Herpes on pubis: causes and treatment

Герпес на лобке: причины появления и методы леченияGood day, dear readers! Jumped up herpes on the pubic area? What to do now? Of course, to be treated, and how, read the article!

Recently I had a patient with a similar problem, and I sent her to the gynecologist, because in such situations you need to go to him.

But if you are a man, then you to the urologist or venereal diseases, as pubic herpes is an STD. Don’t know what it is? It’s simple: the sexually transmitted diseases. Surprised?

What do you think you became infected? But everything in order, we will start with General information.

Pubic herpes: what causes what, how dangerous?

This is a simple herpes infection that triggers herpes virus of the second type. It is also called as genital, sexual, intimate. As the name suggests, where exactly is this disease, and you can guess how it is transmitted.

The main method of transmission – sexual contact and even oral. During oral contact infection of the mouth can easily get into the skin of the intimate organs and to settle there.

It is believed that the symptoms appear there, anywhere the herpes virus. Therefore, if the sore has jumped on the pubis, so the virus got there somehow.

To make it easier to understand how it is, know that herpes is transmitted through all human biological fluids, and especially infectious is the contents of the rash.

Герпес на лобке: причины появления и методы леченияBy itself, this infection is relatively safe, but only if a person is all right with immunity. When the immune system weakens, recurrences replays of the disease, which can join different types of complications.

The most dangerous pubic herpes is for pregnant women, especially if it occurs during pregnancy for the first time. In this case, the probability of intrauterine infection of the child is 50%.

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But if such infection occurs, then the child can develop different types of physical and mental birth defects such as cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, etc.

See how serious this is? You now will answer the question: do I need to cure pubic herpes? I hope your answer is Yes, but first you need to learn to distinguish this illness from the rest by their appearance.

The pubic herpes symptoms: what are they?

In the photo below you can see a similar infection in women and men. You probably noticed a peculiar rash on the skin, which, incidentally, is the main symptom.

The rash is unusual, has a wide range of features and the main of them are:

  • a small, reminiscent of blisters with a diameter of 1-2 mm;
  • very itchy, and if scratched, starts to burn;
  • gradually blurs bursts;
  • in its place there is a sore, which gradually becomes covered with a crust;
  • after 2-3 weeks the disease disappears completely.

Usually all of my patients with standard forms of herpes, pay attention to the disease when the rash appears. The appearance of rashes indicates that the virus actively multiplies and isnegative in the epithelium.

Now to overcome it is not so easy, and if treatment is started early, then the rash would not appear.

To notice the disease at a very early stage, you need to know its primary symptoms:

  • affected area of the skin concerned is itchy, swollen, inflamed;
  • the temperature rises to 39 degrees, especially during the first outbreaks;
  • there is dizziness and pain, nausea, weakness;
  • of the sexual organs may occasionally be allocated the abnormal discharge, for example, too profuse, mucous, transparent and odourless.
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Rash on pubic area – this is not the worst that could happen. Without treatment and proper care it will go to neighboring areas and can even penetrate the urogenital system.

Herpes increases the risk of Contracting other STDs, and aggravating all chronic urinary infections and may even aggravate it. It is most dangerous for pregnant women, children, people with immunodeficiency and elderly.

How is it treated?

If you also suffered from pubic herpes and not know than to treat it, then first consult a doctor, pass the special tests and then prescribe treatment.

But if for any reason you are unable to go to the hospital, then read and follow the directions from the article.

The treatment is carried out so:

  • First, you must find the ideal antiviral drug. It should deal with the doctor, but usually are used on the basis of the antiviral Acyclovir. They can be in the form of tablets, solutions for injection (assigned as a last resort), ointments. And even at the present time widely used antiviral candles, if you want to know what that is, read a separate article on this website.
  • In addition to antiviral, accepted Immunostimulants drugs based on interferon that stimulates the immune system to defend against disease.
  • The course of treatment with drugs, as a rule, lasts longer than 2 weeks. During this time the infection should be solved forever.
  • Along with traditional means you can use non-traditional, such as treating rash coniferous or sea buckthorn essential oils and also do sitz bath with sea salt.
  • Against the common symptoms are accepted antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs, like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.
  • Treatment of pregnant women and people with immunodeficiency is carried out under the strict supervision of the attending specialist and the medication thus selected individually.
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    Throughout the period of illness to properly care for the sexual organs:

    • to keep clean;
    • wear cotton underwear;
    • to get personal soap and towel;
    • to wash baby soap without various additives in the composition;
    • stop sex life as herpes is very contagious.

    It should be noted that this disease is not cured completely, therefore, will remain forever and may periodically return. To prevent recurrences, you need to follow simple rules of prevention.

    Prevention of recurrence of herpes pubic

    • use protection during sex to avoid infecting others and not to get infected with additional STDs;
    • strengthen your immune system by all available means, as the disease recurs only when it is weak;
    • lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right;
    • protect yourself from stress, hypothermia and other factors that may adversely affect your condition (mental and physical).

    Well that’s all the information on pubic herpes today. The article you found all the answers you were looking for? If Yes, then share the information with your friends and subscribe to our updates. All the best to you!

    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)