Herpes on the penis: how it looks and what methods treated?

Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?Hello dear men! This article is designed specifically for you, and it will go about such an unpleasant disease, like herpes on the penis.

By itself, the herpes anything critically bad man will not do, but the complications of this infection can lead to impotence and infertility.

Almost every second inhabitant of our planet aged 45 years is a carrier of at least one of the herpes viruses.

This can include you, even if the symptoms have not yet appeared, and you no 45.

Deceit infection is that it can be present in the body for a long time without symptoms and then suddenly deteriorate and Express themselves. Even you, dear men, you should know that herpes infection increases the risk of acquiring other sexually transmitted diseases.

Symptoms: how to recognize the presence of the enemy in the reproductive system of men?

Notice infection in an asymptomatic period. The first signs will occur only during an exacerbation or first manifestations of the disease, if you have just contracted.

By the way, the first outbreak is the most bright and heavy. After the herpes virus will live forever in your body and will re-lighter symptoms periodically (3-5 times a year).

The main symptom of herpes disease is a specific rash on the penis. This is a small Valderice that you see in the photo, often located on the head member.

Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?In addition to the head, blisters can jump on the scrotum, pubic hair, on the entire surface of the penis, in the perineum, around the anus (this happens mostly homosexuals).

Doctors believe that rash in the place where you got the virus provocateur.

Some men have rashes to occur inside the urethra, which is especially frustrating. The pimples gradually grow turbid, reveal, and in their place are formed crust.

Rash on the inside of the urethra is not covered by scabs and heals longer. The duration of genital disease in men is equivalent to 2-3 weeks (if to be treated, it will be faster).

A couple of days before the rash, you may notice these symptoms:

  • itching, numbness and tingling in the affected area;
  • redness of the affected area;
  • pain and burning sensation during urination;
  • weakness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • a slight rise in temperature;
  • muscle and joint pain;
  • the increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.

These signs will remain for the entire period of acute illness. If the rash appears in the urethra, it will be added to the discharge from the urethra.

How do you get infected?

You have probably already guessed that this disease can be caught during sexual contact with a carrier. This is the most common method of transmission, but there are others, for example, contact-household.

Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?Virus-the agent provocateur can remain on various objects and surfaces with which in contact a healthy person, and then transfers the infection to his body.

Due to the fact that herpes viruses are not very persistence in the environment, this pathway is considered unlikely.

Provocateur herpes rash on male sexual body may become two types of herpes viruses is simple: the first and second (the number of known types is equal to 8, but genital infection provoke only two, and the second type more often).

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The first type (he provokes cold on the lip) can get into the body of a man in the course of a kiss with an infected person, as well as during oral sex.

Most infectious are people with obvious signs of disease. Therefore, if you engage in oral sex with a partner who has a cold sore on lip, then with high probability the same rash can be caused your penis.

Viruses-provocateurs can be transmitted to other human biological fluids: saliva, vaginal lubrication, semen, sweat, and etc. greatest hazard is the content of the herpes blisters.

Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?The second type of virus-provocateurs of the disease (it is called genital) penetrates into the body only during the traditional and anal sex.

In traditional sex, if unprotected sexual organ will be in contact with the bodily fluids of an infectious partner, the infection will happen with almost 100% probability. When this rash will occur at the penis.

After homosexual contact symptoms of girisindeki can appear on the penis (if you are an active partner) or in the anus (if you are a passive partner).

What to do if you have a rash on the penis?

Go to the urologist or the venereologist. The doctor will examine the affected body visually and assign tests. Often assigned diagnostic ELISA method, which detects antibodies to herpes virus in the blood.

With this analysis you can determine what kind of virus provocateur settled in the body in men, how long and at what stage is the disease now.

Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?What happens if you ignore the infection with a rash on the penis? If untreated, the rash may additionally become infected by bacteria that cause different types of diseases of the genitourinary system.

In carriers of herpes who refuse treatment, often develop urethritis, and can also happen impotence and infertility.

In addition, herpes increases the likelihood of Contracting other STDs, such as HIV infection, syphilis, etc.

If it is too often escalates (often 5 times per year), the doctor may suspect the presence of HIV, as these diseases are closely interrelated. HIV infection weakens the immune system and the herpes virus recurs only with the weakening of immunity.

The reasons for recurrence of infection on the male member

Relapses occur only in the weakening of the immune system, which can weaken for various reasons. To provoke a relapse, you need to:

  • SuperCool the body;
  • overheat in the sun;
  • sick of SARS or other similar diseases;
  • to pick up additional STD;
  • long to take antibiotics or other serious medications;
  • to deal with stress.

Traditional treatment to the intimate male herpes

To cure viral disease such completely is impossible, but it is possible to significantly reduce the frequency of recurrences and speed up the healing process of herpes lesions on the penis.

Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?How to treat the above disease offers us traditional medicine? With the help of antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.

Antiviral medications at the present time come in various forms: ointment, tablets, solutions for injection intravenously or intramuscularly.

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What form of medication you choose and the doctor shall decide in each individual case. Standard uncomplicated disease is commonly medicated with antiviral activity:

  • Aciclovir;
  • The famciclovir;
  • With valacyclovir.

Most popular medicine is Acyclovir. It take one pill 5 times a day for weeks. Tablets will become the only option, if the rash is located inside the penis.

Outer herpes can be treated with the same ointment, or a similar antiviral. Ointments applied to lesions 4-5 times a day thin layer. Injections and drips are assigned only in special cases, if a person has an immune deficiency or a complicated infection.

To strengthen the immune system need to take immunomodulators with the protein interferon in the composition or drugs that stimulate the production of the above protein. Interferon produced after viral invasion in the body to protect it.

In addition, ill appointed vitamins for overall strengthening of the body. Vitamins are needed regularly, especially if you are already faced with erisipela.

An unconventional treatment of male sexual girisindeki

Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?

Unconventional treatment is carried out using national resources, which should be combined with traditional. Some folk remedies will help to remove the herpes from the penis? Here is a list of the most effective:

  • The celandine with honey — mix honey with dry celandine in equal amounts and apply the resulting slurry on the problem areas three times a day for 20 minutes.
  • Tincture of viburnum — viburnum 30 grams pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for three hours, and then drink twice a day half a Cup for months. It will strengthen the immune system.
  • Herbal infusion made from — mixed herbs: motherwort, chamomile, thyme, calendula and raspberries (leaves) in equal amounts, a tablespoon of the mixture pour a liter of boiling water for at least an hour and rinse the affected body infusion daily.
  • Recommendations for accelerating the treatment of the sexual male herpes at times

    Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?

    These guidelines will help to protect your private area from further infections and to get rid of herpes rash unpleasant:

  • Keep the affected body clean and dry. To wash 2 times a day, and after physical activity additionally, if you feel that intimate place preet. Sweat will irritate the rash ,making the discomfort will increase, and it is a perfect environment for bacteria.
  • Do not touch the rash hands. The contents rash is contagious, so be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with a sexually the affected organ. For the treatment of rash ointment use cotton swabs or disks.
  • Wear loose underwear made from cotton. Synthetics are not breathable, causing the affected body will sweat.
  • If discomfort due to the rash becomes unbearable, podmates and apply to the trouble areas of any cold compress. In no case do not RUB or scrub the rash!
  • If the process of urination is too painful, try urinating while sitting on the toilet. So, sores on the penis will not come into contact with urine.
  • Do not RUB your contact lenses (if you wear them) saliva. The saliva contains the virus and if you put in the eye, it may lead to eye erisipela, a complication which is often blindness.
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    Nutrition during diseases of herpes in men: how it should be?

    Герпес на члене: как он выглядит и какими методами лечится?

    A necessary component of treatment of girisindeki men and women is diet. It relieves the body, prevents allergic reactions, reduces the severity of symptoms of the disease, accelerates recovery.

    How to cure herpes with the help of proper nutrition? To do this, observe the following guidelines:

  • Ditch unhealthy habits. Smoking affects skin immunity, and alcohol cannot be combined with all medications.
  • Eliminate from the diet (at least temporarily) foods such as fast food, beer, chocolate, coffee. Discard nuts (all kinds), and seeds (too all). In addition, do not eat rice, corn and wheat.
  • Enter in the diet of healthy foods such as vegetables in unlimited quantities, seafood, legumes, eggs, lean meat. In addition, you can pamper yourself with natural dairy products — yogurt, kefir, cheese, butter.
  • Instead of coffee, drink weak tea, broth hips, herbal teas, dried fruit, jelly. Carbonated beverages are suffering with the aggravation of the infection is absolutely contraindicated.
  • Many of the following products in the diet, do the minimum, namely the amount of sugar, flour products, purchase products with preservatives and chemicals in the.
  • Prevention: how not to get infected and to reduce the number of relapses?

    For the prevention of genital infections male should always use protection during sex. The best means of prevention are condoms. Their use is recommended in all sexual contact and even oral.

    Yes, it is in this sex less than unsafe, but then you won’t have to suffer because of the rash herpes and other STDs. If you do not want to use condoms, then get yourself one permanent partner (or partner if you are homosexual), so you can know exactly what this man healthy.

    Those men who have faced the above infection, can you advise the following: do not SuperCool, to treat respiratory diseases in time to monitor the condition of the immune system and strengthen it regularly.

    Now you know what it looks like and how to treat sexual male erisipela. Read share with your friends via social networks and don’t forget to subscribe to updates of this website. Your questions you can ask an experienced dermatologist online. Good health and see you soon!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)