Herpes on the buttocks: why does it occur and how is it treated?

Герпес на ягодице: почему появляется и как лечится?Good day to you, dear friends! There was herpes on the buttock? Agree, the place is not exactly standard for this infection.

Usually we see it on the lips, so the above situation is always shocking to those who deals with it.

Personally I have also faced this problem – a rash on the priest jumped my child. Why herpes can jump on the priest? Don’t know? Let’s see.

Some viruses provoke herpes on the ass?

At the present time known 8 types of herpes viruses, but not all of them can give the apparent symptoms in such a strange place. According to statistics, herpes on the buttocks often provoke:

  • herpes virus first type – aka «cold sores» on the lip;
  • the virus of the second type – he is genital;
  • virus third type – he’s a chicken pox (chicken pox, if you didn’t know relapse is shingles, which occurs quite often in the sacral division of the back).

And doctors believe that the symptoms appear exactly in the place where you got the virus.

Therefore, to the symptoms occurred on the buttocks, the virus needs to get it there. Here is the answer to the question: herpes on the priest is a type of herpes?

What is this about – erisipela, what are her characteristics?

This viral disease has numerous forms. To make it easier to learn other information from be, first check the main features of girisindeki:

  • it is not fully cured;
  • the person remains a carrier of the virus for life;
  • chicken pox you can not recover once in a lifetime;
  • the herpes virus is transmitted with all human biological fluids;
  • the virus is the easiest way to enter the body through mucous membranes and for it to penetrate through the skin, must be injured by violation of the integrity;
  • during pregnancy girisindeki very often recur;
  • herpes affects more than 90% of the world population, but manifests itself at all;
  • to activate infection requires the weakening of the immune system.

Here is such a he – herpes, insidious and dangerous. Now let’s examine a situation that can cause this infection on the buttocks.

The first type is herpes on the buttocks: why there?

This happens often due to human negligence. This infection prefers to attack the epithelium in the mouth, but under certain circumstances could pass on to other areas of the body.

Герпес на ягодице: почему появляется и как лечится?It will happen, if infected saliva or fluid from the rash you will get on the skin of the buttocks, which can be microtrauma.

To move the virus can easily, for example, if you touch the rash on the lip, and then scratch the buttock, or if a sugar Mama with a rash on the lip, playing with the child, kiss him in this area.

Options intrusion very much, so don’t be surprised if this happens.

Often pirotipii herpes on the Pope it happens in children (mine, at least, was he).

Children neglect the rules of personal hygiene and are not very careful, therefore, when the appearance of the rash on lips are constantly trying to touch her, and then the same hands to touch other parts of the body.

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Most likely, my child contracted it so, as other «dangerous» situations was not.

Vorotila infection – genital: why occurs in the buttocks?

This form of herpes is transmitted primarily through sexual contact via semen and vaginal in women.

In addition, infection can occur through contact with the rash, which occurs often on the genitals. It is easy to guess how the virus from the genitals can fall on the buttocks.

By the way, very often from herpes on buttocks suffer gay people (homosexuals), as well as fans of anal sex.

If the infection happens that way, then the symptoms are likely to appear between the buttocks closer to the anus.

During classical sex can also be infected as the infected part of the body closely in contact with different sections of the intimate areas of your partner.

Herpes type 3: the reasons of occurrence on the buttocks

Almost all people know what a pox, as it had in childhood. In the course of the disease the rash appears throughout the body, including in the priest.

There is a perception that chicken pox can be had only once in my life, but it is not. She has a very rare relapse, herpes zoster, who likes to occur on the lower back.

Герпес на ягодице: почему появляется и как лечится?Recurrence of chickenpox happens mostly in people with immunodeficiency, namely the elderly, people after treatment, weaken the immune system, in HIV-infected.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that for the secondary appearance of the smallpox requires a critical weakening of the immune system.

Feature of herpes zoster is neuralgia – the virus struck a nerve, which often symptoms will be for a very long time to be sick.

Here we dealt with the causes of herpes on buttocks. All kinds of girisindeki can give a recurrence – the recurrence of symptoms.

Recurrences in some people are asymptomatic, but most develop with noticeable symptoms, and in the same place. For relapse should any weakening of the immune system which can provoke:

  • stress;
  • hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy;
  • diverse infections, including HIV, as well as more simple, such as SARS;
  • hypothermia and overheating;
  • old age, etc.

Symptoms: how to understand what on the buttocks there is a herpes?

The main symptom of this disease is a specific rash that occurs on the skin or on mucous membranes.

She appears not immediately after Contracting the virus should settle in the body, this is called the incubation period and lasts from one to three weeks.

Just before the main symptom suffering feels the following symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • temperature rise;
  • nausea and dizziness;
  • irritability;
  • drowsiness.

In parallel, changes were occurring in the affected area. The affected area of the skin becomes inflamed, itches, swells, worried about discomfort.

If shingles affected area may be sore inside, in the area damaged by viruses nerve. After 1-2 days on the affected area swells up a rash, as pictured:

  • small blisters with clear content, arranged in a bunch or strip (if shingles);
  • after a few days the blisters grow turbid and reveal;
  • all the time the problem itchy, burning sore;
  • after opening of the rash in its place formed ulcer from which the oozing fluid;
  • gradually, the wound formed a crust;
  • after 1-2 weeks it all goes unnoticed.
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My child has an infection developed in the standard way. He was cranky, complained about the problem, refused to eat etc. the Rash has gone 5 days unnoticed, but these 5 days was not easy for us.

If you have the above symptoms, immediately consult a doctor (at least to the therapist, but rather to the infectious diseases specialist or a dermatologist) and pass examination.

Remember that herpes is particularly dangerous is for pregnant women at early or late stages.

Because it can happen a sudden miscarriage, and yet he provokes deviations (physical and mental) of the child, such as cerebral palsy. Therefore, in any case, do not ignore the problem!

Diagnosis and treatment: how to get rid of girisindeki on tummy?

To diagnose you, most likely, will be directed to an ELISA, to determine the type of pathogen. Experienced doctor to distinguish herpes from anything in appearance, but still refer to the analysis to confirm the diagnosis.

If the infection recurs very often, additionally, you will have to pass examination by immunologist to find the true cause of chronic weakness of the immune system.

Treat cold sores useless since it is not excreted from the body entirely, but to be treated still stands as the treatment prevents complications and speeds recovery. At the present time herpes cure:

Antiviral drugs – Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir. These medications reduce the activity of viruses, disrupting the process of division and restore the affected cells.

Герпес на ягодице: почему появляется и как лечится?The dosage is selected individually, taking into account age, health status and other patient characteristics. Children under 12 years and pregnant women antiviral are assigned only in case of emergency.

External preparations – ointments on the basis of the above antiviral. Such ointments include Zovirax, Fenistil penciler, Warpfire.

They act locally and, therefore, less dangerous than the pills, so they do not have such serious limitations and contraindications.

Antihistamine medications — Claritin, Cetirizine, Desloratadine. These drugs will help reduce the severity of symptoms – itching, swelling, popularnosti.

Immunomodulators — Arbidola, Kagocel, etc. of Such medicines is necessary only to those who have chronically weakened immune system. They are appointed for a long period of time for enhancing the protective functions of the organism.

In addition to medications prescribed by a doctor, at home you can use folk remedies. Want to know how to treat herpes offers traditional medicine?

If you want, then examine the list of the most effective folk remedies, which are worth a try for herpes on buttocks.

Protivovirusnye folk remedies

  • To boost the immune system take aloe juice, tincture of Golden root, lemongrass Chinese or Panax ginseng. And eat more citrus to saturate the body with vitamins.
  • Sitz baths are a convenient way if girisindeki on the buttocks. These baths are made from medicinal plants – chamomile, licorice, succession. Brew the herb (1 tablespoon of dry herb per liter of boiling water) and pour into a basin, which then need to dip the problem areas and sit as 15 minutes. The procedure will help to relieve itching and inflammation, prevents suppuration and secondary infection of the rash with bacteria, speeds the healing process.
  • Juice of celandine – should be lubricated herpes blisters as often as possible from the first days of occurrence. A similar procedure can be carried out with the aloe.
  • Essential oil – an excellent remedy if you do not use antiviral ointments. The therapy uses sea buckthorn and many conifers. Rash need to treat at least 3 times a day with a cotton swab.
  • If the rash is very itchy, and scratching it is by no means impossible, wipe it with a cube of pure ice. It was a long, but effective.
  • Soda solution for compresses – teaspoon baking soda dissolved in 150 ml of boiling water, followed by cool tool, wet it with a cotton swab and apply it to a problem location. The procedure is repeated three times a day.
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    Prevention of recurrence

    The people who have erisipela once, do not want to endure it again. Unfortunately, this disease loves to give relapses, and this happens usually at the most inopportune moments.

    To avoid frequent relapses, only need to monitor their immune system and not allow it to weaken. To prevent the recurrence, observe the following recommendations:

    • ditch unhealthy habits (Smoking, alcohol, etc.);
    • don’t engage in promiscuous sex (find a stable sexual partner, use protection, practice good hygiene);
    • eat right (diet a very negative impact on the immune system);
    • in time treat catarrhal diseases (do not bring them to chronic phase);
    • exercise regularly (at least morning exercises);
    • saturate the body with vitamins (type in the diet of vegetables and fruits);
    • regularly pass prophylactic medical examinations (this should be done definitely once a year).

    Well that’s all, dear readers. Now you know why there is herpes on the buttocks and what should be done with this sore.

    I hope you found the answers to all your questions, and if not, then ask the remaining questions in the comments.

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