Herpes on the lips: causes and treatments

Hello, dear friends! You know, why do I get cold sores on cheek? I recently had to deal with this phenomenon, after which I examined it in detail and found that this happens often.

Want and you will be told why there is this sore and how to quickly cope?

My experience

About three weeks ago my son came home from a walk with a scratched cheek. After some time the injured spot began to itch and become inflamed, despite the fact that we treated it with antiseptics.

Герпес на щеке: причины появления и методы леченияThen on his cheek suddenly jumped Valderice small, itchy and bothering the child. And my son has a fever, he was lethargic and irritable.

For some reason, I immediately thought that it was herpes. The child had all the symptoms (by the way, the above are considered standard), and examples of the main symptom is a rash.

Of course, we went to the doctor in children’s clinic that referred us for tests and was diagnosed with «erisipela because of simple viruses.» We were treated a couple of weeks and sore, thankfully, disappeared.

What triggers herpes sore on the cheeks.

This is a non-standard location of the infection, as often we see it on the lips. Lip sore triggered by the herpes virus of the first type and, as it turned out, the rash on his cheek too.

At least my child has found it is the first type of herpesvirus, but we were warned that not only can it provoke a similar problem.

Another provocateur of herpes on cheek can be the third type – he’s chickenpox. During chickenpox, the rash spreads all over the body, but it can be easily distinguished from any other disease according to specific appearance.

They say that chickenpox sick only once, but that’s not true, because she has a rare relapse in the form of herpes zoster. This problem in children almost never occurs, she prefers people from other social groups:

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  • elderly;
  • holders of immunodeficiency;
  • undergoing major surgery or treatment, overwhelming the immune system.

Herpes can give relapses, and absolutely anyone, and it is enough to reduce immunity.

The doctor told me that I should be ready for the re-emergence of diseases, especially if my son is faced with factors-reasons for relapse. What people like you think?

Causes of herpes simplex recurrences

  • stress and fatigue;
  • other infections;
  • the deficiency of vitamins;
  • overcooling or overheating;
  • HIV infection.

The recurrence will appear in the place where the herpes came to me. How do you think it got on the skin of the cheek?

Why herpes can occur on cheek inside mouth?

Герпес на щеке: причины появления и методы леченияDoctors believe that the symptoms of the infection appear exactly in the area, through which an infection has taken place.

Remember I said that the son came with a scratch on the cheek? So it became the reason for the virus somehow got into epithelial tissue using this scrape.

Inside the mouth cold sores can also appear. It is transmitted by all known ways through all biological fluids of humans.

You can become infected when kissing if you use the same dishes, airborne, etc.

And even the virus can be transferred to other areas of the body yourself if you touch the rash hands and then those hands to put in your mouth or somewhere else.

How we were treated from herpes on cheek?

And now I have you a little upset – herpes is not treated, the virus always remains in the human body.

But if not treated at all, then this infection can cause serious complications, especially in children and people with immune deficiency and pregnant women.

And what do you do? So I asked this question. Fortunately, we got a good specialist, he prescribed the right treatment, so we got rid of the sore fairly quickly and without consequences.

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How to cure herpes at home? Despite the fact that the virus is not eliminated from the body completely, with modern medicine we can significantly weaken it, after which it will recede along with the symptoms and sleep for a long time, without provoking any complications.

At the present time against herpes uses antiviral agents on the basis of:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Of valacyclovir;
  • Of famciclovir.

It can be tablets, ointments, gels. Children up to 12 years old (my 8) and pregnant women antiviral are assigned only in case of emergency.

So as a whole my baby is healthy we pills not prescribed and was advised to choose one of following ointments:

  • Panavir on the basis of herbs;
  • Zovirax or Root – based antiviral agents.

We chose Zovirax, apply the medication to the problem area with a cotton swab three times a day. In addition, we cauterized rash antiseptic alcoholic solution, namely, tincture of calendula.

Герпес на щеке: причины появления и методы леченияWe also used fir oil (also doctor advised), which, as it turns out, is not only antiseptic, but also a healing tool.

In some cases, patients with erisipela in a nonstandard location prescribed immunomodulators (if the immune system cannot fight infection), such as Imudon, Interferon.

We to stimulate the immune system has taken a folk remedy – a decoction of rose hips, as it is safe.

In General, the human body is capable to fight the infection, he just needed a little help.

Antiviral drugs as effectively cope with the virus because they are toxic, which can harm the body even more than the virus itself.

So, if you too are faced with the above problem, first be sure to consult your doctor, do not self-medicate and do not swallow the tablet packs unnecessarily!

After a week of treatment the rash on the cheek from my son’s crusty, which itself has disappeared in three days.

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In her place no trace is left and now he feels just fine. I hope we never see repeated rash, at least, we will do everything possible for prevention.

Prevention of recurrence

To prevent recurrences, you just need to follow the immune system and not allow it to weaken. To do this follow the simple rules:

  • eat right;
  • avoid stress;
  • time to treat SARS;
  • exercise.

Now you know how to treat a herpes on cheek why there is such a disease and what to do for prevention. I hope my experience will help you, if needed to quickly heal the sore.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)