Herpes on the head: what are the symptoms and treatments?

Герпес на голове: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?Hello my dear readers! Had herpes on his head? Most importantly, don’t panic, and enjoy a better right treatment. How to treat this problem you learn from article.

Recently, a friend brought me a child who is herpes a rash has appeared in my hair! An outwardly ordinary herpes, but the location of the unnatural to him.

I was very surprised how the infection could get in there. It turned out very simple. Want to know what the herpes can occur on the scalp?

Reason: what is herpes settles in your hair and why?

Usually do two types of herpes viruses:

  • the first type is simple, which causes herpes rash on lips;
  • the third type, he’s a pox, and shingles he.

As it turned out, the child’s friend was the first type of herpes simple. To infect enough to infected biological fluids (any human, for example, saliva) got into the wound on the scalp.

You kiss your baby if you have herpes on your lips? In the case of a positive answer, do not be surprised that he’s sore, too, will be and, most likely, in the place where you kissed him (if there are scratches or sores).

And another person can transfer herpes from mouth to head, hands touching the rash and then scratching his scalp.

Chickenpox and its recurrence on the scalp

Chickenpox, in turn, easily distinguished from other diseases visually the rash is all over body including on the head. But shingles is a disease is extremely interesting and specific.

This is a recurrence of chickenpox, which usually occurs in men and women with the same frequency in old age. Yes, we are sick with chicken pox once in your life, then our body produces strong immunity.

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Герпес на голове: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?But the virus is not going away (all types of herpes it is impossible to expel from the body completely, because they are deposited deep in the nerves, where they can not get the modern drugs), therefore under certain conditions the disease may appear again.

Recurrence of chickenpox, which you can see on the photo, usually occurs where there are large nerves.

To Wake infection is critical weakening of the immune system to the extent when he will not be able to contain the virus in the body.

If a relapse occurred on the scalp, then the virus settled in the trigeminal nerve, which covers the whole face and a little of the above area.

And the scalp can affect other diverse infections, allergies, dermatitis etc. How to distinguish herpes from these diseases? You need to know the symptoms.

The main symptoms

  • The skin begins to itch, disturb, discomfort and swell. However, no visible signs of infection yet.
  • Temperature rises to 39 degrees and above, headache, the skin becomes inflamed like a solid wound.
  • There is a General weakness. Children, including child of my friend, refuse to eat, become Moody and irritable. In adults, herpes is growing more aggressive, so they feel much worse.
  • On inflamed area get hives. In the herpes simplex (parvatipuram), she located a handful, is a small transparent Valderice, which strongly itch and bake. Shingles is more aggressive – the affected area more hurts, itches and burns. Rash a strip, from which came the name of the infection. The chickenpox rash is rare, very itchy, large, resembling blisters or pustules.
  • Gradually, the lesions burst, while the scalp have sores that then crust over. So, the disease begins to heal and pass.
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    To treat or not to treat?

    The most dangerous thing in the herpes that it serves as a great thoroughfare for any other infection.

    And it should be noted that it is very contagious, transmitted all sorts of ways, and can cause serious complications, especially in young children, people with immune deficiency and pregnant women.

    Therefore, to treat the infection is a must! And still need to properly care for the skin of the head.

    How is it treated?

    Now I will tell you about what the standard methods of treated herpes on the scalp.

    In each individual case may require some additional treatment of the event, so be sure to consult a dermatologist, trichologist or your GP and get tested.

    The standard treatment is performed using:

  • Antiviral drugs. It can be antiherpetic ointment and cream, for example Zovirax, Acyclovir, Gerpevir, as well as based tablets of Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir. All of these drugs are introduced into viral DNA and stop the process of reproduction, so the infection will cease to develop.
  • General symptoms such as high temperature and pain can be combated with the help of Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Nurofen etc.
  • If there was a relapse of the chicken pox, additionally appointed agents for immunity-based interferon.
  • The rash must be treated with antiseptics – Peroxide, brilliant Green, to prevent contamination by bacteria.
  • Also, make sure children and adults are assigned vitamins a, C, E, that can improve the body’s natural defenses.
  • In the period of disease the head can not be washed in a standard shampoo, as can be substances-irritants and chemicals.

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    Instead of shampoo, use ordinary baby soap. When a rash to develop in wounds, antiseptics in addition, it is possible to smear a wound-healing drugs:

    • Panthenol;
    • Depanthenol;
    • Miramistina;
    • With soap;
    • Zinc ointment.

    Elderly people with recurrent chickenpox assigned different physiotherapy for General strengthening of the body.

    But children are not required because the child’s body needs to cope with such viral diseases.

    Chickenpox, for example, do not suggest to treat antiviral because the body will cope with the challenge yourself, then to develop a really strong and robust immunity.

    That’s all, dear readers! Now you know why it happens and how to treat herpes on the skin of the head. The child of my friend was cured for a week or more the disease had appeared.

    Fortunately, everything went without complications and occurred because the mother time to react. So if you experience these symptoms, do not delay and do not wait until the very pass, and it is better to go to the doctor and do the proper treatment!

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    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)