types of complications, such as urethritis and prostatitis. If you don’t want to deal with such abnormalities of the genitourinary system, then be sure to treat herpes disease in this start treatment as early as possible.

    How to behave ill?

    Герпес на половых органах: как он выглядит и чем его вылечить?Ill have to understand that in the period of exacerbation it can infect other people.

    Therefore, the entire period of treatment he is advised to withdraw from sexual contact and careful house — to use individual dishes, towels and other things, personal hygiene.

    With symptoms of herpes disease contact your gynecologist or urologist. Modern analyses in the form of ELISA and PCR can identify the virus-the agent in various biological fluids with an accuracy of 100%.

    Read more about how analyses are performed, you’ll read in other articles devoted to cold sores, which are easily found on this website. And now let’s get to the important and learn how to cure herpes rash on the genitals.

    Treatment of girisindeki on the genitals — traditional

    Called traditional treatment, which offers us the official medicine. As the disease triggered by the virus, you need to treat it with antivirals.

    The virus is very treacherous and not everyone is amenable to antiviral drugs. At the present time the popular four:

    • Acyclovir and all medications based on it. Instead, you can buy Zovirax, for example.
    • Valacyclovir and its analogs, for example, he needs therapy with valtrex.
    • Famciclovir and its analogues, such as Famvir.
    • Penciclovir and drugs based on it, for example, Denavir.

    Antiviral medications come in various forms. Easy classic herpes on the genitals, you can treat it with ointments, and severe infection (this is often generalized) are better treated with pills. How to treat the disease of the above drugs?

    Герпес на половых органах: как он выглядит и чем его вылечить?Ointments should be applied on the rashes everyday 2-5 times a day. For application, use disposable devices, such as wool, cotton sticks, wooden cosmetic or plastic sticks.

    In any case do not touch the rash, as the content is virus in a large volume.

    Pills are selected individually and are drunk in certain dosages.

    The doctor will determine the dosage for each patient, as it depends on the age, sex, immune status and other characteristics of the human body.

    If acute illness happens too often (more often 6 times a year), there shall be a preventive antiviral therapy. Drugs are taken the same as in a normal season, but in lower doses and for longer — a few months.

    Additionally the stimulation of immunity using a special modulator, for example, using the Interferon and drugs that contain it.

    Strengthen immunity — a mandatory medical procedure. Strengthen it, you can vitamins, food supplements and folk remedies. Proper diet and gentle treatment of the day will have a positive impact on the immune system.

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    To eat balanced, diet completely excludes alcohol, fatty, smoked, canned, flavored with lots of spices.

    Unconventional treatment for herpes disease on the genitals

    At the present time there are many folk remedies with antiherpetic action. What to choose, decide for yourself, but first read the list of the most effective able to fight the infection quickly:

  • Baths with a decoction of herbs. For cooking trays that you will take in the sitting position, the desired medicinal herbs — sage, chamomile, celandine, calendula, nettle. Buy herbs at any pharmacy. Decoction is prepared from a tablespoon of dry plants and liters of water (all mixed and boiled on slow heat for 5-10 minutes or brewed as a tea). Cooked means you need to add water for cleaning.
  • Compresses with Arnica. If the rash on the genitals too worried, then try this tool. Brew Arnica (dry pharmacy) as a tea, soak in a solution of gauze or bandage and apply to the disturbing place for 15-20 minutes.
  • Kalina to strengthen the immune system. This remedy is administered orally and fights infection from within. Viburnum in the amount of 20 g (preferably fresh, but frozen) grind to a mushy state. Add it to a Cup of boiling water and allow to brew for 4 hours. To take it half a Cup twice a day for 7-10 days.
  • Folk remedies it is best to combine traditional and to properly care for patient’s intimate area. Keep the genitals clean and dry. As soon as the itching starts to increase, podmates with lukewarm water without soap.

    Wipe very gently, do not use a towel but instead dry the problem area a Hairdryer. Wear natural linen because synthetics does not allow the skin to breathe, causing the affected area begins to rot.

    That’s all, dear readers. Examples of herpes rash on the genitals. Read the information to share with your friends if it was interesting and informative, and don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. All the best to you!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)