Herpes on my chin and its treatment

Герпес на подбородке и его лечениеDear friends, with joy we greet you! The other day I got into a very interesting situation. Brought the child to school as usual and found the mother of his classmate, which was a clear indication of such a unpleasant disease like herpes on my chin.

I went to my mother suffering, and asked if she knows about that kind of disease. She told me rudely replied that everyone knows that this is not herpes, but just an Allergy.

But I know what it looks like allergies, fortunately, experience a dermatologist to differentiate it from herpes.

I recommended her to take the child to the hospital because he might infect others (patients herpes contagious to the maximum in the period of exacerbation), and threatened that if she does not, I turn to the teacher, and then finds out the whole class.

Then she changed her tone more friendly and has already asked if to bring the child to me. Of course, I said that you can. On the same day with the child they came to the reception.

Mom learned a lot about herpes and realized that I need to do with this disease. If you are also wondering, then read this article.

What symptoms indicate herpes on your chin?

The child-a classmate of my children the symptoms were classic:

  • folderdata rash on the skin of the chin;
  • affected area sore and itchy;
  • Squirting out fluid.

Further, these symptoms would have developed like this:

  • the rash becomes cloudy and is opened;
  • in its place there ulcer;
  • it is covered with a crust;
  • the crust disappears and the disease is.

In the course of communication with the patient’s mother revealed that before he was nothing like this, and that prior to the rash the child feel bad: he rode the temperature, he was sick, he was capricious and constantly complained of discomfort in that place which later sprang the rash.

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The standard symptoms for the first outbreak. By the way, herpes is for life, so will periodically give relapses. Relapses occur not as bright as the first flash.

What was the cause of herpes on your chin?

Their new patient I was sent for an ELISA, the results of which revealed that the child’s cause of infection was the first type of herpes viruses.

He provokes cold on the lips, which you’ve probably seen at least once in your life. Why, then, the virus has struck do not lips, and chin?

It is believed that herpes appears in the location through which an infection has taken place.

Герпес на подбородке и его лечениеIf the virus gets into the skin of the face, which will wound or abrasion, it can easily penetrate under the skin and will begin to actively proliferate in epithelial tissues.

That is why the rash appeared in such a place. And who, most importantly, how it could infect the baby?

In the case of herpes, it is very simple. The virus is transmitted in various ways through all biological fluids of humans.

On the skin of the herpes might get in the course of kissing (by the way, that’s exactly what happened, mother later admitted that before ill, her son, on her lips was the same sore and, of course, she continued to have contact with the child, because he did not know that the sore is contagious).

Also, in the air (if near you is coughing and sneezing of people with obvious signs of herpes, as in the photo), and you can become infected through common household items (this usually occurs through shared utensils and personal hygiene items).

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By the way, the usual pirotipii herpes can appear not only on the chin, but under the chin, on the neck, around the eyes and in other places (mostly in the upper part of the human body).

And even the herpes virus are able to change the place of deployment. The first flash will occur on the lips, and recurrence of – any-other place on the face.

This often happens during pregnancy, when women have severely weakens the immune system. In addition, herpes migrates in people with immunodeficiency and in the elderly.

Treatment of girisindeki on the chin: what is it?

After we understand the causes and nature of disease, mother of my youngest patient was asked to choose a quick treatment.

Герпес на подбородке и его лечениеMuch time to treat the disease was not, as the child can not miss school, especially in elementary grades, otherwise catching up will be difficult.

Are you curious about how to treat a herpes? Now will tell you that I have appointed a sick child, but also that assigned adults with a similar problem.

Adults treating herpes simplex antiviral drugs. This pill, which are characterized by high toxicity, drink not really need.

This is the simplest type of herpes, which will be held for 1-2 weeks without a trace. Serious treatment is only administered to people with immunodeficiency and children with congenital infection.

Treatment of healthy adults is as follows:

  • the rash should be kept clean and treated with ointments with antiviral action, Acyclovir, Panavir, Zovirax, Sivaraksa;
  • vs temperature and malaise taken Paracetamol, Nurofen and similar drugs, which are prescribed by a doctor (by the way, the kids are so symptomatic medications are also appointed);
  • folk remedies can be used, but only if not allergic to grass (in such cases, apply compresses of infusions of chamomile, calendula, oak bark).
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Children antiviral drugs, even in the form of ointments, it is better not to give because of the high toxicity.

Rash in children need to treat with antiseptics drying and disinfectant properties. Such antiseptics include:

  • Dexpanthenol;
  • Miramistin and Chlorhexidine;
  • ointment Asterisk;
  • ointment Dr. mom.

For the whole period of the disease, the patient must be put on a diet, and he should try not to contact with other people, as it can easily infect others.

The rash is in any case can not touch, otherwise it is likely to spread the infection to other parts of the body. The maximum number of viruses are contained inside of the rash in the liquid, which is filled with Valderice.

Prevention of further recurrences

We have already mentioned that herpes is incurable disease. To prevent frequent relapses, you need to:

  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • to avoid hypothermia and overheating;
  • observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • time to treat SARS;
  • to avoid stress.

That’s all, dear readers. Let’s wish a speedy recovery to my new young patient.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)