Herpes on the Pope: what to do if he sprang in a child or adult?

Герпес на попе: что делать, если он вскочил у ребенка или взрослого?Good day, dear readers! Erisipela is transmitted in various ways and can be, not only in adults but also in children.

Don’t be surprised if he jumped up herpes on the priest, though this place is not considered characteristic for this infection.

The virus can migrate from one body part to another, and it happens mainly in the recurrence of the disease. After reading the article, you will learn why there is herpes rash on buttocks and how to fight it.

Why there is erisipela on the fifth point?

This problem can develop in a healthy man after infection with one of the following types of herpes viruses:

  • the first type, which causes the common cold on the lips;
  • the second type, which is called genital.

Other types of herpes provoke a generalised symptoms or occur without a rash at all. To catch the above types of viruses can be different.

For example, while interacting with a sick person, who has vivid symptoms of the disease. The virus is transmitted through saliva and phlegm from the lungs.

In addition, erisipela perfectly transmitted by contact — if the skin of the sick person will be in contact with the skin healthy. The most dangerous are patients with visible symptoms of infection.

Contamination will occur if the contents are herpes pimples or some bodily fluid ill get on the skin or mucous healthy person.

The child erisipela on the priest can occur immediately after birth if he is infected during birth, but rather in passing the maternal birth canal, which may be present a rash.

Герпес на попе: что делать, если он вскочил у ребенка или взрослого?We (adults) can inadvertently infect your child, if we use common towels or other personal belongings.

Often, the infection occurs in the following way: ill touch your herpes rash hands and then touches the baby without washing your hands beforehand, and infect it that way.

Adults herpes viruses are passed on usually during sexual contact and kissing. To get erisipela can be from any human biological fluid, even against vaginal lubrication and semen.

If these liquids fall on the fifth point, which can be microdamages, the virus will begin to isnegative it was there, so the symptoms will occur at the Pope.

After the first outbreaks in humans occur regularly relapses. It was during the recurrence of the sore on lips can turn into rash on butt, or other areas of the body. Why are there relapses?

Causes of recurrence can be:

  • hypothermia;
  • reduced immunity due to disease or immunodeficiency States;
  • stress;
  • excessive physical stress;
  • alcoholism and Smoking;
  • HIV infection;
  • pregnancy;
  • menstruation and hormonal disruption in women.

Герпес на попе: что делать, если он вскочил у ребенка или взрослого?If the disease appears you have too often (more than five times a year), then most likely you have serious health problems and critically weakened immune system.

In a healthy person erisipela gives up to three recurrences per year. See how varied may be the causes of infection.

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So don’t be surprised if she suddenly appears you or your child on the priest. And as noted girisindeki on time? You need to know its symptoms.

Symptoms: looks like herpes on the ass?

Notice that this viral infection difficult, since its main feature is a specific rash. Looks and develops it in the following way:

  • First, the affected area (in our case, the skin on the fifth point) becomes a bit disturbed. It can swell, itch, become inflamed. The skin becomes reddish or white shade.
  • In a day or two on the affected place there are tiny transparent blisters. They are often arranged in groups, close to each other. Blisters have a diameter of 1-3 mm and fully transparent lipoate content.
  • After a few days (up to five) blisters start to thicken and thaw. In their place formed a crust. This whole process is accompanied by discomfort.
  • Wet wound on the priest can easily become infected with pathogenic bacteria during a visit to the toilet, for example. However, it will fester and become inflamed. Additional infection complicates treatment and healing.
  • After one to two weeks in the normal course of the disease the rash disappears.
  • Children, people with excessively weakened immune systems and people where the disease appeared for the first time, may experience additional symptoms such as:

    • intoxication and fever;
    • aches and pains in muscles and joints;
    • the increase in temperature;
    • sleepiness and irritability.

    During pregnancy observed similar signs, therefore, be considered within the above-described infection in women in the position, we will not.

    It should be noted only one thing that a herpes infection in this period can be fraught with miscarriage and various deviations in physical and mental development of the fetus. Such effects will develop, if the child is infected in utero.

    What to do if you experience signs of girisindeki on the fifth point?

    Герпес на попе: что делать, если он вскочил у ребенка или взрослого?In such a situation, an urgent need to go to the doctor-the therapist, dermatologist or infectious disease doctor (if the rash on the genitals, then to the urologist or to the gynecologist).

    Children with such phenomena lead to the pediatrician. Any specialist will tell girisindeki from other pathologies by their appearance.

    For accurate diagnosis ill send for additional tests, e.g.:

    • ELISA test ELISA test with it in your blood to find antibodies to the virus-provocateurs;
    • The PCR reaction — it will help to know what kind of virus and how much is present in the body;
    • culture analysis — grow a culture of viruses, and then with 100% accuracy can identify the type and stage of herpes.

    For more information on analyses, see the separate articles on this website. Let’s say you have already been diagnosed. What’s next? How to treat a nasty rash that got out on the priest?

    Treatment of girisindeki on the fifth point traditional methods

    The man with the bright symptoms of the above infection is antiviral therapy.

    To date, there is no medicine that can bring virus-provocateur from the body, but there are effective medicines that can permanently mute it and prolong periods of remission. These are the drugs ill have to use it.

    Treatment is tailored individually based on the health status and characteristics of suffering. For example, children, antiviral medications are not assigned to the age of 12, as they are too toxic.

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    Герпес на попе: что делать, если он вскочил у ребенка или взрослого?The child’s body must fight the virus and develop immunity to it. Treatment of children after 12 years and adults is no different.

    For pregnant women select individual antiviral therapy with customized dosages.

    People with immunodeficiency protivovirusnye to take the medications for prevention.

    For the treatment of any erisipela, including the Pope, used such drugs:

    Antiviral designed specifically against girisindeki — Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir.

    All these medicines are created based on one of Acyclovir, which is still being improved to this day. Acyclovir is taken in tablet five times a day, and the rest one pill three times a day.

    These medicines stops the propagation of viruses-agents provocateurs, and active substances from their structure inhibit the infection and send it into dormant state.

    If you have time to take antiviral medication before the rash, it is likely to be able to prevent the disease.

    Герпес на попе: что делать, если он вскочил у ребенка или взрослого?Antiviral for external use in the form of creams and ointments — Zovirax, Fenistil, Warpfire. Ointments have the same effect as the pills, but only local, directly to the site of infection.

    Some doctors consider them to be more effective and others useless.

    In favor of ointments following can be said: they are prescribed to children at any age, but they also numb, disinfect and accelerate the healing process of pimples. Outer drugs are applied four to five times a day on the affected area.

    Antihistamine — Diazolin, Claritin, Cetirizine. These medications prevent an allergic reaction to a viral infection. Through this action eliminates itching and burning in the affected area.

    Modulators of immunity — Arbidol, Kagocel. Modulators cause the human immune system to work and protected from virus attack. In most cases they are not prescribed as the immune system needs to cope with the infection.

    Such drugs are needed, if a person has immunodeficiency, and if suffering is a small child or elderly person.

    Treatment of girisindeki on the buttocks have to be integrated. The maximum effect you get if you combine antiviral drugs with antiseptics.

    Wound after pimples need to keep clean, and it is recommended to maintain good hygiene — to wash twice a day, wear clean clothes, etc.

    Some people have problems with the herpes on the fifth point, prefer to be treated folk remedies. This treatment is safe for children and pregnant women, so popular.

    Want to see the most effective folk remedies with protivovirucnam influence?

    Folk medicine for home treatment of viral infection on butt

    With the above symptoms of the infection effectively fight the following folk remedies:

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  • Decoctions of herbs — chamomile, calendula, burdock. Decoctions are prepared in a standard way: a pinch of dried plants is poured into a liter of water, brought to the boil and leave until cool. Then they are added to a sitz bath that you need to take daily 2 times a day.
  • Essential oil — any pine oil will quickly remove the inflamed and itching. It must be applied directly on the rash with a cotton swab. This treatment is suitable for adults, since applying a little pinch, which do not tolerate kids.
  • Onion and garlic juice is a natural antiviral and antibacterial at the same time. Juices are applied in a diluted (with water) or pure form on the damaged skin three times a day.
  • Cardiac medications — if you feel that the rash will soon appear (the affected area on the fifth point it swells and is itchy), then treat this place with any heart medication. Its components will quickly relieve the discomfort and also will likely prevent the rash.
  • Tincture of calendula or propolis (alcohol tincture) — buy at any pharmacy for pennies. Treat them skin rash (mucous membranes are not suitable) three times a day. After this treatment Valderice will quickly dry up and pass away.
  • Cold compress — if erisipela on the priest jumped at the child, then it will be difficult to endure all the signs. To alleviate suffering it is advisable to apply to the disturbing place ice. Wrap it in a bag and attach or wipe with a clean cube problem area. This is a temporary method, so treatment is not suitable, but to reduce symptoms is fine.
  • Agree, home treatment of viral infection on butt simple and not costly. The above recipes can use at home absolutely everyone, both adults and children.

    It’s best if you combine non-traditional with traditional treatment, for example, will take an antiviral and to treat pimples medicinal folk solutions.

    Examples of herpes rash on the fifth point. Take a look at these pictures and then be able to distinguish infectious rash from any other instantly.

    Read information share with friends on social networks, as erisipela can happen in each of us. Subscribe for updates dermatological site and visit us often. All the best to you!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)