Herpes on the skin: causes and treatments

Good day, dear readers! Jumped up herpes on the skin? What will happen now? How to get rid of these sores quickly and so that then in its place there is no evidence? Don’t know? Then read an article in which I explain everything in detail.

Why erisipela appears on the epidermis?

Герпес на коже: причины появления и методы леченияOften we see on the cover of the face, lips or all over the body and even skin fibrous covering of the head, if it is chicken pox.

Sometimes herpes rash jumps up on the fingers that it happens not all and not always. Why the virus prefers to attack is the skin?

And all because epithelial cells are most suitable for their reproduction and livelihoods. Erisipela may attack not only the skin, but also mucous membranes, as these fabrics she likes me too.

After recovery, the virus settles in the nerves, but then, in the case of relapse, again moved in the epithelium and, often, exactly where lived in last time.

Here are his peculiarities and eccentricities. But you cannot say that this is bad, since the epidermal cover to fight the virus easier than inside the body.

I was faced with herpes labialis. This sore appeared for the first time in his student years, then appeared a couple of times in adulthood.

Relapses I have infrequent and, therefore, immune to all normal, as for recurrence of the herpes viruses and the necessary enabling environment in the form of decrease in protective properties of the immune system.

Remember, if the herpes recurs often, then the immune system is constantly something wrong. In this case, it is necessary to address to the immunologist and get tested, which it turns out is the cause of chronic weakening of the immune system.

As the disease develops: whether after it traces?

If you at least once in their life faced with a infection, you probably remember its manifestations. The main symptom of this disease is a rash (as pictured), which develops in the following way:

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  • first, the affected area begins to bother itching, inflamed, swollen;
  • after a couple of days it appears tiny transparent blisters;
  • a few days later they get dull and begin to burst;
  • in place of the bursting of the blisters appear, the sores from which fluid is leaking out (all this time the rash is itchy, burning hurts);
  • gradually the ulcer becomes covered by a crust and begin to heal.

The duration of the presence of symptoms on the skin varies from 1 to 2 weeks. What will you do with the skin after herpes? If you can correctly take care of the rash, it is absolutely normal, as if it was nothing.

How to care for a herpes rash on the skin?

Герпес на коже: причины появления и методы леченияFirst, it needs to be kept clean and in any case not to touch! Secondly, it is impossible to tear off the crust prematurely, otherwise this place will be a scar.

Also, be sure to watch that the wound did not get a bacterial infection, otherwise it will further inflame and fester.

To avoid the above troubles, a correct treatment of girisindeki. Are you curious how is it done?

Treatment of skin girisindeki: traditional methods

Traditional medicine offers to treat the infection with antivirals. They come in the form of tablets and ointments.

Personally, I prefer the ointment, because tablets have a wide range of contraindications and side effects.

So I try to use it in ointments, and your patients prescribe external medications if herpes develops in standard uncomplicated form. Such ointments include:

  • Zovirax based on all known antiviral Acyclovir;
  • Fenistil Pencivir on the basis of Penciclovir;
  • Alpizarin ointment is a relatively new drug, which has quite decent performance;
  • gels Bonafton, Panavir, Alpizarin.
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Drugs for external use nowadays are sold without a prescription, but if you don’t want to risk your health, then consult a dermatologist, get tested and only after that the doctor will help you choose the perfect one for you drug.

In addition to these antiviral ointments, herpes on epidermal conditions, can be treated wound healing cream Depanthenol, and then your cold sores definitely healed without a trace.

I always combine antiviral and wound-healing ointments, as a very worried face scars.

Герпес на коже: причины появления и методы леченияI would not want to spoil his appearance because of the banal laziness. If you don’t want, then don’t be lazy and use ointments according to instructions.

Some people have the main symptoms of infection are supplemented in the form of General intoxication, weakness, fever.

As a rule, such people are more sensitive to the herpes rash is very itchy they can even get sick. When I meet these patients, I prescribe them pain gels based on acetaminophen or Lidocaine.

As an anti-inflammatory medication with a slight analgesic effect can you drink Ibuprofen while to normalize body temperature – Paracetamol.

With frequent relapses need to take immunomodulating drug — polyoxidonium, Cycloferon. They stimulate the immune system to protect against viruses, and even provoke the production of specific antibodies.

These drugs make just on their own, is strictly prohibited. The need for their use determines only the treating specialist, and get them without a prescription you will not succeed.

In some cases, most of the drugs described above, is used for treating impossible. For example, children under 12 years of antiviral almost never assigned (only in extreme cases), and these drugs are contraindicated in pregnant and nursing.

But these people also appear herpes on the epidermal cover. And what they do? How to be treated? To such people I would recommend to try folk remedies.

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Non-traditional treatment of skin girisindeki

If you prefer this treatment, try the undermentioned methods (I’ve tried many of them, so I can confidently say that they really work):

  • Fir oil (if there is such, then you can take any-more coniferous or tea tree oil). Lubricate the rash with a cotton swab three times a day.
  • Propolis tincture – suitable for cauterization of the ulcers, so that they quickly dry up and crust over. And this tool copes with pathogenic bacteria, destroys them.
  • Garlic – RUB them the problem area before it gets a rash. This method may even prevent the rash if you have time to treat the affected area in time.
  • Aloe juice or Kalanchoe is a natural remedy that is completely harmless for children and even for pregnant women. Use juice instead of the ointment as often as possible. It will soften the skin and destroy harmful bacteria and speed up healing.
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    Describe in the comments your experience in the treatment of erisipela, if you want, but you can also ask questions to experienced professionals-dermatologists. I wish you good health and all the best!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)