Herpes on lips during pregnancy in different trimesters and how to treat it

Герпес на губах при беременности в разных триместрах и как его лечитьWelcome, dear readers, on a site about health and beauty skin! Do you think if herpes on lips during pregnancy?

The question I recently asked a friend who for 5 years wanted a child and now finally pregnant, but a nasty sore ruin her positive attitude.

She came to me in a panic, didn’t know what to do now, worried about the consequences.

Absolutely all pregnant women are afraid of herpes and this is normal, because a viral infection is not exacerbated, and any disease in pregnant women may adversely affect the development process of the fetus.

Let’s deal with the above issue. If you too have caught in a similar situation, then definitely read this article.

So threat or not herpes on lips for pregnant?

Fears and worries are not in vain, as the virus herpes do has increased teratogenicity – can cause birth defects.

The maximum risk to the fetus the disease is in early and late pregnancy, this may provoke even incompatible with life disease, and even could cause spontaneous miscarriages and other unfortunate consequences.

But not in all cases is this happening, fortunately. It all depends on the type of infection, health of the mother and many other features.

My friend, I reassured her, saying: herpes on the lips in your case is not the worst thing and the bad things that could happen! This type of infection is relatively safe and below I will explain why I think so.

Sore on lip: not as bad as it seems

Герпес на губах при беременности в разных триместрах и как его лечитьSo why do I believe that the standard cold sore during pregnancy is relatively safe? And because the virus-provocateur of the sores prefers the local distribution in the body.

If to speak a simple language, in the course of the disease he is only in the area where any symptoms.

Lips by our body are very far from the abdominal cavity and, consequently, virus that develops in the epithelial tissues of the lips, just can’t get to the child.

If so to argue, it is much more dangerous is the infection of the labia, because they are closer to the location of the baby inside the womb.

In the normal course of the disease the herpes virus always affects only those tissues in which visible symptoms and does not spread throughout the body.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude:

  • the standard cold sores is not ultra-hazardous for the child, because he was unable to reach it;
  • consequently, the sore can affect the development of pregnancy.
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But so happens not always. Harmless, the infection is only in cases, if:

  • the expectant mother is completely healthy;
  • she does not feel symptoms of herpes, except those that sees;
  • develops in the standard form of relapse.

Want to know in what situations labial herpes becomes really dangerous for the woman and her future child? Then read the next paragraph of the article.

When herpes sore on the lips is dangerous for baby and mother

If the infection occurred during pregnancy. In this case, in a woman’s body will not be antibodies, are able to contain the virus, so it could theoretically spread throughout the body and infect the fetus.

And the first outbreak is always on the run is harder than the recurrence, so there are additional common symptoms in the form of temperature, intoxication, etc., which, incidentally, affect the baby even more than the rash on lips.

If the mother has an immune deficiency, e.g. HIV infection. In this situation, the immune system cannot adequately react to the virus, which will not be able to deal with it, and then the infection will run at full power.

While immunity to her will not be formed, from-for what threat there will be more relapses.

Герпес на губах при беременности в разных триместрах и как его лечитьIf a woman is going to infect his partner, and that, in turn, will transfer the virus to other areas of her body. This is also possible and want, explain in simple language how this works?

Let’s say you were making out with her man and at that moment you have herpes on your lip. It is, of course, got infected and let’s say he also jumped the same sore.

You do not pay attention to it and engaged in oral sex. At the same time you moved the virus from one place to another (from the lips to the genitals). A genital infection is more dangerous than I, as already mentioned in the article.

And yet herpes can be dangerous for pregnant by the wrong treatment. Let’s say you just got pregnant and don’t know it, and then you jumped all known weak spot. What are you doing?

Start drinking antiviral pills? Most likely, it is happening, and these drugs, by the way, more harmful than the virus itself. They are very toxic, therefore, pregnant women are contraindicated.

Thus, unknowingly you can harm yourself and the future baby.

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My friend has a sore appeared in the first trimester, as most pregnant women with herpes. What do you think, does the period of the potential danger of infection?

And I’ll tell you what is affected, and seriously. Let’s take a closer look for infection on the lips at different stages.

The cold sore on the lip in the first trimester

Often in the early stages occur relapses. Why do you think? This is what happened my friend and she didn’t know how to answer this question.

This is because pregnancy is a cause for weakened immunity due to natural causes – not to reject the baby. A weakening of this system is the reason for re-activation of the virus.

According to statistics, in the 1st trimester cold lips gives a recurrence in 70% of women/girls. So don’t be surprised if this happens to you. And what to do in such a situation?

Just calm down, and carefully monitor their health, as relapses labial infection in this case is not dangerous, unless, of course, you won’t transfer herpes from mouth to genitals (above I explained how this can happen).

What about the 2 and 3 trimesters?

Герпес на губах при беременности в разных триместрах и как его лечитьAt such time the relapses occur much less frequently. However, they are not considered to be ultrahazardous or second trimester or in the 3rd trimester.

If you have all the normal health and immunity, then the infection will pass in the standard way and will not harm your baby.

However, the probability of infecting the child is still there, but small. If the sore will appear just before birth, then you can infect the baby while caring for him manifestations of affection – kissing, for example.

But you’re not going to go to the baby lips that have some kind of disease? So don’t worry then, because everything will be fine, if you know how to use your head and behave properly.

The most dangerous is the primary infection in the process of carrying a baby, especially in such cases:

  • The infection happened just before birth. The risk of intrauterine infection of the child increases to 50%.
  • Infected mother with HIV. The immune system can’t protect neither herself nor her child.
  • The woman brought the sore of the lips to the genitals, for example, provoked thus the first outbreak of genital infection.
  • To treat or not to treat?

    If you read the article carefully, you may have noticed information about the dangers of antiviral drugs, which often treat cold sores on the lips.

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    And then the question arises: what to do if a sore has appeared at women in the position to treat or not to treat?

    A normal doctor will never advise to treat the recurrence on the lips of the woman/girl in the above situation, if it comes as standard and without complications.

    Ill can only use local (which are applied on the rash) drugs to promote healing. No tablets, etc. are not accepted except vitamins, if you need it!

    In some cases, if it is really needed doctor (your health care, which you are observed) may recommend antiviral ointment: Acyclovir-acre (about it, by the way, speak very well of my patients in the reviews), Zovirax, Panavir gel, Fenistil penciler.

    All of them operate at the local level and practically do not penetrate inside the body, but side effects are possible, therefore, to be treated by them on their own in any case impossible.

    If lips are sore very itchy or sore, then you can treat them with Menovazin or benzoquinones ointment. To remove dryness, you can smear the lips with aloe or moisturizing cream.

    The rash is in any case can not be touched by hand, otherwise you will record it to bacterial infection or, God forbid, spread to other parts of the body.

    Now you know how to treat a mouth organ cold the woman in «interesting» position. If she appeared, then carefully watch your health, be sure to contact the hospital and be careful to behave correctly.

    Read the information to share with your friends, they may also be interested in reading about this common disease. Subscribe to site updates and visit us often. I wish you an easy pregnancy!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)