Herpes on the hands (photo including fingers) and especially its treatment

Герпес на руках (фото, в том числе на пальцах) и особенности его леченияGood day, dear readers! Today I will tell you all about herpes on hand. This week I wanted to enroll in new nail salon, but decided against it, and you know why?

But the fact that when my salon ran a disgruntled client who began to wave his hands and shout about the rash on your fingers.

Of course, I drew attention to it and saw the herpes on hands! Most likely, caught the girl in this cabin and, by the way, this happens often. After the «concert» I have no longer any desire to visit this place. So I had to abandon the record and escape.

On the way home I got to thinking, how often does erisipela on hand, and realized that I such patients are very rare (once a year, at most). Usually people come with a herpetic rash on the lips or chickenpox/shingles, and now this.

Why do cold sores appear on the fingers and what to do in this case? Read the article in which I will tell you all about hand herpes.

Why there is erisipela on hand?

Герпес на руках (фото, в том числе на пальцах) и особенности его леченияThis form of the viral infection called «herpes felon» (there is also a bacterial felon, but this is a separate issue).

Examples of herpetic felon you see in the photo.

Agree, does not differ from the same of the common cold on the lips, for example. But why the sore is caused in such a strange place?

Scientists believe that herpes rash occurs in the exact place in which an infection has taken place. Therefore, if it appeared on the skin, it means that the infection occurred through the skin. And how could this happen?

A girl from the salon it’s very simple: most likely, in the course of manicure master traumatized her instrument insufficiently disinfected or not disinfected at all after the previous client.

Viruses-herpes are not very survivable, but may remain on the instruments, including nail, for a couple of hours for sure. Therefore, if the tool were not treated with antiseptics, then it is quite possible to infect anyone and anything.

Through a skin the herpes virus inside a body can’t. For contamination on the cover must be present injury, even though the minimum cut.

By the way, very often this infection occurs in children (for example, a couple of months ago I treated a similar problem in the child of my friend) and this happens because kids get hurt and do not observe the rules of hygiene, and therefore are a good target for viruses.

As you know, the herpes viruses are very different, so I want to clarify, who from them could trigger an infection on the fingers and toes. Often the cause of such ailments are:

  • the first simple herpes virus – it provokes cold on the lips, it can become genital, he’s a great root in other parts of the body, which gets (rash this will neat, noobshire);
  • the second type – it causes genital herpes, and it can settle down in other parts of the body;
  • the third type – he’s a pox, but vetryanaya the rash rarely appears on the fingers, but the recurrence of the chickenpox – shingles can occur on the hands, but this is extremely rare (the rash of herpes zoster a strip, and the affected area is very sore).
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Who most often suffers from herpes hands?

Герпес на руках (фото, в том числе на пальцах) и особенности его леченияThrough years of experience with these infections I can definitely tell who has a chance encounter with herpes on hands.

Below you see the list of social groups that appeal to the above-described problem is more likely.

Therefore, if you enter in a certain group of the following, so, too, have all chances to get sick. So these people get sick more often than other hand herpes:

  • children who have labial herpes, love to pull the hands in your mouth, and do not observe personal hygiene;
  • people who frequently injure the hands, and contact with other people;
  • athletes who practice contact sports;
  • dermatologists, dentists and infectious disease specialists that have direct contact with the rash during the work.

By the way, one or the other of girisindeki now have 90% of the world population, so to prevent the infection very difficult. Not worth it to dwell on it, better to properly heal, if there is a problem.

And how to understand that have arisen herpes? Examine the symptoms and then be able to distinguish this disease from others like me – at first sight.

Signs of herpes: how to understand, what exactly he appeared on the hands?

We all know that the main symptom of herpes is a specific rash. But before she appears, suffering from any other symptoms which you can notice the problem in time.

In the first place, which would later be covered by a rash, inflammation develops. Because of this, the fingers or other areas can hurt, itch, burn. Mobility does not suffer, however, during the movement of the fingers can be felt pain or discomfort.

Along with the discomfort develops redness of the affected places. It can swell, like after an insect bite, just blush, as if you are allergic, or highly inflamed, as in abscess. In addition, the person feels a slight discomfort:

  • the temperature rises;
  • a lot of headaches;
  • sick and sleepy;
  • even in the morning felt weak;
  • you may receive something similar to the common cold or SARS.

On the second or third day after the above symptoms appear the main rashes. The rash resembles a blister, but very small, filled with clear content, are located close to each other.

Герпес на руках (фото, в том числе на пальцах) и особенности его леченияEven if you ignore the symptoms, the rash will clear within the week, it will disappear without a trace. But it will be only for those who have a normally working immune system.

Small children, people with immunodeficiency and elderly exposed to different types of complications, which were described in articles on this site.

If you’re wondering what complications gives the cold sores, then read other articles on this topic.

Saiva, rash, opened, on its place there is a sore that will soon crust over. The crust will disappear on their own, you will not even notice how and when.

After the herpetic rash on the fingers and other parts of the body not normally leave a scar, but if you scratch or damage a rash, then the scars can appear.

What to do if your hands are covered with herpes rash?

First and foremost, you need to make sure that it is herpes. Even if you examine the symptoms thoroughly and look at photos herpes rash anyway can it be mixed with something else, e.g.:

  • allergies;
  • bacterial infection;
  • insect bites;
  • a deficiency of vitamins etc.
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To learn precisely, whether it is herpes, consult a dermatologist. By the way, about how to find a dermatologist and how to treat herpes in Moscow, is told in a separate article.

Read it definitely, learn a lot of interesting things, for example, the name of the Internet service to search for clinics online.

Your doctor will refer you for tests, most likely at IFA-a test that looks for antibodies in the blood to the herpes viruses. In addition, he will thoroughly examine your problem and will look for the following distinguishing features:

  • unlike bacterial infections, herpes not fester;
  • unlike allergies, herpes is a small area of skin (if not complicated);
  • insect bites are very rarely provokes the appearance of multiple blisters;
  • vitamin deficiency can be easily confused with herpes, but unlike herpes, deficiency provokes ungrouped rash.

Once you are diagnosed, if necessary, the treatment is selected. To be treated it is necessary, especially if you have a small child, elderly person or person with problem of weak immunity. And what will be the treatment? Let’s find out!

How to treat erisipela on hand?

So, I want to tell you about how to treat girisindeki on hand I recommend to my patients. By the way, did you know that this infection is not excreted from the body completely?

Герпес на руках (фото, в том числе на пальцах) и особенности его леченияTo this day there are no such medicines, which could kill the virus-herpes in the human body. Modern medicine can only protect from complications and to help the immune system to fight infection.

Herpes on hands is not considered something particularly dangerous, so specific treatment is almost never required (except in people with immunodeficiency).

All antiviral drugs such as Acyclovir, Root, Vivorax, if appointed, it is only in the form of ointments. This kind of ointment is not particularly affect the activity of the virus (can shorten the duration of illness for a couple of days).

It is therefore advisable to use a little others, and it is protivosemnye local medications and ointments that is what you should use, read below:

  • painkillers based on Lidocaine — Lidocaine Dynexan, Luan;
  • painkillers and protivozudnoe on the basis of Benzocaine — Relatadas, for example;
  • healing and anti-inflammatory — Menovazin, Fenistil.

If the disease is accompanied by high fever and headaches, you can take Tempalgin, Nurofen, Nise, Ketanov, Ketorol, Analgin or something similar, namely, that drinking all the time against such symptoms.

To be honest, these drugs will be ineffective, because the symptoms will not disappear as long as the body does not win the virus yourself.

Folk remedies, I would not advise to try different lotions and compresses you can put in rash bacterial infection, which will inflame it even more.

Most importantly, properly care for your rash! In any case, do not pick her, not siderite crust, be sure to keep hands clean.

In addition, I encourage my patients to strengthen immunity by all available means. Why? And to prevent frequent recurrences of herpes in the future.

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Relapse prevention: how to conduct?

If the herpetic rash appeared once will appear again, and only depends on you how quickly it will happen. It’s considered normal frequency of relapses up to 3 times a year. If the disease comes back often, so immunity is not working sufficiently.

You must pass the examination by immunologist, if the specialist does not find serious reasons for the weakening of the immune system should start to strengthen this system on their own.

To strengthen the immune system you need to:

  • to drink vitamins – for example, I annually take a course of vitamins in late winter;
  • to harden is to pour cold water, running outdoors in the winter, wipe snow, etc. (all of this will help to increase the body’s resistance to diverse infections);
  • eat proper and regular diet, famine, malnutrition – that affects the immune system worse than anything else;
  • give up bad habits – we are talking about all the habits, especially dangerous are Smoking and alcohol;
  • play sports – any sport, even enough everyday morning exercises, it is important not to sit still;
  • to observe personal hygiene – wash hands thoroughly after street, regularly take a shower, keep the clothes clean, etc.

If you have never had herpes and you are sure that you don’t have it (people with strong immune systems the infection can present in the body without symptoms), then avoid contact with people who have clear signs of the sores, namely, rash anywhere.

Herpes viruses are transmitted in all possible ways, and especially infectious is considered the contents of the blisters. If it falls on injured skin, the infection will happen necessarily and soon the rash will appear there.

Now you know, could it be herpes on hands, so you will not have any questions on the topic «does it happen». I hope that the girl from the nail salon next time will be careful to choose the wizard.

I also almost fell for these scams, so I can confidently say that to be infected with something in the beauty everyone can.

Do not go to unproven artists, and always ensure that the tools that you will to do something carefully and according to all rules processed after the previous customers.

Read what you can share with your friends via social networks, but if I update the site, then just don’t miss the latest information. I wish you good health and all the best!

Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)