Herpes on the face: how it looks and what methods treated?

Good day, dear readers! Why do I get herpes on my face? This problem can happen to you and even your baby. What are its causes and what to do with it? This will tell you in this article.

What type of disease is herpes can affect the face?

Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?In the world there are many varieties of this disease, and also a lot of provocateurs (virus types 1-8). How do you think what kind of disease is herpes occurs on the facial skin? Of course, the classic or pirotipii — cold in the lips.

This problem is familiar to many adults, it periodically becomes aggravated and gives a lot of discomfort.

What other herpes can attack the face? The second type varicella, which provokes viral microorganism titled «Varicella–Zoster».

Features of conventional facial herpes

Ordinary, called common cold on the lip, affects more than 80% of the population of our planet. It is an incurable disease that can worsen periodically. Almost all know how does this disease appears on the lips small rash that then turns into an ulcer covered with a crust and slowly heal.

A cold often affects adults, but can settle in the child’s body, which falls inside the womb, if the aggravation of the infection happens during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Features of herpes «Varicella–Zoster»

Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?Varicella is predominantly a childhood disease that is best to recover to 8 years of age. The child it is easier and faster than that of an adult.

Viral microorganism creates a rash all over the body, including the face. The pimples itch and hurt, as if to brush it, there will be new and the itching will intensify.

Smallpox can be ill adults who do not have chickenpox in childhood. I had been ill again, the disease does not develop, but instead could be a relapse in the form of herpes is herpes zoster.

This problem is more serious because, in addition to the rash, has symptoms of meningitis. Recurrence of chickenpox happens mostly in older people.

How is the infection facial herpes

There is a perception that the disease settles exactly where hit by a virus. Genital, for example, is transmitted sexually and settles on the intimate organs through which there is an infection. And how is facial herpes? There are several ways:

  • through kissing and close contact;
  • through oral sex with infected person;
  • in the air if ill with obvious signs of illness will cough and sneeze during a conversation;
  • contact-household method via shared utensils, namely cups, spoons, forks, using personal hygiene products and towels.

Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?Once infected, there is the most vivid and colorful period in which the symptoms are most pronounced. Then (after 1-2 weeks), the disease recedes, but never fully disappears.

Provoking microorganism moves in the nerves and there may be throughout the life of the host.

Periodically, but rather, under certain circumstances, he will let you know about new skin rash, which will be located in the same area as the previous one.

Escalating mainly pirotipii herpes. Chicken pox almost never escalates (except in rare cases of shingles in old age). Do you think that provokes a re-outbreak of rashes on the face?

Why facial herpes occur again?

The reasons for relapse are numerous, so let’s look at only the main. These include:

  • hypothermia or overheating of the body;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • different infectious pathologies and even banal SARS;
  • stress, depression;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • improper diet and, as a result, vitamin deficiency in the body.

Signs of facial herpes: how it begins and develops?

Pirotipii facial herpes develops mainly in the mouth, but can infect the eye if they move on them with dirty hands.

In order to move the virus, it is enough to touch the eruption on the lip and RUB your eyes. Starts and develops this type of disease as follows:

Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?

  • It bothers me a little bit — itches, swells, numb, white or red.
  • The next day, pimples the blisters small. They are located in groups (often a single hearth), closely to each other.
  • Valderice gradually grow turbid, acquires a yellowish tint and burst.
  • In place of the bursting of the rash occurs sore.
  • On the sore appears crust.
  • After 1-2 weeks it’s healing.
  • The symptoms of chickenpox are a little different. First, there are isolated itching pimples, with each passing day their number is growing. They are located randomly over a vast area. The recurrence of smallpox is characterized by lesions are located over the nerve (if on the face, the trigeminal) in the form of a strip or belt.

    Ill in the period of exacerbation may experience additional symptoms in the form of persistent low-grade temperature; dizziness and fatigue; aches in the limbs; the moral tension; problems with defecation (diarrhea or constipation).

    If you have any such skin blemishes, visit a dermatologist’s office. A doctor will diagnose and will appoint protivovirusnuu therapy. Before treatment of the disease need to know all of its features and to understand what were up against.

    Facts about facial herpes

    Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?Completely destroy the virus is impossible. To this day, still have no cure, able to fight effectively. There are drugs that suppress its activity, but not destroying it completely.

    Facial lesion will always appear at the same place (pirotipii herpes).

    The exceptions are people with immunodeficiency, in whom the disease can affect vast areas and even internal organs.

    In all cases of acute illness to blame a weakened immune system. Therefore, if the sickness had a relapse, then, first and foremost, you need to pay attention to the immune system. A healthy immune system is able to control the virus-provocateurs themselves.

    Disease on the face can be cured very quickly if you use the correct tools and begin treatment in a timely manner.

    Antiherpetic therapy that the official medicine offers

    Described in the article the problem is treated at home. Are you curious about what to treat unpleasant rashes on the face? If you’re interested, then here is a list of classic traditional medicines protivovirucnam action:

  • Special protivovirusnye ointment — Acyclovir, Warpfire, Herperax, Fenistil, Panavir, Zovirax. If you start to use the ointment from the first days of disease, then get rid of the rash only.
  • Protivovirusnye drugs in tablet form, Famvir, he needs therapy with valtrex, Foscarnet (injection). Such medicines are appointed primarily in severe cases, if the infection is generalized, or primary.
  • Modulators of the immune system — strengthen the immune system. Appointed only by a physician, taking them alone is not worth it.
  • Symptomatic medicines — antipyretics, e.g. Paracetamol, painkillers for example, Ibuprofen, anti-itch, for example, ointment Menovazin. With the help of these medications, you will facilitate the course of the illness and accelerate the healing process.
  • Ointment with protivovirucnam action to apply a thin layer directly to skin blemishes everyday 3-5 times.

    Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?To apply them it is recommended that disposable tools such as cotton swabs, cosmetic wooden sticks or cotton swab.

    When applying you need to be careful not to spread the virus through healthy skin.

    Antibiotics against disease described in the article do not apply. With the exception of maybe joining a secondary infection of bacterial nature. Only in such cases the treatment is antibiotic drugs.

    Tablets with antiherpetic effect primarily assigned to individuals with immunodeficiency: children, HIV-positive people after operations and treatment of cancer, the elderly. Doses are selected for each course of treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days.

    Folk therapy against facial herpes

    Let’s say you prefer a traditional medicine. How to cure above disease to help it?

    If you are very concerned about elements of acne, then wipe them with a cube of ice from clean drinking water or decoction of herbs: chamomile, sage, calendula. Broth you may want to further wash or rinse the mouth if the rash is in it.

    Spot after herpes and similar marks on the skin almost never left, but if there is, then get rid of them by using those tools:

  • Apply on the stain a paste of soda (regular table). When the paste has dried, remove it and wash. Soda has a slight bleaching effect and quickly reduces inflammation.
  • Wipe the spots with tincture of St. John’s wort if they are inflamed red. With the help of this tool you will get rid of pelagicheskikh traces for a couple of days.
  • Grind a tablespoon of oatmeal (flakes) and mix them with an equal amount of yogurt. Apply the mask on spots (if they are dark) for 15 minutes. After 5-7 procedures, skin marks after the rash disappears.
  • If after chicken pox to skin left scars, rather then apply a gel Contractubex or the like wound healing. The sooner you start treating the scars, the faster they get rid of.
  • How to treat the rash itself, triggered by a herpes infection? Folk medicine recommends the following methods:

    Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?Moisten a cotton swab with Valocordin and treat the skin defect. This drug will relieve discomfort and speed up healing.

    If you feel that a certain place will soon be cold sores, then remove earwax with a cotton swab and apply this stuff disturbing place.

    Means unpleasant, but very effective. After 2-3 such procedures, the discomfort will disappear entirely. So it is possible to prevent herpes problems on his lips.

    Take sprigs of fresh raspberries (better to take only the young), wash them carefully and chop. Shredded branches crush them until mushy state. Gruel apply on problematic area as a mask. In the branches of raspberry there are specific substances that suppress the activity of herpes viruses.

    Use the juice of aloe Vera or Kalanchoe. These plants provide almost the same effect, so you can take that will be able to find.

    If you regularly face herpes rash on the face, be sure to get yourself aloe or Kalanchoe. The plants are undemanding and versatile, often used in alternative medicine.

    Герпес на лице: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?Another preventive method. When you feel the approach of the herpetic rash, clean affected area with half cloves of garlic.

    If you repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day, colds on the face will not appear.

    Mix honey with Apple cider vinegar 1:1. The obtained tool handle the elements of the rash a couple of times a day.

    Drink instead of tea fortifying drink — beet juice mixed with carrot and Apple, then add to the drink of chopped parsley.

    This tool has a powerful immune strengthening properties. If you take it, the duration of acute infection will be reduced significantly.

    An additional tool to strengthen the immune system — herbal. Prepare it from the root zamanihi, green part of St. John’s wort, radiograms pink root, rose hips, nettle and hawthorn fruit.

    Take all ingredients in equal number of Islands. Tablespoon of the mixture dissolve in a Cup of boiling water, allow to fully cool and then drink a third Cup three times a day.

    That’s all, dear readers. Now you know what to do with erisipela on the face. Examples of the rash shown in the photo, study them and then be able to distinguish viral infection from other skin diseases visually.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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